Raglan Sweater Knitting Patterns: Find A Fabulous Pullover to Knit

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Looking for your next project? Why not try a raglan sweater knitting pattern? I’ve scoured the internet for the best patterns to knit. Read on!

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The Best Raglan Sweater Knitting Patterns

The Essential Sweater by Darling Jadore

A classic all rounder sweater with a double-knit collar and seamless raglan construction. A Raglan pullover by knitwear designer Darling Jadore. You’ll adore wearing it keeping you comfortable and cozy.

The raglan sweater pattern attributes include a raglan sleeve and seamless top-down construction.

Fall Bluff Knit Pullover

A timeless design with an easy top-down construction suitable for beginners. Thanks to the creator Ashley Lillis.

The Everyday Raglan in Chunky Yarn

A slightly cropped sweater with a simple, seamless design. Thanks to the maker Davina from Sheep & Stitch. Techniques include raglan seamless top-down kntting and stockinette stitch in the round.

Autumn League Raglan Pullover

When made with a slightly heathered yarn, the unique coloration makes it pop! Thanks to the designer Alexandra from Two of Wands for providing this excellent free knitting raglan pullover pattern.

Striped Raglan Sleeve Sweater Pattern

Add a little cuteness to the plain design with the little heart motifs on the body and the stripes on the sleeves! Thanks to the fiber artist Craft Passion.

Beginner Top Down Raglan Knitting Patterns

An easy project suitable for beginners with a lacy sleeve-edging design. Thanks to the creator Chantal from Knitatude. Try her other knit sweater patterns.

If I Were A Sweater

This has a simple, timeless design that reflects the personality of the author. Thanks to the maker Karen from KT’s Slow Closet.

October Sweater

This simple, classic design features ribbed cuffs and hem, as well as a flattering neckline. Thanks to the designer Kaitlin from Originally Lovely.

Comfy Raglan

This comfortable raglan is perfect for lounging. It has a relaxed fit and is knitted in a soft, warm yarn. Thanks to the fiber artist Jenny from The Running Yarn.

Spring Forward Fall Back

This has a snug fit and looks lovely when knitted in a self-striping yarn or lots of coordinating colors. Thanks to the creator Nikol from The Thrifty Knitter.

Blue Nostalgia Knitting Pattern

I love the delicate diamond shapes and lacework on the three-quarter sleeves. It adds real interest to the design Thanks to the maker Drops Design.

Clubhouse Hoodie Raglan

Why not try taking this twist on the classic raglan and adding a hood? Perfect for cooler days at home. Thanks to the designer Alexandra from Two of Wands.

Super Chunky Raglan

Knit this in a weekend thanks to the chunky yarn and simple top-down construction. Extra cozy! Thanks to the fiber artist Michelle from The Snuggelry.

Flax Patterns

The simple top-down design is for the beginner, and I love the ribbing effect on the sleeves. Simple but great! Thanks to the creator Alexa from Tin Can Knits.

Summer Raglan

This is excellent for slightly cooler summer days, as its knitted on thick needles for a more open stitch design. Thanks to the maker Eline Oftedal.

Top Down V-Neck Raglan

Perfect if you or the recipient of this creative endeavor loves V-neck shirts and cuffed sleeves! Thanks to the designer Elaine Phillips.

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Everyday Linen Raglan

I love the subtle design elements on the collar and the decoration on the front of the garment! Thanks to the creator Laura from Purl Soho.


This is everything you’d expect of a raglan perfect for a beginner, but it’s good if you prefer a loose fit. Thanks to the maker Maria Sølvtofte from Hobbii.

Men’s Sweater Projects

This simple and no-nonsense design is knitted in garter stitch, so it’s perfect for a beginner. Thanks to the designer Louise Bollanos from Handy Little Me.

Dotty Pullover

I love the combination of the texture on the body and the simple ribbing for the cuffs and collar on this pullover. Thanks to the fiber artist Yay For Yarn.

Such A Winter’s Day

This is a more advanced take on the raglan technique with an interesting stitch pattern and turtleneck-inspired collar. Thanks to the creator Heidi Kirrmaier.


This unique design has cabling down either side of the front and flouncy sleeves with large cuffs. Thanks to the maker Katrine Hannibal from Önling.

Boathouse Pullover

This seamless sweater with its minimalist colorblock design on the front has a top-down construction. Thanks to the sweaters designer Marie from Olive Knits.

Geldy’s Pullover

This simple tunic looks great when you use a heathered yarn, as the simple stitches allow the colors to shine. Thanks to the fiber artist Wool + Bricks on Knitty.

First Raglan Sweater

This slightly cropped garment and its three-quarter sleeves are designed for the complete beginner. Thanks to the creator Brooklyn Tweed.

Seamless Raglan Sweater

A perfect introduction to the art of sweater-making by one of the USA’s favorite knitters. Thanks to the knit sweater pattern maker Elizabeth Zimmermann.

Capsule Sweater No. 1

This simple stockinette pattern with the no-nonsense crew neck is a great basic addition to a winter wardrobe. Thanks to the designer Neringa Ruke.

Cambys Pullover

Featuring cables, an interesting design, inclusive sizing and a cropped fit, what’s not to love about it? Thanks to the fiber artist Brooklyn Tweed.

Raglan With A Twist

It looks like an everyday but lovely raglan sweater until you notice the unique twisted motif at the hem. Thanks to the creator Destiny from Knifty Knittings.

Ruby Cabled Raglan

I love the cabling design in the center front of the garment! It goes well with the bold red color. Thanks to the maker Tamara Moots from I Like Knitting.

Lopi Raglan Hybrid

I love the subtle change in shade of the yarn at the bottom hem, neck, and cuffs. It makes all the difference to the simple design. Thanks to the raglan cardigan designer Katrine H.


There you go! The best raglan sweater knitting patterns to get you started on your next project. So what are you waiting for? Happy making!

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