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Lurex Yarn – Guide To This Yarn Material & Best Uses

Looking for a shiny, glittery yarn?

Lurex fibers might be the perfect choice. Learn what Lurex yarn is, and the best ways to use it for knitting.

Lurex Yarn up close metallic silver color

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What Is Lurex Yarn?

Lurex yarn is a metallic fiber sold at moderate prices.

This fiber isn’t popular as it’s tricky to knit with, however, it’s fun, blingy, smooth, and glittery.

They’re great for adding a splash of novelty to your knits.

It’s available in many fun colors.

Where It Comes From

According to Wikipedia, Lurex is a registered trademark of the Lurex Company, Ltd.

It’s a metallic yarn often used as a decorative thread in fabrics, either woven in as a weft or warp, or as embroidery.

It’s made with different metals, but mostly silver or gold.

Lurex fabric was first created in 1946.(2)

How It’s Made Into Yarn

Lurex is made by twisting together two types of thread, one being a metallic core, and the other a synthetic filament.

How To Wash Lurex Yarn

Here are the care instructions for lurex fibers.

  • Gentle hand wash in cool water
  • Dry flat
  • Don’t iron, bleach or tumble dry

Always read the yarn label for instructions specific to the yarn you’re using.

Does It Shrink When Washed?

Lurex fibers are strong and don’t shrink when washed.

How To Soften Lurex Yarn

Washing it after you’ve finished knitting always helps!

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What Do You Use It For?

Wondering whether you should use it to make a project? Here’s why this fiber is used to make yarn.

It’s often used for projects and things like

  • Shawls
  • Sweaters
  • Bags
  • Jewelry
  • Fun accessories
  • Home décor items

It’s not meant for garments that get lots of wear, as the fabric isn’t as strong as other fibers.

This fiber will add glitz and glamour to a project.

Where To Find It

Here’s where to find this yarn.

  • At a yarn store or craft stores in your area
  • At big box stores like Michaels, Walmart and Joann
  • Online brand shops and sellers

What’s The Price Like?

Lurex fibers are moderate in price.

Interesting Facts

Want to know some fascinating tidbits about this material? Impress your friends with these.

  • This fabric is often used for movie or tv costumes like Catwoman’s suit in the 1960s Batman television series(1)
  • It was popular in the 70s for disco clothing(3)


Is Lurex Yarn Safe For Babies?

No, because of the metallic properties, it’s not recommended.

Is Lurex Yarn Ethical & Eco-Friendly?

The fiber is made of synthetic materials.

What Can I Make With Leftover Lurex Yarn?

You can make clothing items, like a scarf or hat, as well as other things like bags and jewelry.

Is Lurex Yarn Itchy?

A little, however, you can soften it by washing it.

Is Lurex Yarn Good For Clothes?

Not particularly because the fabric isn’t as strong as other fibers, and it’s not great when you wear it close to the skin.

Is Lurex Yarn Good For Winter?

No because it’s not as warm as other fibers.

Is Lurex Yarn Good For Summer?

Not usually, because it’s not breathable.

Do Lurex Yarns Pill?

No, they don’t pill.

Can You Dye Lurex Yarns?

No, you can’t.

Why Do Pashmina Scarves Have A Glossy Look?

The fiber has some lurex yarn added to it to give it a shimmer.

Happy crocheting or knitting! Hope you enjoyed this article. Do you have questions? Please leave them below!


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Hi. I’m Jodie Morgan, creator of Knit Like Granny. I started this site to show 1,000,000 people the joys of knitting & highlight alternatives to fast fashion. Please say hello!

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