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This is a complete list of up-to-date knitting statistics. Discover everything to know about knitting stats – essential info, stories, the trend, figures, revenue, demographics, data, insights, facts, and more!

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Frustrated Teacher Quits In Disgust, Sells The Farm, Moves The Family Halfway Across The World And… Starts Knitting

I reviewed, fact checked and updated this post on March 31, 2023.

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10 Statistics About Knitting

Here are the most interesting statistics, data, and insights.

  1. The global industry had an estimated value of 23.8B USD in 2018.
  2. New Zealand has the most searches for knitting in the world according to Google Trends.
  3. The average knitter knits around 20-30 stitches per minute.
  4. Famous people like Julianna Margulies, Vanna White, Julia Roberts, and Cameron Diaz enjoy the hobby.
  5. According to the AFCI Study Of The US Craft Market, 62% of knitters give items they craft as gifts.
  6. For the hashtag #knitting, there are 23 million+ posts on Instagram.
  7. According to the Craft Yarn Council’s Tracking Study, 74% of knitters use Ravelry.
  8. The industry made $1.2 billion in 2019.
  9. According to the UK Hand Knitting Association, the UK knitting population is over 6 million people.
  10. Oslo, the capital city of Norway, is the knitting capital of the world.

Google Trends – Global Web Search Interest Over Time (2004 – 2023)

Google Trends - Global Search Interest In Knitting

In 2006, it experienced a surge of popularity, and reached its peak. Interest over 10 years has declined from 2015. In the pandemic of 2020, it increased, according to Google.

Google Trends – Global Image Search Interest Over Time (2008 – 2023)

Google Trends - Global Image Search Interest In Knitting

In Dec 2012, it experienced a surge of popularity. In Dec 2013, it reached its peak.

Google Trends – Global YouTube Search Interest Over Time (2008 – 2023)

Google Trends - Global YouTube Search Interest In Knitting

In Dec 2013, it experienced a surge of popularity. In Nov 2014, it reached its peak.

Google Trends – Global Search Interest By Region

Global Search Interest In Knitting

The countries highlighted in the darkest shade of blue are the ones where it’s most popular, and the ones in gray show where there’s not enough data to record. Here are the top 15 countries.

  1. New Zealand
  2. Iceland
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Australia
  5. Ireland
  6. Canada
  7. South Africa
  8. United States
  9. Norway
  10. Bangladesh
  11. Denmark
  12. Singapore
  13. Finland
  14. Pakistan
  15. Hong Kong

The bottom five are Brazil, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, and Mexico.

Google Trends – USA Search Interest By Region

USA Search Interest In Knitting

The darker the blue color of the state, the more common the search term is. Here are the top 10 states.

  1. Idaho
  2. Maine
  3. Vermont
  4. Alaska
  5. New Hampshire
  6. Montana
  7. Washington
  8. Oregon
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Massachusetts

Google Trends – Related Search Terms

Most Popular Related Search Terms To Knitting

Here are the top 5 related search terms.

  1. Ravelry
  2. Ravelry Knitting Patterns
  3. KFB Knitting
  4. Knitting Pattern Central
  5. Knitting Vs Crochet

5 Most Popular Search Terms For Knitting 2010-2020

Most popular search topics for knitting over 2010-2020 years.

  • Arm Knitting Scarf
  • Arm Knitting Blanket
  • Deramores
  • Vogue Knitting Live
  • Arm Knitting Yarn

Arm Knitting became popular in 2014 when a video went viral on how to make a blanket. In 2016 and 2017, this hobby search term spiked. Deramores is an online store. Vogue Knitting Live is an event in the United States.

Global Search Interest Growth 2008-2023

Search Interest In Knitting Over The Last 15 Years

Over the past fifteen years (2008-2023) it has experienced a 34% decrease in growth.

Global Search Interest Growth 2013-2023

Search Interest In Knitting Over The Last 10 Years

Over the past ten years (2013-2023) it has experienced a 22% decrease in growth.

Global Search Interest Growth 2019-2023

Search Interest In Knitting Over The Last 5 Years

Over the past five years (2019-2023) it has experienced a 6% decrease in growth.

Global Search Interest Growth 2021-2023

Search Interest In Knitting Over The Last 2 Years

Over the past two years (2021-2023) it has experienced a 0% increase in growth.

