Cocoon Shrug Knitting Patterns: Best Sweater Shrug Designs

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Looking for your next project? Why not try a cocoon shrug knitting pattern? They’re super cosy and the perfect overlay for the cold weather. I’ve sourced the best patterns to knit from fabulous designers. Read on!

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The Best Cocoon Shrug Knitting Patterns

Easy Knit Blanket Sweater

This oversize cocoon shrug uses a basic stockinette stitch pattern and chunky yarn to keep it simple. Thanks to the creator Jessica from Mama In A Stitch.

Chunky Yarn Knit Shrug Pattern

This simple cropped design has a ribbing border and a big, intricate cable pattern down the back. Thanks to the maker Susan from A Box Of Twine.

Summertime Cocoon Sweater

This is knitted in a lightweight, breathable yarn with an openwork lace design for warmer weather. Thanks to the designer Alnaar from Leelee Knits.

Embarker Cocoon Cardigan

I love the subtle diamond shapes and the horizontal ribbing on the edging. Thanks to the fiber artist Ashley Lillis.

Strikke Cocoon Cardigan

Using a textured yarn with a little fuzz to it makes a wonderful effect in this garment. Thanks to the creator Tamara from Moogly.

Easy Shrug Knitting Pattern

Simple and easy to knit, you don’t even need circular needles for this one! I love the use of rib stitches. Thanks to the maker Jennifer from Broome Fields.

Cocoon Knitting Patterns

Use the moss stitch in this design for a unique statement piece for any cozy winter wardrobe. Thanks to the designer Tiam Safari for Rowan Yarns.

Knitted Faded Cardigan

I love how the heathered effect of the yarn contributes visual interest to the subtle gradient. Thanks to the fiber artist Jennifer from Broome Fields.

Cocoon Shrug Edelweiss

The intricate overlaying cables and little bobbles on the body of this garment are stunning! Such a great combination. Thanks to the creator Bummbul.

Red Thysania

This is a unique combination between a sweater, cardigan and oversized shrug. A three in one! Thanks to the maker Alison Green featured in Knitty.

Super Chunky Stitch Slouchy Shrug

Make this in a weekend with super bulky yarn and an easy stitch pattern. Perfect to relax with. Thanks to the designer Michelle from The Snugglery.

Meditation Scoop

This simple shrug knit design with its oversize sleeve holes and loose neckline make it extra comfy. Thanks to the fiber artist Jessica from Brome Fields.

Veronika Cardigan

This shrug cardigan uses wide open sleeves, split hems and a long folded over edging to make it roomy and super cozy. Thanks to the creator Shannon Cook.

Truffle Shrug

A lightweight design worked in a thinner yarn and in open, lacy stitches for springtime weather. Thanks to the maker Pam Allen for Quince & Co.

Cozy Cocoon Shrug

It uses a unique combination of lace weight and worsted weight yarns to create varying sizes of stripes. Thanks to the designer team at Knit Picks.

Cocoon Wrap

This combines super wide sleeve holes, a thick ribbed collar, and a classic stockinette stitch to add some interest. Thanks to the fiber artist CocoKnits.

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Cocoon Shrug

I love the big ribbed sleeves and the tri-color scheme on this shrug pattern! The flouncy quality of the piece makes a statement. Thanks to the creator Baah Yarn.


I love the cascading, repeating patterns of garter stitch triangles across the back against the stockinette stitch background. Thanks to Bristol Ivy featured on Quince & Co.

Cocoon Shrug Bolero

This short-sleeved simple combination of a cocoon shrug and bolero ties together at the hips or can be worn loose. Thanks to the designer Etty Geller.

Painted Sky Comfy Shrug

By using a soft, lightweight yarn, you get a simple garment with wonderful drape and feel. Thanks to the fiber artist Jessica from Mama In A Stitch.

Shoji Cardigan

This elegant, functional cocoon cardigan piece has so many potential ways to wear it, you’ll think you’re not wearing the same thing twice! Thanks to the creator Norah Gaughan for Brooklyn Tweed.

Cozy Cocoon

This knit pattern has two stitch styles to choose from so you can customize it to your liking: brioche or offset rib stitch. Thanks to the maker Kate Jackson.

The Day Coat

I love how flouncy and cozy this gray coat looks! The advanced stitch techniques pay off in a lovely way. Thanks to the designer Karen Clements.

Chelsea Cape/Shawl

This shawl uses an openwork, net-like stitch pattern for a breezy design perfect for warm weather. Thanks to the fiber artist Alexandra Tavel of Two of Wands.

Sakasama Jacket

You can wear this inside-out or upside-down and it still looks lovely. A truly unique piece for your wardrobe. Thanks to the creator Olga Buraya-Kefelian.

Rhody Shrugs

These knit patterns are made with the brioche technique and a long garter stitch collar for an excellent combination. Thanks to the maker Martha Wissing.


I love the intricate lace pattern on this cocoon knitting pattern. It’s delicate and clearly art-deco inspired. Thanks to the designer Carol Sunday.

Apple Pie Shrug

As per the designer’s instructions, make this sweater knitting pattern in a cotton yarn for a lovely thing for the cooler summer nights. Thanks to the fiber artist Katrina Walser.

Lune Cocoon

Aren’t the mustard yellow color and the intricate cables running horizontally across stunning? What a piece! Thanks to the creator Stephanie Lotven.


I love how the big dramatic cable design down the back of the knitting pattern is repeated on the sleeve cuffs. Thanks to the maker Melissa Schaschwary.


There you go! The best cocoon shrug knitting patterns to get you started on your next shrugs or cocoon sweater project. What are you waiting for? Happy making!

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