Neko Knitting Needles – Your Guide To The Range Of Neko Needles

Neko is a german company named for the Japanese word meaning cat. Their range is a small selection of rather revolutionary curved DPNs, sure to forever change the way you do knitting on double pointed needles.

Available in two materials, bamboo or durable plastic, you’re sure to find the perfect one to suit your preferences.

But are they worth it, and how do you use them? These questions and more are answered in my post below.

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Neko Curved Double Pointed Needles

Their needles are different do your usual needles. While normal DPNs are straight, you use four or five at a time, and you need to do multiple needle changes per round. These make the complicated process more comfortable.

Neko needles are curved in the shape of a v, and you only need three needles. You knit with one and use the other two to hold the stitches. This also results in fewer needle changes and less chance of laddering too.

They were designed in Germany, so you can kind of expect the industrial quality of inventions the country turns out with. Neko needles are also far less likely to have the stitches accidentally slip off as opposed to traditional dpns.

Here are my reviews of their complete range.

Regular Neko Curved Double Pointed Needles


Perfect for sock knitting, these are their flagship product, made from durable plastic.

The surface is very smooth, and the stitches glide along effortlessly. With a patented design, these are manufactured well, and the design makes it very comfortable and much easier.


  • Sizes Available – US#0, US#1.5, US#2.5, US#4, US#6, US#8
  • Comes In A Pack Of 3


  • Six sizes available
  • Each size is a different color for easy differentiation
  • 9 cm long
  • Smooth and easy to use
  • It has memory so it will return to its original “V” shape
  • Makes knitting socks much easier


  • Some reported it wasn’t very durable
  • Tends to grab the yarn, but it doesn’t snag
  • Some found it quite a learning curve to use these needles

Neko Curved Double Pointed Needles XL

These are almost the same as the product I just reviewed above, but they’re a bit longer if that’s what you’d prefer. Still the same quality, durability, and affordability you can expect from the original.


  • Sizes Available – US#2.5, US#4, US#6, US#7, US#8, US#9, US#10, US#10.75, US#11, US#13, US#15, US#17
  • Comes In A Pack Of 3


  • 12 sizes available
  • 10 cm long
  • Perfect for knitting a variety of projects including sleeves, hats, socks and baby clothes
  • A polished, smooth surface
  • It has memory so it will return to its original “V” shape


  • Some found they broke after prolonged use
  • Has a bit of memory, which some may not like
  • Can be a bit difficult to learn how to use these

Neko Bamboo Flex

Regular Neko Bamboo Flex

These are similar to the classic curved DPNS this company sells, but they’re bamboo curved double pointed knitting needles. The same quality you can expect with added durability and smoothness. These are great for people who prefer knitting with bamboo needles.


  • Sizes Available – US#0, US#1.5, US#2.5, US#4.
  • Comes In A Pack Of 3


  • Light and flexible
  • It has memory so it will return to its original “V” shape
  • Made of smooth, grippy but not too much bamboo
  • Ideal for tighter knitters
  • 9 cm long
  • Four sizes available


  • Can be a little difficult to learn how to use
  • Tends to grab the yarn a little, but that’s the nature of bamboo

Neko Bamboo Flex XL

Virtually the same as the above product, except it’s better for knitting larger rounds, and for fitting a few extra stitches onto each needle. Great for projects such as sleeves, larger hats, or the tops of sweaters.


  • Sizes Available – US#1.5, US#2.5, US#4
  • Comes In A Pack Of 3


  • 10 cm long
  • Three sizes available
  • Smooth surface
  • It has memory so it will return to its original “V” shape
  • Doesn’t snag the yarn
  • Light, pliable and flexible


  • A limited range of sizes
  • Might not be long enough for some people
  • Can be a little bit difficult to use

Neko Bamboo Flex XXL

The longest curved double pointed knitting needles available from Neko, these Neko needles are 12.3 cm, perfect for knitting almost any project of any diameter, from socks to a large sweater or cardigan sleeves.


  • Sizes Available – US#1.5, US#2.5, US#4
  • Comes In A Pack Of 3


  • Lightweight and smooth to use, as it has a polished surface
  • It has memory so it will return to its original “V” shape
  • Flexible
  • Great for tight knitters


  • Limited range of sizes available
  • Can be difficult for some to use
  • Some may not like how the bamboo heats up after lots of use.

Your Questions Answered

How Do You Use Neko Knitting Needles?

This quick explanatory video from Makers Mercantile gives a short and sweet rundown of what Neko knitting needles are, how to use them, and the benefits of this great invention.

How Do You Use Neko Curved Double Pointed Needles?

For visual learners, here is a great, simple tutorial on how to use Neko curved double pointed needles by Cheryl from camcab147 on Youtube.

How Do You Knit With Curved Needles?

From her self-named youtube channel, Vicki Howell covers this very question in her excellent and detailed tutorial.

YouTube video

Hopefully, this helped you learn about a product designed to make your experience with using DPNs easier.

Despite the revolutionary design and convenience that comes with this kind of invention, they’re not for everyone. Some, after trying them, would prefer the traditional double pointed needles.

Which do you prefer, and why? Please leave a comment below or contact me here.

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