Global Search Interest Growth (2022-2023)

Search Interest In Knitting Over The Last Year

Over the past year (2022-2023) it has experienced a 1% decrease in growth.

Global Search Interest Growth Over The Past 6 Months (Sep 2022-Feb 2023)

Search Interest In Knitting Over The Last 6 Months

Over the past six months (Sep 2022-Feb 2023) it has experienced a 46% increase in growth.

Global Search Interest Growth Over The Past 3 Months (Dec 2022-Feb 2023)

Search Interest In Knitting Over The Last 3 Months

Over the past three months (Dec 2022-Feb 2023) it has experienced an 8% decrease in growth.

USA Search Interest On Pinterest (2022-2023)

Pinterest Search Interest In Knitting Over The Past Year

Here is the interest in the US on Pinterest over the past year (2022-2023).

USA Search Interest On Pinterest (Aug 2022-Feb 2023)

Pinterest Search Interest In Knitting Over The Past Six Months

Here is the interest in the US on Pinterest over the past six months (Aug 2022-Feb 2023).

USA Search Interest On Pinterest (Nov 2022-Feb 2023)

Pinterest Search Interest In Knitting Over The Past Three Months

Here is the interest in the US on Pinterest over the past three months (Nov 2022-Feb 2023).

USA Search Interest On Pinterest By Age Group

Pinterest Search Interest In Knitting By Age

Here are the age groups and the percentages of users on Pinterest.

  1. 25-34 Years Old – 44%
  2. 18-24 Years Old – 21%
  3. 35-44 Years Old – 12%
  4. 55-64 Years Old – 10%
  5. 65+ Years Old – 6%
  6. 45-59 Years Old – <5%
  7. 50-54 Years Old – <5%

USA Search Interest On Pinterest By Gender

USA Search Interest For Knitting On Pinterest By Gender

Here are the genders and the percentages of which make up users on Pinterest.

  1. Women – 84%
  2. Men – 5%
  3. Other – 12%

Knitting Industry Statistics & Research

Apparel Mills Industry Report assessed the USA industry in 2021.[8] It covered fabric and apparel companies, knitwear and accessories manufacturers.

  • The knitting industry made $1.2 billion in 2019
  • In the last three years, the industry sales have grown by 0.1% annually
  • In 2019, average sales per company were $5.5 million
  • 209 knitter companies were included in the report
  • Average hourly pay for employees of these merchandisers was $15.42

During The COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Designers and manufacturers produced face masks due to the need of non-medical masks[10]
  • Since the start of the pandemic, around 1 million more people are knitting in the UK[13]
  • Shira Blumenthal, brand ambassador of Lion Brand, says sales increased by 80% since lockdowns began[11]
  • During the pandemic, people like Michelle Obama and Sarah Jessica Parker knitted to pass the time[12]
  • Swiss retailer Galaxus reported sales “rose by 646%” from Apr 2020-Mar 2021

Based on the Forbes online article on March 27, 2021.[7] The founders of “We Are Knitters” were interviewed. (Pepita Marín and Alberto Bravo.) Originally from Spain, they started their side hustle in 2011. It’s now their full-time business.

  • They said their sales increased 75% in the interview.
  • Their social media followers and YouTube subscribers increased by 50%.

People had more free time for hobbies and making with their hands. They can focus on the craft and be proud of it. Online platforms allow knitters to interact and socialize despite social life being disrupted. People also learnt how to make knitting projects, using online workshops and video downloads.

Online communities have boomed as it provides a break from work. Also, a chance to share your passion with hundreds of like-minded others. According to We Are Knitters’ Survey, of the participants:

  • 45 million Americans know how to knit or crochet
  • 33% (one third) buy supplies at least once a month
  • Most buyers were women aged 25-40
  • Customers aged 25-40 buy kits to develop their skill
  • Customers 40 and older buy individual supplies

Knitting Trends In 2022 [14&15]

Here’s a list of popular trends in the patterns published in 2022.

  • Yarns with space dyes
  • Personalized knits
  • Beadwork
  • Lavender and hot pink colors
  • Knitted items in the metaverse
  • Temperature blankets
  • Combining textures and yarns
  • Floral themes
  • Comfy fibers
  • Clothes like hoods, dresses, skirts and balaclavas

Hand Knitting Trends In 2021

Here’s a list of popular trends in the patterns published in 2021.

