Big Knitting Needles: My Review – Best Needles For Huge Knits!

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Knitting big projects are attractive, but choose well-built needles that feel solid in your hands, so you don’t injure yourself while knitting chunky sweaters or blankets. I review the best big needles for chunky projects and extreme knits.

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What Makes The Best Big Knitting Needles

Here are key decision-making factors to consider when choosing the best big needles.

What’s It Made Of?

Usually wood or plastic.

What Type Of Needles Are They?

Typically straight, sometimes circular, and rarely double-pointed.

How Long Are They?

Normally 16″ to 24″ long.

What Sizes Are Available?

Anywhere from 15mm to 25mm.

Are They Comfortable To Use?

Your first pair will be awkward to use in the beginning. However, they feel natural after knitting big projects with them for long periods.

Do The Stitches Stay On The Needle?

Stitches can slip off accidentally, which is why they’re made of wood with extra grip.

Are They Durable?

They’re big and solid, so they feel stiff at first. They last for years, though.

Jubilee Yarn Jumbo Needles

Jubilee Yarn Jumbo Needles

The shafts are perfectly round with uniform thickness, making them the best choice if you’re looking to avoid hand fatigue while working on projects.

Bamboo is lightweight and easier on your arms, plus they feel warm during use.

How Does It Compare?

  • Made Of – Bamboo
  • Length – 16″ or 24″
  • Metric Sizes – 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, & 35mm
  • Are They Comfortable? – Yes
  • Do The Stitches Stay On The Needle? – Good grip
  • Durability – Made of solid, quality materials

Product Design

Laser engraved sizing (in mm) for easy identification. These circulars make life easier for knitters.

Product Evolution

No matter what you’re knitting, these ensure even the fuzziest yarn for your large projects never catches!


  • Fast shipping
  • Super smooth
  • Great for working with bulky yarn
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • This diameter crafts lovely knitted or crochet fabric


  • Heavy
  • Larger than you might expect
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IntreccioKnitting Wood Circular Knitting Needles

IntreccioKnitting Wood Circular Knitting Needles US 50 25mm

These make your project a success. The smoothness of these needles makes it easy to start and finish in record time while putting up with the chunky knitting weight!

How Does It Compare?

  • Made Of – Wood
  • Length – 24″, 40″
  • Available Sizes – 50 (25mm)
  • Are They Comfortable? – Yes
  • Do The Stitches Stay On The Needle? – Excellent grip
  • Durability – Made of hard-wearing wood


  • This knitting needle is smooth
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fast shipping
  • Great to make a blanket with!
  • Handmade


  • Expensive

Knitter’s Pride Circular Needles

Knitter's Pride Circular Needles

These handmade needles are big, but they’re not too cumbersome. The lovely wood grains make them ideal when you want to knit big projects in style!

How Does It Compare?

  • Made Of – Wood Needles, Silicone Tube
  • Length – 40″ (100 cm)
  • Sizes – US Size 50 (30cm)
  • Are They Comfortable? – Yes, super smooth
  • Do The Stitches Stay On The Needle? – Excellent grip
  • Durability – Made of quality materials

Product Design

These handmade tools are lightweight, smooth, and strong.


  • These jumbo knitting needles are affordable
  • Good quality
  • Stitches slide easily
  • Join between the cord and needle doesn’t catch the yarn
  • Lightweight
  • Secure packaging
  • Smooth
  • Great for bulky yarn projects


  • Some found they were too rough
  • Some said the tips were too short

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Brillant Knitting Double-Pointed Needles

Brillant Knitting Double-Pointed Needles Bamboo

If you want lightweight and smooth big needles but want to knit in the round, these double-pointed needles offer a brilliant solution!

How Does It Compare?

  • Made Of – Bamboo
  • Length – 10″
  • Sizes – Set of 5 US 11, 13, & 15 – (Total Of 15 Needles)
  • Are They Comfortable? – Yes, smooth
  • Do The Stitches Stay On The Needle? – Good grip
  • Durability – Made of quality materials

Product Design

These extreme knitting needles are easy to grip, so don’t worry about losing your stitches from your super bulky yarn.

Product Evolution

These have undergone lots of testing, so they’re up to the task! It’s a sign of how much care they put into their products!


  • Ships fast
  • Super smooth and light
  • Great length
  • Excellent value
  • Beautifully made
  • Excellent customer service
  • Feels lovely in your hands
  • Almost always in stock


  • Some experienced slow shipping

Loopy Mango Circular Needles

Loopy Mango US 19 15mm wooden circular needle

These super smooth needles made of maple wood with rich grains are perfect for your next massive project. These large size needles are lightweight, so you don’t worry about hand fatigue!

How Does It Compare?

  • Made Of – The needle tip of this circular needle is maple wood with brass and the cord is plastic
  • Length – 20” (50cm) & 32” (80cm)
  • Needle Size – US 19 (15mm)
  • Are They Comfortable? – Super comfortable!
  • Do The Stitches Stay On The Needle? – Yes
  • Durability – Made of superior quality, durable maple wood

Product Design

With a unique shorter cable on these knitting tools, you’ll have no problems managing big stitches for smaller projects.

Product Evolution

Though this listing is only for one size, they sell more options for wooden needles in their shop. This brand name is well known for its happy customers.


  • They come with a handy reusable pouch for easy storage
  • Great for super bulky yarns and jumbo yarn
  • Easy to purchase and affordable to ship
  • Flexible cables
  • Easy to make a stitch
  • Suitable for many patterns


  • Not suitable for people allergic to brass

Which Is Best?

  • Jubilee Yarn Jumbo Needles – Made of lightweight, sustainable bamboo.
  • IntreccioKnitting Wood Knitting Needles – Add a bit of affordable luxury to your knitting experience!
  • Knitter’s Pride Circular Knitting Needles – Suitable if you want something handmade.
  • Brilliant Knitting Double-Pointed Needles – Perfect if you prefer double points!
  • Loopy Mango Circular Needles – Great for projects with a smaller circumference.

Comparable Products To Consider

Looking for more options? See my post on giant needles.


Are Bigger Knitting Needles Easier To Use?

Absolutely! Big projects like rugs and blankets make it quick and easy to create your work. However, straight ones are harder to use.

Why Use Bigger Knitting Needles?

They provide an easier way to work with big or chunky yarns, otherwise too cumbersome to knit with.

Where To Buy Big Knitting Needles

Available at stores carrying knitting supplies, and online through sellers like Etsy, Amazon, and LoveCrafts.

What Are Big Knitting Needles Used For?

Perfect for chunky knitting projects like rugs, afghans, throws, and blankets.

Here are some videos of projects you could complete!

Don’t like these? It’s easy to search for another on a site like Google.

How Big Are Knitting Needles?

Anywhere from 2mm to 50mm.

Do You Use Less Yarn With Bigger Needles?

Yes. With big needles, you use fewer stitches.

Are My Knitting Needles Too Big?

If the stitches are too loose and far apart, yes, the needles are too big.

Is It Easier To Knit With Big Or Small Needles?

Bigger needles. They allow for ease of use and speed. However, go too large and they become cumbersome.

Do Bigger Knitting Needles Use More Yarn?

Regarding yardage, no. Regarding volume, yes.

Do Bigger Knitting Needles Make Bigger Stitches?

Yes, big needles make big stitches in jumbo yarns.

Big needles are the best way to knit big projects like blankets and sweaters. Finish your project faster than ever before! Perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Have fun making chunky knit blankets and other larger projects!

Have you used them before? Tell me about your experience.

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