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Top 100 Knitting Blogs, Websites & Knitting Bloggers To Follow

The blogosphere and social media is awash with colorful images of incredible knitting designs. Which knitting bloggers are worth following?

So, I bring you wonderful knitting bloggers who are experts at their craft.

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Table of Contents

Found lots of inspiration? Now take a look at the best yarn.

Independent Bloggers

The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog by Claudia Bugh

Claudia Bugh from The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog

About: The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog

Claudia is a passionate knitter and baker and she’s been blogging since 2007. All of her posts features either something she has knitted or a favorite recipe. Often her posts include both!

The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog

What We Love: Claudia features not just knitting projects but also her love for photography and cooking. The knitting projects she undertakes are simply gorgeous. She is an avid sock knitter and there are such a variety.

Yarn Harlot by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Steph Pearl-McPhee from Yarn Harlot

About: Yarn Harlot

Steph loves to spend time on knitting anything she can possibly think of. Knitting for her is a way of showing others, that knitting will never be a waste of time, especially if you’re knitting with love.

Yarn Harlot

What We Love: Steph’s stories about her knitting projects and life are heartfelt and engaging. She is also a published author of several titles. Her most popular book is Knitting Rules!: The Yarn Harlot’s Bag of Knitting Tricks.

Twitter | Instagram

You might meet some of these wonderful people at knitting events.

Knitted Bliss by Julie Crawford

Julie Crawford from Knitted Bliss

About: Knitted Bliss

Julie loves cozy knits, international travel and cooking. She helps knitters and crafters get inspired by sharing modified knitting projects, round-ups of craft ideas and recipes, and reflections on the crafting life.

Knitted Bliss

What We Love: Julie has something for everyone, whether it be fabulous knitting patterns or craft inspiration. Her photography of her knitting projects is lovely. Any of her beautiful patterns would make a fabulous gift for knitters.

Find Knitted Bliss on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Have a look at these great gifts for knitters.

Stylish Storage Solutions by Knit Picks

If Loom Knitting interests you stay tuned as I’m writing a post about bloggers who share this passion.

Yards of Happiness by Dana

Dana from Yards of Happiness

About: Yards of Happiness

Dana learnt to knit to help with the stresses of her life. With each knitted project her skills improved as did her love of the craft and all things yarn.

Yards of Happiness

What We Love: Dana shares her beautiful knitted projects along with stories of her life. Her current sweater adventures include sweaters for dogs that are simply adorable.

Find Yards of Happiness on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Small Things by Ginny Sheller

Ginny Sheller from Small Things

About: Small Things

Ginny loves to knit late at night when she probably should be sleeping. Ginny does a little work from home, dyeing eco-friendly U.S. sourced yarn using natural dyes. Her family of 10 provides much joy as does caring for their many animals and vegetable garden on her 6 acre property.

Small Things

What We Love: Small Things has a Yarn Along where every Wednesday Ginny shares her current knitting project alongside whatever she happens to be reading. Ginny’s photography is stunning and her posts are delightfully engaging.

Find Small Things on Instagram

Mad Man Knitting by Gregory Patrick

Gregory Patrick from Mad Man Knitting

About: Mad Man Knitting

Gregory loves to write and knit at the same time. He writes about his knitting and yarn adventures on his blog.

Mad Man Knitting

What We Love: Mad Man Knitting specializes in Knitting teddy bears and has created gorgeous patterns for knitted animals and bears. Amigurumi yarn is often used in his designs.


Which are the best knitting needles for a beginner? Discover more in my post.

Knit Om by Becky Stewart

Becky Stewart

About: Becky is passionate about knitting, personal development, and conscious living. Knit Om was born from a desire to share what she has learned about the therapeutic benefits of knitting and meditation.

Knit Om

What We Love: The e-newsletters that Becky creates are full of fascinating articles that focus of all sorts of knitting goodness and mindful. Her focus on knitting as a form of meditation and healing is very interesting. I always look forward to receiving them.
Find KnitOm on Instagram

Knit Picks Wool Of The Andes Bulky Yarn

Knitgrammer by Ida


About: Knitgrammer

Ida, an engineer living in Lapland, Finland spends her days knitting and programming. With these skills, she’s become known as Knitgrammer. Her blog features calculators and interactive knitting patterns that’ll save you trouble by doing the math for you!


What We Love: Knitgrammer is a fabulous resource for sock knitters. Ida’s calculators and interactive patterns make sock knitting so much easier. Her patterns are not all about socks.

There are also patterns for hats and mittens.

Find Knitgrammer on Instagram | Pinterest

A Really Good Yarn by Julie

A Really Good Yarn Logo

About: A Really Good Yarn

Julie learned to knit at the age of four. At that very young age, her dream was to own a knitting store, which she has fulfilled. She loves to share her passion of knitting. A Really Good Yarn is the blog she writes for her store The Needle Emporium.

A Really Good Yarn

What We Love: A Really Good Yarn is a fun and interesting blog to read. It features new patterns and yarn supplies plus what Julie currently has on her needles.