  • Cropped garments like sweaters and cardigans
  • The double knit technique
  • Sleeveless clothing or tank tops
  • Autumn colors like greens, golds, reds and oranges
  • The Intarsia technique
  • Intricate cable designs
  • Checks and plaid
  • Dropped shoulders on pullovers
  • Sweater vests
  • Buttoned sweaters and cardigans
  • Mock turtlenecks
  • Interesting textures and yarns
  • Using up what’s in your stash for projects
  • Colorful socks and cowls

Knitting Trends In 2019

Here’s a list of popular trends in the patterns published in 2019.

  • The Cropped Sweater – In 2019 the cropped look was very popular. Due to the inclusive sizing it was embraced by many people.
  • Shawls – 2 shawls were in the Top 5 most projects in Ravelry. The popularity isn’t waning. In 2019, 7747 wraps were published.
  • Hats – The popularity of hats hasn’t diminished over the years. In 2019 were 10,403 published.
  • Socks – 3447 were published in 2019! In 2010, there were 2,780 published.

Knitting Pattern Trends

Ravelry[1] is a network for knitters, crocheters, and fiber enthusiasts. It tracks yarn, tools, project and pattern information for someone who loves working with yarn. It’s a wealth of information. I used their amazing search function to gather these statistics.

Knit Patterns On Ravelry By Fiber Type: 2007-2022

Knitting-Patterns-On-Ravelry-By-Fiber-Type Pie Chart

Wool is by far the more popular yarn choice, with nylon, acrylic, silk, cotton, and alpaca following behind.

In 2019, 82,335 designs were published in Ravelry. Compared with 51,363 published in 2010. That’s 30,972 more! Of those published in 2019: 44,774 were knitting, and 37,057 were crochet.

Pattern Trends over the last 10 years include[2] Brioche, two yarns together, and colorwork yokes. The Brioche technique uses a special set of stitches to create a lofty, thick fabric.

What’s become popular is combining a fluffy yarn (silk/mohair) with another yarn. Colorwork yokes and sweater designs were popular.

2019 Patterns With The Most Projects

  • Soldotna Crop by Caitlin Hunter – 4682 Projects – A top-down circular yoke sweater with stranded colorwork.
  • Love Note By Tin Can Knits – 3618 Projects – Mohair lace and single-ply merino create a soft, floaty fabric.
  • Starflake by Stephen West – 3442 Projects – Two colors of fingering weight yarn create a collage of shapes. Garter stitch parallelograms with I-cord edges, stripes, brioche, short rows, and eyelets.
  • Odyssey Shawl by Joji Locatelli – 2135 Projects – A free pattern by Joji to give back to her wonderful community. Inspired by a road trip to Canada.
  • Navelli by Caitlin Hunter – 1896 Projects – A relaxed lightweight summer sweater in the round from the bottom up. It features colorwork at the hem.

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Studies About Knitting And Their Findings

AFCI Study Of The US Craft Market

The Association For Creative Industries (AFCI) conducted a survey in 2016 of the US Craft Market.[3] This gives insight into consumer behaviors and demographics related to crafters. One category was knitters and crocheters.

  • 28.8 million Americans participated in knitting and/or crochet in 2016
  • Crafts represented a market of $2.79 billion, with average monthly knitting spending per household of $20.57
  • Knitters and crocheters are likely to also participate in other needle arts
  • 77% buy their supplies (like knitting needles and yarn) in a physical store
  • 4% buy outside physical stores
  • 19% purchase from both
  • 62% give the items they craft as gifts
  • Knit and crochet items are the most donated at 18%
  • 58% keep their items.
  • 18% consider themselves experts (one of the highest percentages of any craft)
  • 82% rate their experience levels as beginner or intermediate
  • 71% of knitters and crocheters are female
  • 29% are male
  • 37% are employed full time
  • Knit and crochet age ranges are fairly even
  • 34% are in the 18-34 age group
  • 36% are 35-54
  • 30% are 55+

Craft Yarn Council Tracking Study Of Knitters & Crocheters In The US

Craft Yarn Council’s 2014 Tracking Study [4] campaign surveyed 3,100 crocheters and knitters across the US. They were asked about what motivates them, where they get inspiration and what they make.

