Knitting Resources | Best Knitting Books, Magazines & Blogs to Follow

We are all about bringing the best resources together to make your knitting experience easier. Knitting books, blogs and magazines provide a wonderful source of inspiration, knowledge and skills.

I share tips and helpful knitting guides to learn more about the craft you love.

What Are The Best Knitting Books?

Books on wooden shelves

Knitting books are so inspirational. They make you want to grab some yarn and knitting needles and get knitting.

There are heaps of knitting books. Covering knitting patterns, knitting help, knitting stitches, knitting techniques and tutorials. Most with stunning photography.

Every knitter needs a knitting reference library. Having the best knitting books on your book shelf or in your e-reader library, is essential.

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Best Knitting Blogs to Follow

Looking for inspirational people who also love to knit, share fabulous tips and patterns? Take a look at all the awesome knitting blogs to follow.

Passionate people who have so much knowledge and experience. Learn from the best knitters in our global community.

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