Online Knitting Classes – NobleKnits 30 Day Growth Course – My Review

Nancy Queen of Noble Knits created a 30 day Growth Course for beginners to advance their skills. She’s been a knitting teacher for 20 years. Is this THE online knitting class to teach you knitting? Find out in my review.

Nancy Queen NobleKnits 30 Day Growth Course Review

Why I’m Reviewing This Course

I had a lovely surprise this morning as I opened Instagram, and there was a message from Nancy Queen of Noble Knits. I was a bit surprised as I’ve never talked to her. However, she’s well-known in the knitting industry and is an expert knitter.

Like others wanting to expand their knitting skills, I’ve watched plenty of her knitting tutorials on her Youtube channel. They’ve all been so helpful! The message read as follows –

Hi Jodie,

I love your approach of getting people to move away from fast fashion by encouraging them to knit. I thought you might be interested in sharing this. I’m launching a knitting 30-Day Growth Course very soon. It’s designed to help knitters advance quickly out of the beginner stage.

I’d love to grant you exclusive pre-launch access to the content so you can take a look. If you enjoy what’s in there, I’d be honored to have you share something about it with your followers. But if not, no worries. Lifetime access to the course would be yours either way.

What do you think?


Message from Nancy Queen on instagram

I was delighted to accept, and so I went through the course. It’s going to release soon, and I’m sure by the time you’re reading this post, it’ll be ready for you to take a look.

There will be options for right-handed and left-handed knitters, which is super helpful. Here are my thoughts.

Need to see more of the top knitting tools to help you learn? See my quick list.

What Does This Beginner Class Cover?

Nancy’s instructions are easy to follow for helping people learn how to knit. Her presentation style in this knitting class is friendly and relaxed. 

She starts with the knitting basics and moves to more advanced techniques. Nancy has aimed to create a one stop shop for knitters looking to learn a new skill.

Nancy Queen 30 Day Growth Course The Fundamentals screen shot

The course has comprehensive video classes covering:

  • Basic stitches and knitting techniques (Like the knit stitch and purl stitch)
  • Understanding yarn
  • Types of knitting needles
  • Knitting tools
  • Why gauge is important and knitting a gauge swatch
  • How to read knitting patterns and knitting abbreviations
  • Patterns to try such as a slouchy hat
  • Increasing and stitch decreases
  • Knitting in the round
  • Finishing techniques
  • How to fix mistakes
  • How to knit Continental
  • Fun bonus content

She explains what types of knitting needles are used for what. Useful if double pointed needles seem confusing for you! It doesn’t cover how to knit socks or the Kitchener stitch.

This is probably because knitting socks is quite an advanced project, and that’s not the focus of this course. If you’re looking for something covering that in the class options, you need to look for other online classes.

Other Features Of This Class

Nancy Queen 30 Day Growth course Knit and Purl Stitches screenshot

You get lifetime access to Nancy’s course. So you can return to lessons whenever you like. That’s a real plus! There’s no premium membership, all the features are accessible for everyone.

Nancy loves creating a supportive knitting community. Stuck on something? Ask in the comments of the lesson, and she answers! This kind of support in online courses is valuable. 

What I Love About The Course

  • Techniques shown in Slow Motion – It makes such a difference to me to see a method slowed down. I learn much quicker as I keep rewinding that slowed-down section until I get the hang of it. 
  • The lessons are short and easy to follow. It’s up to you to continue to practice the technique outside of the lesson.
  • Excellent video quality and audio.
  • I can do the lessons when it suits me. No time pressure!
  • Nancy provides simple patterns to practice the techniques.
  • I learned some great methods for finishing and sewing in seams.

I’ve tried to knit continental but always revert back to the “English style,” or as Nancy calls it, “American style.” (Throwing the yarn using your right hand.)

Nancy’s tutorials for the continental method were beneficial. She slowed down the action so I could see what was happening. My interest is renewed! I’ll practice the Continental Knitting method again. 

Nancy Queen 30 Day Growth Course A Yarn About Yarn screenshot

What I Thought Could Be Improved

  • In the lesson about Knitting Gauge, Nancy went through counting the stitches in a 4-inch section of her knitted swatch. It was difficult to see. I would’ve liked a closeup of this demonstration. Also, tips on what she’s looking for when counting the stitches.
  • Nancy uses the American Style or Throw method. You hold the yarn in your right hand. When demonstrating making an increase stitch, in the course videos, she uses the throw method. She refers you to one of her Youtube videos to practice this technique on her simple shawl pattern. In that video, she knits Continental style. I found this a little confusing as I don’t knit continental.   

But why buy a knitting course when there are free classes on Youtube? People don’t consider the amount of time it takes to make high-quality videos.

Most free online videos on are poorly filmed tutorials. The lighting makes it difficult to see the method. It’s hard to hear the instructions, and it goes too fast! The combination of these makes it super difficult for beginner knitters!

My Final Verdict

Nancy has attention to detail, such as lighting, high definition video, quality audio. She also has a straightforward and friendly style when presenting.

She also guides you through the entire process of a particular skill so you can learn knitting in a fun, easy, and relaxed way.

FAQs About Online Knitting Classes

Can I Learn Knitting Online?

Absolutely! Anyone can learn to knit through websites & YouTube videos. There are also free knitting classes online.

Can You Teach Yourself Knitting?

Yes! One of the best things about knitting is how easy it is to teach yourself through free resources. Of course, it requires patience and time, but if you persist, you can do it.

Does Hobby Lobby Have Knitting Classes?

They have free knit classes on their website and YouTube.

What Does An Online Knitting Class Teach?

It depends on the teacher. Some offer beginner-friendly courses teaching you everything you need to know to get started. Others focus on a particular technique or stitch pattern.

Like Andrea Wong Portuguese knitting.

How Much Do Online Knitting Classes Cost?

Again, it depends, because each class has unique features and level of expertise from the instructor. Most are reasonably priced to suit any budget. Some are free.

Do I Need To Buy Materials?

If you don’t already have them, yes. The course will tell you what you need.

What Can I Create In An Knitting Class?

It varies, based on the instructor, the techniques covered and length of the course. Most include several knitting patterns to try.

How To Learn Knitting Online

It’s quite easy. Here are some suggestions for how to learn to knit at home. Here’s how you can learn to knit for free.

  • Knitting videos on YouTube.
  • Use Pinterest to find patterns and tutorials to try
  • There are lots of free tutorials on knitting blogs
  • Join Ravelry to connect with like minded knitters and find advice
  • Felicia Lo Wong, a knitwear designer from SweetGeorgia Yarns has a wide variety of online knitting workshops, free and paid for any skill level

Do I Need Experience To Take an Online Knitting Class?

If you’re taking a beginner course, none is required! You can start from scratch. If it’s an intermediate or advanced one, read the list of things you should be familiar with before signing up for it.


This course is a joy to undertake. I recommend Nancy’s 30 day Growth Course for beginners wanting to advance their skills. A great online course to further your knitting journey.

Now you’ve got somewhere to learn to knit, you’ll be able to make a scarf, a blanket, a sweater, mittens, gloves, a cardigan, a jacket, or a vest in any size. Happy learning!

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