Age Groups Of Participants – 18-34 (15%), 35-44 (13%), 45-54 (23%), 55-64 (32%), and 17% were 65+.

Of the 3,178 knitters and crocheters surveyed – 48% primarily crochet, 32% primarily knit, 20% equally knit and crochet, 84% say they crochet or knit 3 times a week, and 58% claim they crochet or knit daily. 53% of ages 18–34 crochet or knit daily.

Why Do People Love It? It provides creative outlet (65%), they enjoy making things for others (51%), and it provides a sense of accomplishment and achievement (44%).

Knitters and crocheters experience a feeling of accomplishment with their creations (93%), reduced stress (85%), improved mood (68%), and a sense of confidence and calm (56%).

Common uses of the Internet for the craft – Finding patterns (90%), getting new project ideas (67%), and purchasing yarn, goods and supplies (42%).

Searching For Projects On The Internet – Social networking (83%), yarn company/brand websites (77%), magazine/publisher websites (37%), retailer websites (34%), and podcasts and YouTube (26%).

Popular Social Media Sites For The Craft – Ravelry (71%), Facebook (61%), YouTube (52%) (for watching tutorial videos), Pinterest (40%), and Blogs (23%).

Crocheters, knitters, and lovers of yarn crafts get ideas from print sources. Their top choice is magazines (64%), with Books (61%), Free tear-off designs (59%), and Yarn labels (47%) following behind.

What They Make – Scarves, hats, baby blankets and afghans topped the list of favorite projects among those surveyed. Scarves (86%) and hats (79%) were favorites across age groups.

Buying Yarn – 51% buy yarn at least once a month. 18-24 year olds buy less yarn. 58% buy yarn when it appeals to them, 54% when they have a project in mind, and 45% when they see yarn on sale.

Reasons For Choosing A Yarn Store – The top priority is color variety (85%), Enough stock (80%), Fair prices (73%), and has the brands they like (69%).

CYC Study Conducted In 2009 & 2010

The Craft Yarn Council also surveyed 5000 knitters across the US in Fall 2010. Here are the results:

  • 80% of the surveyed crafters reported teaching at least one person their craft in the previous year.
  • Region-wise, they’re spread out as follows: Northeast 24%, Southeast 23%, Midwest 27%, West 12%, Northwest:7%, and Southwest 7%.
  • The craft skills are wonderfully mixed: 65% of them both knit and crochet, 21% stick to crocheting, and 14% prefer knitting.
  • Their primary reason for picking up the needles and hooks? A love for creativity!
  • The sight of yarn they like is the number one motivator to buy for 70% of the participants. Half of the respondents buy yarn at least once a month, and October was the most popular yarn-buying month.
  • Smaller projects like scarves and hats/gloves top the list of favorites, followed by baby and adult afghans, shawls, ponchos, wraps, and sweaters and vests.

Here are some interesting findings from a survey conducted in 2009, with a similar amount of participants.

  • The average number of projects in 2009 was 24, up from 21 in 2007.
  • 76% of respondents’ favorite project is scarves, followed by baby blankets (64%), hats and gloves (63%), and afghans and throws (60%).
  • 48% made at least one charity project in 2009, with respondents 65+ making the most charity items (65%).51% of respondents buy yarn at least once a month.

British Journal Of Occupational Therapy Study

In a study of 3,500 knitters, 81% of respondents with depression reported feeling happy after knitting. Over half reported feeling “way happier.”[5]

Crafting May Reduce Dementia

Yonas Geda, associate professor of Neurology and Psychiatry at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona, published a study in the Spring 2011 edition of The Journal of Neuropsychiatry & Clinical Neurosciences.[6]

It showed people who read books, played games or crafted had a decreased risk of mild cognitive impairment, a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. They looked at 1,321 adults, ages 70-89.

197 were identified as already having mild cognitive impairment. The normal and cognitively impaired groups were surveyed about their activities within the year.

Playing games, crafting, reading and watching less TV resulted in 30-50% decrease in the odds of having mild cognitive impairment.

Wool And The Gang Survey Of Knitters Worldwide

Knitting is making a comeback.[9] In their survey of 4,000 knitters who took part

  • 90% of US knitters and 86% of UK and European knitters do it for relaxation
  • 90% of knitters say it reduces anxiety
  • 70% of knitters feel happy after completing a project
  • Knitting helps 40% of knitters cope with depression, and 20% recovered fully

Social Media Statistics


For the hashtag #knitting, there are 3.8m+ posts on Facebook.

