Denise Knitting Needles – Your Complete Guide

Denise is an American crochet and knitting notions and tools company founded in the 1970s. They’re known for their interchangeable, of which were some of the first available in the US.

Read my review on the types of Denise knitting needles available.

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A family-run business started by a couple then bought in 2008, they continue the traditions, quality of materials and products, and ethics of the founders.

Note: They don’t seem to sell straight needles. So they’re not great childs knitting needles.

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Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles

Known primarily for their interchangeable needles, this company has been making them since the 1970s, branding them as the original interchangeables.

They’re affordable, easy to use, and made of smooth, long-lasting materials, available in a wide variety of sizes, lengths, and tip bluntness or sharpness.

For more information on the Denise interchangeable knitting needle, please read my post here.

Denise Circular Needles

Though these are still interchangeable and compatible with every other of its kind they make, these you can buy individually, and they act as excellent fixed circulars.


  • Needle Sizes Available – US Size 0 – 15
  • Cord Lengths Available – 17″, 20″, 24″, 28″ and 38″
  • Needle Length – 4″ Long for US Size 5 – 10 ½, and 5″ Long for US Size 11 – 15
  • Made From – Plastic Resin


  • Smooth joins
  • Stitches glide along the needle easily
  • Compatible with all other circular needles they sell
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Sometimes the needle can catch or snag the yarn, but this is usually a defect in the manufacturing
  • Some found the interchangeable connecting 

FLEX Double Pointed Needles

Unique in the fact they are very flexible and designed to have the same functionality as normal ones but easier to manage and keep track of.

Following along with the design of all their products, the needle tips are interchangeable with all other products available in their range. Perfect for smaller projects in the round.


  • Needle Sizes Available – US Size 5 – 15
  • Needle Lengths – 8.5″ for US Sizes 5 – 10 , and 9.5″ for US sizes 11 – 15
  • Made From – Durable plastic


  • Comes in a set of 3. Due to their design you don’t need 4 or 5, you hold the stitches with two and knit with the third
  • Easy to use once you get the hang of it
  • Some users find these much better than standard double pointed needles
  • Tips are sharp, perfect for smaller knitting projects
  • Creates an excellent, uniform gauge


  • Some may find the material uncomfortable
  • May become a bit too warm in some people’s hands.

Denise2Go FLEX Double Pointed Needle Set, US 5-10

The quality you can expect with the great invention of the Flex DPNs. Available in the set is the following, including six different sizes, and three needles of each size. Perfect for larger projects, and it’s quite affordable too.


  • Needle Sizes Included – US 5 – 10
  • Needles Lengths – 8.5″ for US Sizes 5 – 10 , and 9.5″ for US sizes 11 – 15
  • Other Notions Included – 3 2″ (5 cm) cords to make a shorter DPN set and two end buttons 
  • Made From – Plastic Resin


  • Comes in a set of 3, you hold the stitches with two and knit with the third
  • Easy to use 
  • Designed to be better to use than normal DPNS
  • Sharp but not too sharp tips
  • Creates an excellent, uniform gauge


  • A bit of an investment, but worth it due to the quality

Denise2Go FLEX Double Pointed Needle, US 5

Denise2Go FLEX Double Pointed Needle US 5

They are designed for the knitter who does a serious amount of different types of projects requiring DPNS. All neatly organized in a nice case with a lovely pattern.

As always, these are interchangeable with all their products.


  • Needle Sizes available- US 5 – 15
  • Needles Lengths – 8.5″ for US Sizes 5 – 10 , and 9.5″ for US sizes 11 – 15
  • Made From – Durable Plastic


  • Great value for your money
  • Sharp tips perfect for a wide variety of projects
  • Smooth and lightweight


  • Plastic might be uncomfortable for people to use
  • Gets warm in your hands very quickly
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For more about the range of Denise Plastic Needles read my post.

Your Questions Answered

Where Are Denise Needles Made?

Denise needles are made from locally sourced products in the USA, designed in the country too.

Hopefully, this guide helped you decide what kind of needle suits you best and gave you a rundown on their products available.

Do you buy from this company? If so, what do you like about them? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “Denise Knitting Needles – Your Complete Guide”

  1. I have had a complete set of interchangeable for 20 yrs. For the most part I am very satisfied with them. My only complaint is I knit a lot of hats on circs but with the ndl length and variety of cords I cannot use mine as I nd a true 16″ ndl and even with my shortest cord, the needle is to long to use. It makes me sad that I had to go buy 16″ ndls in a variety of sizes.

    • Hi Linda. Thanks so much for sharing your experience of Denise Interchangeables. This is very helpful for other knitters who also prefer 16 inch circular needles. Cheers Jodie


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