Keyhole Scarf Knitting Patterns: Knit A Cute Keyhole Scarf Pattern!

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Looking for your next project? Why not try a keyhole scarf knitting pattern? I’ve scoured the internet for the best patterns to knit. Read on!

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The Best Keyhole Scarf Knitting Patterns


This uses garter stitch, but not as you know it, to create an interesting drop stitch effect. Thanks to the creator, Edie Eckman.

Tauri Mini

A simple, no-nonsense keyhole scarf with an easy-to-learn design perfect for a beginner. Thanks to the team at Berroco.

Pink Knit Ascot Scarf Pattern

I love the little triangle shapes at either end of the scarf, it makes a pretty, unique touch to this scarf pattern. Thanks to the designer Heather from spinningsheep.

Blue Cabled Stitch

Add something unique to your wardrobe with this eye-catching, intricate design! The garter provides a good background. Thanks to the fiber artist Anne Hanson.


Use some fluffy novelty yarn for an interesting and super cozy effect for this keyhole scarf pattern. Thanks to the team at Yarnspirations.

Free Lacy Bowknot Scarf

This short, flouncy stitch scarf with its bunched-together design has a lovely intricate lace pattern. Thanks to the maker, Jen from The Knit Monster.


This knitting pattern may just use simple rib stitches, but using a colorful gradient yarn makes the design pop! It’s super vibrant. Thanks to the designer, Terri.

Dragon Scale Keyhole Scarf

Isn’t the color scheme for this key hole scarf lovely? It’d be perfect to wear on a foggy or misty winter day. Thanks to the fiber artist Holly Klein.


This unique basketweave stitch and the snugly yarn make it extra warm and cozy. Thanks to the creator Molly Bell for Knitty.

Keyhole Neckwarmer

This would make an excellent project with a dual usage: a great gift, and a perfect stashbuster! Thanks to the maker, LeslieAnn Molnar-Grabowski.

#10 – Garter Stitch Patterns

Make this in a super chunky chenille yarn for a unique texture and almost instant gratification. Thanks to the designer Rebecca Kevelson for Vogue Knitting.

Quick No-Purl

As the name suggests, no purling required to create this pattern! Perfect if you’re a beginner. Thanks to the fiber artist Saralyn from FireFlower Knits.

Red Heart

This keyhole knit scarf has a stockinette stitch background with some motifs at either end with a garter stitch border. Thanks to Yarnspirations.

DROPS 109-35 – Knit It In A Day!

A short, stylish free knitting pattern for a scarfette knitted in a slightly fuzzy yarn for some interesting texture. Thanks to Drops Design for this knit pattern.

Double Loop

This unique design is double looped before each end is tucked in for extra warmth. Thanks to the designer Nomagugu Ndlovu from BiggerthanlifeKnits.

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Criss-Cross Lace

This pattern has two versions to choose from based on your skill level: a garter stitch design or a lace one. Thanks to the creator, Bare Naked Wools.


A simple chunky rib design that looks super cozy when knitted in a thicker weight yarn. Thanks to Plymouth Yarn.


Aren’t the ruffles lovely? This design has a unique feminine touch. Thanks to the designer Noma Ndlovu.

Red Heart Trendy Faux Fur Yarn

A simple design where the faux fur yarn’s texture takes center stage. It’s lovely for keeping in the warmth. Thanks to Yarnspirations.


A lovely little scarf that’s great for adding a pop of color to a winter outfit. The moss stitch design adds a nice touch. Thanks to the fiber artist, Emily Johannes.

Cashmere De Cotone Honeycomb

This would be great for testing out your colorwork knitting skills! It uses three yarn colors to create the pattern. Thanks to Plymouth Yarn.

Easy One Skein

As the name suggests, this is a quick and easy one ball of yarn project you can knit up in a weekend. Thanks to the designer Karin Fernandes.


Isn’t this a unique and dually functional design? These scarves are lightweight, and won’t fall off when you’re walking. Thanks to the fiber artist Janet Pippin.

Striped Stitch Scarf – Keyhole Knitting Pattern

A simple design in these knit patterns that uses color changes and garter stripes to create an alternating vertical pattern. Thanks to Lion Brand Yarn.


This interesting texture combines knit, purl, and a dash of cabling to achieve its unique look. Looks good on the reverse too. Thanks to the maker, Emily Johannes.


This unisex, flexible triangular scarf can be styled in many ways to suit all different wearers. Thanks to the designer Carina Spencer.


This reversible pattern looks excellent when it’s knitted in a self-striping or heathered yarn. Thanks to the fiber artist Angela Mühlpfordt.


This scarf is longer than most keyhole scarfs, so it’s perfect if you like a decent length. And ruffles, of course. Thanks to the creator, Armina Parnagian.

Cashmere Dreams Cowl

This is a unique combination between a scarf and a cowl, so you can wear it however you wish. Thanks to the maker, Stephanie Steinhaus.

Pebble Road

This design uses braided cables and a cleverly-selected tweed yarn, so the two complement each other well. Thanks to the designer, Emily Johannes.


There you go! The best keyhole scarf knitting patterns to get you started on your next project. So what are you waiting for? Happy making!

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