The most popular related hashtags on Facebook are #knittingpattern, #knittinglove, #knittingaddict, #knittingismyyoga, #knittingmachine, #knittinginspiration, and #knittinglife.

Top Knitting-Related Hashtags By Amount Of Posts On Facebook

Here’s a list of them and the number of posts they have as of Feb 2023.

  1. #knittingaddict – 527k+ Posts
  2. #knittinglove – 365k+ Posts
  3. #knittinginspiration – 175k+ Posts
  4. #knittingpattern – 158k+ Posts
  5. #knittingismyyoga – 85k+ Posts
  6. #knittinglife – 45k+ Posts
  7. #knittingmachine – 40k+ Posts

Users have created approximately 2.5 trillion+ posts on Facebook since its founding in 2004. So posts with the hashtag #knitting account for approx 0.000000152% of posts on Facebook.


For the hashtag #knitting, there are 23,924,964 posts on Instagram.

The most popular related hashtags on Instagram are #knit, #knittersofinstagram, #knitstagram, #knittingaddict, #knittinglove, #knitted, #knitter, #knitting_inspiration, #knittersgonnaknit, and #knittersoftheworld.

Top Knitting-Related Hashtags By Amount Of Posts On Instagram

Here’s a list of them and the number of posts they have as of Feb 2023.

  1. #knit – 11,922,944 Posts
  2. #knittersofinstagram – 11,011,148 Posts
  3. #knitstagram – 4,264,958 Posts
  4. #knittingaddict – 3,549,792 Posts
  5. #knittinglove – 3,033,247 Posts
  6. #knitted – 2,224,104 Posts
  7. #knitting_inspiration – 1,772,576 Posts
  8. #knitter – 1,651,141 Posts
  9. #knittersgonnaknit – 1,393,703 Posts
  10. #knittersoftheworld – 1,316,705 Posts

Users have created approximately 50 billion+ posts on Instagram since its founding in 2010. So posts with the hashtag #knitting account for approx 1% of posts on Instagram.


Ravelry is a social media platform for knitters and fiber artists. This website is a wealth of information on knitting. For insights and data, see our post here.


On Reddit, the subreddit r/knitting, as of Feb 2023, has 444,998 members.

As of 2023, there are approx 50 million users on Reddit. So members of r/knitting subreddit account for approx 0.89% of users on Reddit.

Knitting-Related Subreddits By Number Of Members

Here’s a list of popular subreddits and their uses as of Feb 2023.

  1. r/casualknitting – 55.4k Members
  2. r/KnitHacker – 36.7k Members
  3. r/GeeKnitting – 13.5k Members
  4. r/LoomKnitting – 10.5k Members
  5. r/Machine Knitting – 7k Members
  6. r/knittinghelp – 5.1k Members


On Tumblr, the hashtag #knitting, as of Feb 2023, has approximately 887k followers.

Users have created approx 519 million blogs on Tumblr since its founding in 2007. So followers of #yarn account for approx 0.17% of users on Tumblr.

FAQs About Knitting Statistics

What’s The Average Age Of Knitters?

The average age of knitters is 50 years old.

Which Country Has The Most Knitters?

The country with the most knitters is Iceland.

How Fast Does The Average Knitter Knit?

The average knitter knits around 20-30 stitches per minute.

How Much Do Professional Knitters Make?

Professional knitters make around $27,533 USD per year on average.

Can I Make A Living Knitting?

Yes, you can make a living knitting.

What’s A Group Of Knitters Called?

There’s no standard phrase to describe a group of knitters.

What Makes A Master Knitter?

What makes a master knitter is taking the program administered by The Knitting Guild Association.

What Country Knits The Most?

The country that knits the most is New Zealand.

What’s The Knitting Capital Of The World?

Oslo, the capital city of Norway, is the knitting capital of the world.

Is Knitting A Talent Or Skill?

Knitting is a skill.

What’re The Characteristics Of A Knitter?

The characteristics of a knitter are patience, a willingness to learn, and a love of the handmade.

Is Knitting A Healthy Hobby?

Yes, knitting is a healthy hobby.

Do Scottish Men Knit?

Yes, Scottish men knit.

