Afghan Knitting Patterns: Get Cozy With The Best Ones To Knit!

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In this roundup, I’ve collected a range of the best knit afghan knitting patterns. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced knitter, there’s an afghan pattern for you. Let’s go, so you can create a cozy piece of home decor to snuggle under.

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The Best Afghan Knitting Patterns

The Rippled Reading Afghan

Create your own version of this beautiful pattern. Thanks to the help of Anna Maliszewski. Great for decorating your favorite reading chair.

Feather Throw Knitting Pattern

This is such a lovely pattern. All made possible with the help of Faye Kennington. A simple design with a lovely motif for extra flair.

A Blanket For Seriously Cold People

Take a look at the pattern here. Thanks to Sylvia McFadden. I bet you nothing will beat the warmth of this on a cold day!

Faceted Afghan

Ellen from The Chilly Dog has some fabulous suggestions for this gorgeous pattern with its geometric design. Check out the complete guide.

Bernat Yarn Shaker Knit Rib Blanket Patterns

Find the details for this fabulous pattern. Enjoy making your own version and the opportunity to practice basic stitches. Follow the instructions by Yarnspirations.

Lazy Cable Blanket

Deja Joy has all the instructions for this knit blanket pattern idea. It has long, meandering cables along the width of the blanket which makes it unique.

Bulky Throw

To create this wonderful pattern project in bulky-weight yarn, check out the all the steps by Heidi Gustad from Hands Occupied. Once you get the hang of the stitch, it’s effortless!

Easy Heirloom Knit Blanket Pattern

Bet you can’t wait to get start making your own version of this pattern idea. Follow the tutorial by Jessica from Mama In A Stitch. As the name suggests, it would make a quality piece to pass down the generations.

Simple Afghan Knitting Pattern Large

Linda Whaley has this super fun pattern to make, with a small, delicate design. The instructions for these knit patterns are easy to follow and understand.

Hue Shift Afghan Pattern

You will be super excited to create this beautiful afghan pattern. It has an eye-catching, colorful design! All the details can be found in the post by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence.

Bernat Cozy Triangles Knit Throw

The team from Yarnspirations has created clear and easy to understand instructions for this pattern project which uses simple patterns of garter stitch and stockinette triangles. If you try it, please let me know how it goes.

Falling Bobbles Blanket

Just looking at this makes me want to start making! Find the inspiration in the post by Kristina from Purl Soho. Have some fun and make something super textured.

Angled Eyelets Blanket

Bernat shares their experience and tips for how to make this pattern project. Follow the clear and easy to understand instructions to make your own blanket knitting pattern. It has a timeless design, drawing on vintage motifs.

Twisty Celtic Aran Afghan

Cables galore! It’s a sophisticated design to add some class to any room. Enjoy creating this pattern idea. Follow the instructions by Melissa Hwang.

Boardwalk Ripple Edged Afghan

The team from Mamas Stitchery Projects has a clear and easy to understand pattern. Another fun, nautical-inspired free knitting pattern project that’ll pay off in the end!

Quick Knit Throw Blanket Pattern

This is just the thing to knit when you want something simple and gratifying. Jessica from Mama In A Stitch steps you through the techniques used in this brilliant project. Take a look at the pattern here.

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Winter Dance Blanket

A really wonderful idea. Plus the results look great with all the tiny textured details. To make it yourself, take a look at the instructions by Mary Lee.

Optic Blanket

Fancy making a knit blanket pattern with an optical illusion theme? This is the perfect choice. Deb Chen from Purl Soho gives great step by step instructions on how to make this gorgeous pattern. Follow the tutorial outlined in her post.

Neck’s Best Thing Knit Afghan

Another pattern to try if you like simple block shades. What a fabulous idea! Thanks to the creative mind of the team from Lion Brand Yarn.

Giants Causeway

Some lovely ideas for you inspired by the stunning Giant’s Causeway rock formations in Northern Ireland. You can find the pattern here. Follow the step by step instructions by Kathryn Folkerth.

Level 3 Knit Afghan

The team from Lion Brand Yarn steps you through the blanket knitting patterns with its shifting color varition and geometric shapes.

Large Afghan Throw Blanket Knitting Pattern

If you love vintage-inspired designs, Gary provides all the details for this pattern project. Have you ever tried something like this?

Indian Nights Blanket Pattern

This would make a wonderful handmade project. Find all the materials and instructions in the complete guide by Jenise Hope from Knit Picks. It’s a stunningly colorful and complicated project, but it’d be worth it in the end!

Make A Parquet Knit Blanket

Bernat has created a beautiful project for you to follow here. Check out the details on how to make it yourself, and you’ll be able to pretend you wove it together!

Westport Blanket

Though garter and stockinette patterns are basic, there’s no limit to the great ways you can combine them in a project. Mary Lee has some excellent knit afghan patterns, which you should try out. Check out the loveliness.

6 Hour Afghan Pattern

Bring some easy and amazing pattern goodness into your life with the help of the team from Lion Brand Yarn. I love how dramatic the tassels are on the ends!

Persian Dreams Worsted

If you love mandala designs and riotous color, Jenise Hope steps you through the requirements to make this lovely creation here. Looks like so much fun!

Lacy Throw Pattern

This lace blanket patterns project would be super fun to make. Find all the details in the guide. Thanks to the creative abilities of the team from Lion Brand Yarn.

Prairie Fields

What fun it will be to create your own version of this pattern with the expert assistance of Mary Lee. It combines simple designs for a beautiful finish.

Natures Palette Blanket

What gorgeous handmade afghan patterns! It’s made possible by designer Cassy from Purl Soho. It has such a lovely color gradient and inspiration behind it.

Bernat Knit Textured Throw

Yarnspirations has some excellent suggestions for this pattern idea with its simple and classic design. Follow the complete guide to make the knitted blanket.

POP Blanket

What you need for this wonderful project is outlined in the tutorial by Emily Wessel from Tin Can Knits. It’s a fantastic, eyecatching blanket.

Gallatin Mountain Throw Pattern

You’re sure to be excited to make your own version of this inspiring throw pattern with its openwork design. The details are in the post by Amy from Knit Collage.


Hope this roundup inspired you to pick up your needles! Do you have any plans for your next knit afghan project? Tell me the comments, or via the contact page. I’d love to hear from you.

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