Find A Really Good Yarn on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

A ball winder for yarn is just what you need to make knitting easier

Jeanette Sloan by Jeanette Sloan

Jeanette Sloan from Jeanette Sloan

About: Jeanette Sloan
Jeanette has been knitting since the age of seven. Colour is a significant feature of her design process. She has published several knitting resources. Jeanette is passionate about diversity in knitting, which led to a list of talented POC designers and makers being featured on her site.

Jeanette Sloan

What We Love: Jeanette’s blog tagline says it all – Make. Something. Gorgeous. Her knitting patterns and designs are full of color and exciting techniques.

Find Jeanette Sloan on Twitter

The Knitting Doctor by Lorette

Lorette from Knitting Doctor

About: The Knitting Doctor

Lorette loves to share all her beautiful knitting projects with her readers. The title The Knitting Doctor comes from the fact that she is a physician specializing in internal medicine.

The Knitting Doctor

What We Love: The Knitting Doctor shares her life stories and wonderful knitting projects. Each post is fun to read and I am sure knitters would resonate with some of the more frustrating aspects of knitting.

Knitting Nuances by Laura

Knitting Nuances Logo

About: Knitting Nuances

They love sharing new ideas in knitting. Some of their ideas include tweaks to knitting techniques people already use and some of them are new concepts.

Knitting Nuances

What We Love: Knitting Nuances provide helpful tutorials to newcomers who are wishing to learn more about knitting.

Find Knitting Nuances on Facebook

Kiwiyarns Knits by Wei Siew Leong

Wei Siew Leong from Kiwiyarns Knits

About: Kiwiyarns Knits

An addicted knitter who also loves to share her ideas and thoughts about knitting. Wei Siew sets out her own thoughts about New Zealand yarns purely for the love of sharing information about them.

Kiwiyarns Knits

What We Love: Kiwiyarns Knits has a passion for yarn and knitting. Wei Siew’s projects are gorgeous and what she shares about the different yarns Wei is very helpful and informative.

Dayana Knits by Dayana

Dayana from Dayana Knits

About: Dayana Knits

Dayana’s blog will tell you how to fit it, modify it, colorr it, texturize it, chop it, save it and most importantly, wear it.

Dayana Knits

What We Love: Dayana Knits does a tons of projects. They’ve been creating different designs, that will inspire other people to look forward for a new design.

Find Dayana Knits on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Craftsmumship by Lorelei

Lorelei from Craftsmumship

About: Craftsmumship

Lorelei started as a mainly sewing until her blog has grown into a wider variety of crafts. She love sharing inspirational knitting and crafty ideas.


What We Love: Craftsmumship is a site for fresh new ideas, achievable crafts and projects to challenge and hone your crafty skills and at the same time, meet crafty friends along the way.

Find Craftsmumship on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

littlebobbins by Dani Harvey

Dani Harvey from Littlebobbins

About: littlebobbins

Dani loves knitting because of the person who taught her how to do it, which is her Mum. Dani loves to share her projects via her podcasts.


What We Love: Littlebobbins has made a lot of crafty inspiration, home made goodness and spends a lot of time studying arts and textiles. Recently Dani has been more active on her Instagram account. Be sure to follow her knitting goodness there.

Find littlebobbins on Instagram

Cozy Made Things by Kristen Johnson

Kristen Johnson from Cozy Made Things

About: Cozy Made Things

Kristen lives, works and blogs from a farmhouse in an apple orchard. She loves to sew, knit, crochet, and make things all day long.

Cozy Made Things

What We Love: Kristen shares her magical knitting projects and stories from the journey of her life.

Find Cozy Made Things on Instagram

The Craft Sessions by Felicia Semple

Felicia Semple from The Craft Sessions

About: The Craft Sessions

The Craft Sessions aims to bring together people who craft for joy. Through her writing and creating, Felicia aims to foster a love of hand making and discuss the ways traditional domestic handcrafts have meaning and context in our everyday lives.

The Craft Sessions

What We Love: The photography and writing is wonderful and heartfelt. The sharing of the retreats they organise, makes you want to go!

Find The Craft Sessions on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Vickie Howell Blog by Vickie Howell

Vickie Howell from Vickie Howell Blog

About: Vickie Howell Blog

Vickie Howell is making creativity accessible through encouragement, education, cool projects and inspirational interviews via online media.

Vickie Howell Blog

What We Love: Vickie Howell Blog is determined to motivate people to live creatively and live by being creative. Vickie is also known as a personality in the knitting, crocheting and craft world with her shows. She has wonderful tutorials including reviews on tools like the best yarn winder and the best yarn swift.

Find Vickie Howell Blog on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube

Zeneedle by Margene Smith

About: Zeneedle

Margene is known as the obsessive knitter. Loves mountain hiking, spinning, blogging, reading and most especially knitting.


What We Love: Zeneedle shares stories on her life, knitting and the beautiful area in which she lives.

