Does Winding Yarn Save Space? Find Out the Truth for Knitters

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As a knitter, I know how crucial space-saving storage can be for my yarn stash. I’ve experimented with different ways of storing my yarn, and winding it into cakes or balls has been the most efficient option. So, is winding yarn an effective space-saving technique? Absolutely!

Does Winding Yarn Save Space?

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Winding yarn is just one part of any knitter’s journey. Yarn is packaged in various forms, such as skeins, hanks, or balls. Skeins and hanks typically take up more space, while wound balls or cakes of yarn are compact and less likely to tangle.

By winding your yarn, it becomes more organized and easy to use for your next knitting project.

Here are some benefits of winding your yarn into balls or cakes:

  • Less clutter: Wound yarn takes up less space, allowing you to have a tidier and more organized storage area.
  • No tangles: Winding yarn into balls or cakes prevents it from tangling, making it easier to knit without interruptions.
  • Smoother workflow: It’s easier to keep track of your yarn supply and locate the appropriate yarn fiber for each project when it is neatly wound.

I’ve seen knitters create wall art with their their beautiful yarn cakes. They look really effective up on a wall, as a feature in their chosen room. Using a peg board with hooks holds the yarn balls in place. The most spectacular yarn wall art display I’ve seen is by Ashlea from Heart Hook Home.

The downsides to storing yarn this way is that it will be subject to dust and moths being out in the open. Also I wonder what you do when you use some of the yarns for a project which leaves empty spaces? You’d have to refill with more yarn! Perhaps not a problem for someone with a huge stash.

Wound yarn forms stack neatly on top of each other due to the flattened top and bottom of the cake. This makes it easy to place on shelving, crates, drawers and cabinets.

To make the most of this space-saving technique, I’ve found using a yarn winder to be an invaluable tool. It speeds up the process and creates consistently neat balls or cakes, making my collection both visually appealing and highly functional.


Winding yarn can significantly impact your storage space, by creating order and preventing tangled messes. Whether it’s to make the most out of limited room or to create a visually satisfying collection, winding your yarn into balls or cakes helps ensure a smoother and more enjoyable knitting experience.

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