Unraveling the Benefits: 5 Reasons Why You Should Wind Yarn

By Jodie Morgan

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The winding process of yarn is an essential step to take before diving into a project. Winding yarn transforms it from a loose skein or hank into an organized cake/ball, making a knitting experience smooth and hassle-free.

Reasons Why You Should Wind Yarn

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Yarn winding may seem like a simple task, but it’s a beautiful artform – it maintains the yarn’s natural elasticity and prevents tangling. Here’s why you should do it.

Why Wind Yarn?

1. Avoiding Knots & Tangles

When yarn is wound into a neat ball or cake, it’s much easier to pull the yarn smoothly without running into those frustrating snags. This helps me maintain my knitting rhythm as the yarn pulls out easily as I knit.

2. Preventing Yarn Barf

Nobody wants to deal with the dreaded yarn barf – the tangled mess of yarn seemingly impossible to untangle. To prevent it, I always wind my yarn into a center pull ball before starting a project.

This makes it easy to pull the yarn out without creating a mess, and I can spend more time focusing on my knitting rather than untangling a chaotic yarn pile.

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3. Creating A Center Pull Ball

A center pull ball is my preferred way of winding. It’s created by winding the yarn around a core so you can pull the yarn easily from the center. This method keeps the yarn under control, makes it easy to pull out just the right amount needed for my project. Plus, it stop the yarn spinning out accidentally when I give it a tug.

4. Improving Tension

Winding the yarn helps me with maintaining consistent tension throughout my project. When the yarn is neatly wound, it glides through my fingers more easily, allowing me to focus on maintaining even tension. This results in a cleaner, more professional-looking finished project, and that’s something I take pride in.

5. Saving Time

When the yarn is in a neat and well-organized ball, I don’t have to waste time struggling with knots and tangles or detangling yarn barf. Instead, I can spend more time enjoying my latest project.


Winding yarn is an essential part of my knitting routine. My knitting projects have benefited from this simple step, and I hope this encourages you to try it!

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