Knitting Apps: Your Handy Guide to Stitching Success

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As a knitter, I’ve found that having the right app can make a world of difference in my projects. So, I’ve created a list of some of the best knitting apps I’ve come across.

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Best Knitting Apps

One of my absolute favorites is knitCompanion. This app is available for both Android and iPhone users and works with any pattern.

knitCompanion is perfect for tracking progress, helping to reduce mistakes, and letting you focus on your techniques rather than referring to a physical pattern.

It allows users to keep track of their place in a pattern, set up counters, and even view interactive charts. The app’s ability to handle charts effectively makes it a valuable tool for knitters who are working on intricate patterns or who need help staying organized with their knitting projects.

For Android users, Stash2Go is a great option. The app connects to your Ravelry account and lets you find your projects, favorite patterns, and search for nearby yarn stores. It’s a wonderful tool for any knitter who loves keeping things organized.

Alpaca is another app only available on Apple/IOS that connects to your Ravelry account. Discover new patterns and projects, keep up with your friends. Update your project photos, notes and status on progress. Great for crochet and knitting.

Another app that works with Ravelry is Ravit. This free app allows you to manage your projects, patterns, and search for new projects, making it a handy tool to have on your mobile device.

If you are a beginner or looking to improve your skills, I’d recommend Knitting Genius. This app helps you learn new techniques and patterns, making it a fantastic resource for knitters of all skill levels. It’s available on both Android and Apple

While there are many knitting related apps available for Android and iPhone, another one that stands out is the Row Counter App. It helps you keep track of your row counts, stitch counts, and notes, making it an essential tool for maintaining progress and minimizing mistakes.

BeeCount knitting counter is only available on Android and helps you track the counting you have to do in your projects.

A knitting calculator app helps determine how much yarn you’ll need for a project, making sure you never run out of materials in the middle of a project.

Pocket Knitting imports PDFs and as many images as you want, keeps track of the row you’re in, allows for notes and scribbling.

Knit and Note app for keeping notes of your knitting projects and plans, patterns, yarn stash, and needle inventory. You can use the app version or your browser on other devices. IOS and Android versions are available.

Knitrino has a range of patterns in their shop that you can then use the app to work through the pattern. All the steps are placed in sections and the app tracks your progress. It offers tutorials on how to do stitches, allows you to write notes, change the colors to the ones you have. You can add your own photos of your project.

FAQS About Knitting Apps

Which knitting apps are suitable for creating custom patterns?

I’ve tried a few and Knitting Genius stood out to me. This app is great for those wanting to create custom patterns. It offers valuable tips, step-by-step guides, and video tutorials to improve your knitting skills.

How can I view knitting patterns on my mobile device?

There are apps like knitCompanion that help you view knitting patterns on your mobile device. knitCompanion is available for both Android and iOS platforms. It not only allows you to view patterns but also provides features such as tracking your progress, adding notes, and customizing the pattern settings.

Which apps can help me organize my Ravelry library?

For organizing my Ravelry library, I found Stash2Go to be an excellent app. Stash2Go syncs with your Ravelry account and helps you keep all your favorite patterns in one place. The app also offers additional features like connecting with fellow knitters via forums, uploading your work photos, and finding nearby yarn stores.

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