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Clover Knitting Needles & Takumi Review

I love knitting with my Clover Bamboo circular needles. A high quality knitting needle of bamboo that doesn’t snag the yarn. The join of the clear plastic cord and the needle tip is smooth.

There’s a wonderful range of circular needles and double pointed needles. The Clover Takumi Combo Interchangeable Set is loved by knitters.

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The cable doesn’t kink when stored away. I like the lightweight, warm feel.

Which are the best knitting needles for beginners? Find out below.

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Clover Takumi Combo Interchangeable Knitting Needles

A wonderful interchangeable needle set for those who love knitting with bamboo. If you’re looking for a solid workhorse bamboo needle, Japanese-manufactured Clover needles are an excellent high-quality choice.


  • 12 tip sizes: No. 3 (3.25mm) – 15 (10.0mm)
  • US 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5, 11, 13, 15
  • Cord Lengths Available – 5 cord lengths: 16″ (41cm), 24″ (61cm), 29″ (74cm), 36″ (91cm) & 48″ (120cm)


  • Needle: Bamboo
  • Cord: Nylon
  • Joins: Stainless Steel
  • Storage Case: Synthetic Leather


  • High quality Takumi Bamboo with a super smooth surface
  • Both US and mm size are engraved on the needle tip
  • The cable and needle tip join together with a screw into the end of the cable
  • Yarn glides easily on the needle
  • The point is sharp enough for most projects
  • The plastic cords aren’t rigid, they’re flexible and easy to use


  • Some users found the needle tips too short, approx 4 inches long
  • The cable and needle tip join can unscrew but it’s usually due to not being tightened enough.

Single Interchangeable Needles

Single Interchangeable Needles

The interchangeable Clover Bamboo needle tips are sold in different sizes as a pair. If you don’t want a whole set or want to try them out, this is a good option.

They come in US 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5, 11, 13, 15.

They’re attached to cords mentioned below.

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Interchangeable Cords

Single Interchangeable Needles

Clover Interchangeable Cords are sold individually.

The cable lengths are 16″ (41cm), 24″ (61cm), 29″ (74cm), 36″ (91cm) & 48″ (120cm). The total length of the 2 needle tip plus the cord.

Made of clear plastic with a stainless steel connection for the needle tip to screw in securely on either end.

If you find the cable to be too stiff, soak it in hot water for a little while. Only the cable, not the needle tips. The longer cables are great for magic loop.

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Interchangeable Cable Connectors

Clover Interchangeable Cable Connectors

These are great for extending the cords to make longer cables. Attach interchangeable cords together to create the desired length with a seamless join. Useful when making large projects such as afghans and shawls.

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Cord Stoppers

Clover Interchangeable Cord Stoppers (2pcs.)

When you want to take a break from knitting, or need to use the needle tips on another project, take off the needle tips and screw each stopper into the each end of the cable. This way no stitches fall off.

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Clover Circular Knitting Needles

Clover Circular Knitting Needles

I have some Clover circulars. I’ve used them for hats and cowls. I bought mine in Japan when I lived there for 6 months. My children also enjoy using these needles for their knitted projects.

The fixed circular needles have clear nylon cables joining directly to the bamboo needle. For me, the cables aren’t stiff. But if you find them so, soak only the cables in hot water for about 5 minutes.

A word of warning, if you’re prone to leaving knitting needles on the couch and someone sits on them, they’ll break. Bamboo is lighter and more flexible than metal and the needles could snap if you don’t take care.

Some knitters find the surface has too much grip for some yarns like 100% wool or cotton. I’ve not found this to be the case but I’m not a tight knitter.

If your stitches are really tight these may not be for you. Also the points are not super sharp, working intricate patterns is more difficult.


  • Needle Size Available – 2mm to 10mm
  • Cord Lengths Available – 9″ (23cm), 16″ (41cm), 29″ (74cm), 36″ (91cm) and 48″ (120cm) this is the length from tip to tip: so the length of the 2 needles and the cable in total.


  • Lightweight and comfortable in the hand
  • Great range of sizes
  • Smooth surface


  • Yarns where the dye wasn’t properly set, may discolor your bamboo needle. Although it doesn’t affect the needles ability to work, the discoloration remains.
  • Smaller sizes could break accidentally

Double Pointed Needles

Clover Double Pointed Needles

I have the Double Pointed Takumi knitting Needles (dpns) in Size 11. I’ve knitted up a bulky hats and used these for the crown, having completed most of it with my Clover Bamboo circulars.

I love the sound they make while I’m knitting.

They come in a set of 5 and again they are easy to use and warm up in the hand. The rounded tapered bamboo tips are quite long and don’t split the yarn. The smaller sizes are great for sock knitting.


  • Needle Sizes Available – 2mm – 10mm
  • All Needles come in lengths 12.5cm, 16 cm and 20cm Long


  • Lightweight
  • Smooth surface


  • Take care of the smaller sizes as they can break if used with force or they’re accidentally sat on!
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Takumi Straight Needles

Clover Takumi Straight needles

Similar to bamboo double pointed needles they have a tapered rounded point. This makes it easy to create stitches. A smooth surface is the result of being polished several times with a fine abrasive in the direction of the needle shaft.

The ends of the bamboo straights have a carved wooden stopper.

These are great childrens knitting needles if you’re not a fan of plastic.

Features for lengths and sizes:

  • 9 inch/23cm Straights in 2.0mm – 10.0mm
  • 13 inch/33cm Straights are available in 2.0mm – 6.0mm
  • 14 inch/35cm Straights in 7.0mm – 10.0mm
  • 16 inch/40cm Straights come in 3.0mm – 10.0mm


  • Range of lengths and tips gives knitters the ability to select needles to suit their individual knitting style and project needs.
  • Needles are polished for smoothness so your stitches don’t snag.
  • Long lasting


  • If you tend to knit with your needles outstretched like wings, think twice before knitting with the long straights while seated next to others in confined spaces.
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Where Are Clover Takumi Knitting Needles Made?

Clover Takumi Knitting Needles are made in Japan, from sustainable bamboo.

Comparable Products To Consider

If you’re looking for other bamboo needles made by a Japanese company, read my Ka Knitting Needles post.

I highly recommend the Clover brand of bamboo knitting needles.

When you try them, let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Hi Jodie,
    Maybe you can help me. I am looking for a set of Takumi straight needles (bamboo) rather than buying each size individually. I’ve seen pix of them in a case (but that might have been the interchangeable which I do not want).
    I would appreciate it if you can direct me as to where I might purchase such a set.
    Thanks so much.

      • Hi Jodie,
        I’m also looking for a set of straight Takimi Clover knitting needles. I really don’t want to buy each individual size. Are you able to help me?

        • Hi Nancy. I’ve not had any luck finding a set of Clover Takumi knitting needles. The link the distributor in the US for Clover products only showed the individual straight needles. Cheers Jodie

  2. Hi Pasha, I’ve just heard back from Clover Needles USA today and they sent a link that only showed the individual straight Bamboo needles. I’ve replied and asked again if they come in a set. I’ll get back to you when I hear more. Cheers Jodie


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