What’re The 8 Benefits Of Knitting?

The eight benefits are reducing stress, improving cognitive function, boosting self-confidence, practicing fine motor skills, improving hand-eye coordination, mindfulness, a sense of control, and a sense of accomplishment.

Why’s Knitting So Therapeutic?

Knitting is therapeutic because the repetitive motions are soothing.

Does Knitting Increase IQ?

Knitting has been found by several studies to increase IQ.

Does Knitting Help With Mental Health?

Yes, knitting helps with mental health, according to several studies.

Can Knitting Prevent Alzheimer’s?

Yes, knitting can lower the chance of developing Alzheimer’s, according to one study.

Does Knitting Count As Exercise?

Yes, knitting counts as exercise, because you burn calories when doing it for prolonged periods.

How Popular Is Knitting In The UK?

According to the UK Hand Knitting Association, over 6 million people in the UK like to knit.

Is Knitting Good For Anxiety?

Yes, knitting is good for reducing anxiety.

Can People With ADHD Knit?

Yes, according to one study, knitting is excellent for people with ADHD.

Can Knitting Help With PTSD?

Yes, knitting can help with PTSD. As part of their journey to recovery, many ex-WW1 soliders were taught to knit, as it helped lower their heart rate and blood pressure.

Is Knitting A Form Of Meditation?

Knitting isn’t a form of meditation, but many of the benefits are similar.

Is Knitting Popular In Scotland?

Yes, knitting is popular with many makers in Scotland.

Is Knitting Artistic?

Yes, knitting is artistic, but it does take a lot of skill and practice, like any job or hobby.

Is Knitting Slow Fashion?

Yes, knitting is slow fashion, as you can learn to make your own clothes.

Which Knitting Style Is Most Popular?

English Knitting is the most popular knitting style.

Why’s The Knitwear Industry Growing Faster?

The knitting industry is growing faster because more people are embracing crafting as a hobby.

Who’s The World’s Quickest Knitter?

The word’s quickest knitter is Hazel Tindall.

How Long Does It Take To Master Knitting?

It takes around 80 to 300 hours to master knitting, though it varies wildly.

Is There A World Record For Knitting?

According to Guiness World Record, the finest recorded knitting is a piece of 2,464 stitches per 6.45 cm² (1 in²), made by Douglas Milne of Mount Florida, Glasgow, UK in May 1969. Though it was over 50 years ago, no one has managed to beat it!

What Are The Demographics Of Knitters?

According to one survey, the demographics of knitters in the US is White (54.2%), Hispanic/Latine (22.3%), Black or African American (14.4%), and Asian (4.4%).

How Big Is The Knit Industry?

The knitting industry is estimated to have reached a value of 28.4B USD in 2020.

Is Knitting Popular In Norway?

Yes, knitting is popular in Norway.

Which Age Group Knits The Most?

The age group that knits the most is 35-54 at around 36%, according to one survey.

What Are The Three Types Of Knitting?

The three main types of knitting are English, Continental, and Portuguese.

Is Knitting Popular In Asia?

Yes, knitting is popular in Asia, but more so in countries and regions with cooler climates.

Do People Knit In Japan?

Yes, people knit in Japan.

What’s The Most Widely Used Knitting Material?

The most widely used knitting material is acrylic yarn.


Looking at this data provides valuable insights into the industry. These knit statistics show the industry’s impact, and it’ll be interesting to see how it evolves.

Which knitting stat surprised you the most? Or maybe there’s a statistic I overlooked. (Whoops!) Please tell me by leaving a comment below. I’ll reply as soon as I can.

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        • Thanks so much for sharing this very interesting information on the Finnish word for knitting and also the difficulties faced when searching for these. Cheers Jodie

  4. Hello Jodie, is there also a report with the number of knitters per country? I would like to launch an online workshop with haute couture tricks and tips for knitting such as an Coco Chanel inspired glass beaded chain for the hem ( see instagram jgh_kuijper) , moist ache for the shoulders and blind closure made of weaven yarn and organza silk
    So I want to know where the most knitters live for my marketing strategy
    Greetings Jolanda

    • Hi Jolanda. That sounds like you will offer some very interesting techniques in your workshops! I’ve not got those details (number of knitters per country) only Global search interest in knitting by country in my report. You could make some assumptions based on that data but not exact numbers. Cheers Jodie


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