Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement

We’re committed to creating an inclusive, equitable and diverse community for all our readers. We strive to make our blog, social media, and organization welcoming for everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, size, ethnicity, housing status, religion, sexual orientation, or ability.

Our Efforts

Here’s what we do to ensure everyone feels welcome. We:

  • Actively moderate our comments section, so everyone’s opinion is respected and no one is discriminated against.
  • Make sure to include resources for beginner knitters.
  • Offer a variety of resources to accommodate different learning styles and needs.
  • Make sure all blog posts include videos to help explain the instructions.


We’re always open to feedback and learning how we can better serve our readers. Everyone has something valuable to contribute, and we want to create a community that celebrates that. Thank you for being part!

Please contact us at feedback@knitlikegranny.com with your suggestions.

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We always appreciate your feedback. Please email feedback@knitlikegranny.com if you have anything you’d like to share.

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