Seed Stitch Knitting, What Is It? Do This Knitting Stitch Easily

The seed stitch is a knitting stitches pattern similar to ribbing, as it alternates between knit and purl stitches. This simple and elegant stitch pattern creates an interesting texture and takes little time to make.

I’ll answer your questions about what it is, how to knit the seed stitch knitting pattern easily, and why you may want to use this stitch in your next project!

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What Is Seed Stitch In Knitting?

The seed stitch is a repeating pattern of the knit stitch and purl stitch. It’s known for the little purl bumps that look like seeds. It’s great because it easily lies flat, like garter stitch.

This stitch is often used for borders for knitting projects that tend to curl up at the edges.

It’s also reversible. When you flip your work over to the wrong side, it looks just the same.

How To Do The Seed Stitch In Knitting

Time to get started! First of all, you’ll want some yarn and knitting needles. One skein should do it.

Whether you want to knit a swatch before diving in is up to you, but it’s not necessary at this stage.

The next step is deciding what size needles will work best. For a complete guide on how to do that, read my post on knitting needle sizes.

The pattern is pretty simple. You alternate a knit stitch and purl stitches.

For your first two rows, do as follows:

  • Row 1: Knit 1, purl 1, repeat to the end
  • Row 2: Purl 1, knit 1, repeat to the end

Though it’s more common for the seed stitch pattern to have an even number of stitches, you can create them using an odd number of stitches. Do as follows –

  • Knit one, continue doing one knit, one purl until you reach the last stitch
  • Knit the final stitch

But wait! What if you want to add more rows?

Easy – keep repeating that same sequence of knits and purls in each new row until it has reached your desired length.

Here is a visual tutorial by Studio Knit on Youtube.

YouTube video

Seed Stitch In Knitting In The Round

Now you know how to do it on straight needles, but what if you want to knit something circular?

It’s just as simple. The trick is making sure you have an even number in your round.

The pattern is as follows.

  • Knit 1, Purl 1 
  • Repeat this pattern for the entirety of round 1
  • Purl 1, knit 1
  • Repeat this pattern for the whole of round 2
  • Repeat this sequence as many times as required.

Here is an excellent visual guide by knittingtipsbyjudy on Youtube.

YouTube video

How Do You Increase Seed Stitch Pattern In The Round?

To increase seed stitching in the round follow these instructions.

At the beginning of the row you are creating a stitch before the first stitch of the row.

If the first stitch on your needle is a purl stitch then purl that stitch but don’t slip the stitch from the left hand needle.

Bring the yarn to the back of the right hand needle and then knit into the next stitch. You will then have increased one stitch and you’ll have two stitches on the right hand needle.

Continue your row in the seed stitch pattern.

To increase at the other end. If it is a purl stitch you want to create an extra stitch after this stitch. So knit into the purl stitch, don’t slip the stitch, bring the yarn to the front and purl the next stitch.

You will now have increased two stitches in this row.

It is best to increase on alternating rows to create a better edge.

How Do You Reduce Seed Stitches In The Round?

To decrease seed stitching in the round, knit two together.

Knit one stitch and insert your needle into the next stitch as if to purl. Wrap the yarn around once before pulling it through that second stitch.

Here’s a helpful video tutorial by Roxanne Richardson on Youtube.

YouTube video

Ideas For Projects Using Seed Stitching

Here are some great ideas for projects to try using the stitch you’ve just learned.

  • Scarf: It’s often used for scarf knitting since it’s a fast and straightforward pattern to do. It also makes a lovely texture.
  • Cowl: This would also be great. Just knit in the round until you reach your desired height.
  • Dish Cloth: Knitting a dishcloth is yet another idea. Plus, the feel will make scrubbing things easier.
  • Baby Sweater: A baby sweater knit up using this technique would make a complicated project simple.
  • Baby Toys: It’s also great for baby toys because it creates a firm fabric that won’t unravel easily.

Seed Stitch Knitting Pattern Suggestions

Here are some ideas for a stitch seed knitting project!

Your Questions Answered

Why Does My Seed Stitch Seem Tighter Than The One I’m Looking At In A Knitting Pattern?

The size of your needle and yarn affects how tight or loose the stitches are. Not to mention your gauge. Test out different sizes to see which feels best.

How Do You Knit A Seed Stitch Blanket?

The easiest way is knitting flat with circular needles. The cable will hold the bulk of the project in progress. Follow the pattern of knit 1, purl 1, repeat until the last stitch, then knit one.

How Do You Knit A Double Seed Stitch?

Double seed stitches are made the same way as the single seed stitches, but with two stitches and rows. Do as follows:

  • Cast-on multiple of 4 sts + 2
  • Rows 1 & 4: K2, P2, repeat until the last two, then knit those.
  • Rows 2 & 3: K2, P2, repeat until the last two, then purl those.
  • Repeat as necessary

This is easy to confuse with moss stitch (Irish moss stitch), but it’s another stitch pattern entirely.

Does Seed Stitch Use More Yarn?

No, a seed stitch doesn’t use more yarn than any other knitting pattern.

Seed Stitch Vs. Moss Stitch – How Are Seed Stitch And Moss Stitch Different?

These stitch patterns both use alternating patterns of knit and purl stitches.

But the difference is stitch seed uses one row of knit 1, purl 1, then one row purl 1, knit one. Moss stitch is virtually the same, but it uses two rows of each instead of one.

Moss stitch is also called British Moss Stitch or Irish Moss Stitch.

How Do You Knit Seed Stitch Faster?

The best way is by knitting the round with circular metal needles. They’re great for speed knitting, and the yarn loops slide across the needle easier.

Why Does Your Seed Stitch Look Like Ribbing?

If your Seed stitch looks like ribbing, it means you haven’t alternated the knit and purl stitches. In ribbing, the purl and knit stiches stack on top of each other rather than alternating.

What Is Knit One Row Purl One Row Called?

That’s called stockinette stitch.

How Do You Fix Seed Stitch Mistakes?

Here’s a great video tutorial by Marly Bird on Youtube for how to fix seed stitch mistakes.

YouTube video

Also, here’s how to pick up a dropped stitch.

YouTube video

I hope this article helped you learn more about seed stitch knitting. It’s one of my favorite stitch patterns.

If there are any other tips or tricks I didn’t mention here, let me know in the comments below.

Happy Knitting!

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