Find Zeneedle on Instagram

Sweet Purls by Monica

Sweet Purls Logo

About: Sweet Purls

Monica documents her love for wool, knitting and spinning. It’s has been her passion for quite a while and she enjoys sharing her knowledge and spreading it around to the world.

Sweet Purls

What We Love: Monica shares her journey of spinning yarn and knitting. Although Monica is not currently updating her blog there is plenty of lovely projects and posts to browse.

Find Sweet Purls on Twitter | Instagram

Knitting in France

About: Knitting in France

Bogga is originally from Iceland and lives in France. She has been blogging about her interests, ideas, and thoughts to spread her knowledge and help people be inspired in the world of handicrafts.

Knitting in France

What We Love: Knitting in France shares their beautiful knitting projects. She gives a glimpse into the normal and the everyday of a fiber artist, and all that goes with that.

Find Knitting in France on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube

Soule Mama by Amanda Blake

Amanda Blake from Soule Mama

About: Soule Mama

Amanda Blake is a mother of five, author of three books on family creativity, and Taproot Magazine’s Editor in Chief. Her blog documented her life and creative pursuits.

Soule Mama

What We Love: Amanda’s posts are a wonderful insight into a life of making and being a Mom. Over the years she has been an integral part of promoting indie producers and makers. She is the Editor in Chief of Taproot Magazine and an author of three books. Amanda just recently announced to her readers that she wasn’t going to blog for now. Be sure to look through the archives, there is so much inspiration to be found there.

Find Soule Mama on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Stitches & Spoonfuls by Kylie

Kylie from Stitches & Spoonfuls

About: Stitches & Spoonfuls

Kylie loves to put all of her details on her blogs. All of her creative creations on pastimes- knitting, spinning, sewing, photography, and other crafts- as well as accounts of all of her other adventures in travel, school, reading, gardening, and life in general. She also has a online shop with botanically dyed Canadian yarn called Agrestal Yarn.

Stitches & Spoonfuls

What We Love: The Stitches and Spoonfuls dyes ethically sourced Canadian wool using natural dyes. Her online shop Agrestal Yarn has lovely choices of yarn.

Find Stitches & Spoonfuls on Instagram | Pinterest

Tight-Knit Syria by Dana Kandalaft

Dana Kandalaft from Tight-Knit Syria

About: Tight-Knit Syria

Dana Kandalaft runs Tight Knit Syria a social enterprise organization that provides wool to Syrian women in refugee camps, pays them for knitting and sells their creations.

Tight-Knit Syria

What We Love: Tight Knit Syria is aiming to help Syrian women to stay resilient and productive in dire times through knitting.

Find Tight-Knit Syria on Facebook | Instagram

Knits All Folks by Monica Rodriguez

Monica Rodriguez from Knits All Folks

About: Knits All Folks

Monica wants to create an inclusive community for those that love fiber, knitting, crocheting and pop culture. She aims to promote the diversity of creators.

Knits All Folks

What We Love: Monica’s interviews are great reads and she has helpful tutorials for beginners. Monica is passionate about promoting the diversity in the knitting community.

Find Knits All Folks on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Knitting Squirrel by Nicolette Kernohan

Nicolette Kernohan from Knitting Squirrel

About: Knitting Squirrel

Nicolette loves sharing unique knitting projects, exploring color and inspiring others creativity.

Knitting Squirrel

What We Love: Knitting Squirrel sells knitting wool and sock yarn in glorious colors & fibers.

Find Knitting Squirrel on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Travel Knitter by Larissa

Larissa from Travel Knitter

About: Travel Knitter

Larissa’s blog is a record of not only her knitting, but also her traveling. Larissa has always loved traveling, but knitting is her more recently discovered passion, and she’s found the two complement each other very well.

Travel Knitter

What We Love: Travel Knitter loves to share about traveling and knitting. Also yarns, knitting festivals and projects.

Find Travel Knitter on Twitter | Instagram

Knitorious by Vicki Mothes

Vicki Mothes from Knitorious

About: Knitorious

Vicki began blogging at Knitorious year 2004. She knits, sews, dyes, takes photographs, writes, gardens and cooks. She is truly amazed and inspired by the breadth of talent around her and been exposed to many different types of art and craft.


What We Love: Knitorious shares her knitting projects interwoven with her wonderful life stories. The fact that Vicki has been blogging since 2004 is a testament to her passion and perseverance.

Find Knitorious on Instagram

Fridays with Franklin by Franklin Habit

Fridays with Franklin Logo

About: Fridays with Franklin

A man who used to be known as “the weirdo who knits in meetings” now dedicates his talents to knitting full-time. Designer, commentator and author of knitting books who is passionate about all making.

Fridays with Franklin

What We Love:
Franklin’s posts are very engaging. His writing is delightful and his insights into the fiber community are honest and often humorous. His illustrations and his own designs are great.

Find Fridays with Franklin on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

QueerJoe’s Knitting Blog by Joe Wilcox

Joe Wilcox from QueerJoes Knitting Blog

About: QueerJoe’s Knitting Blog

Joe has a passion for knitting and writing. What he thinks, he shares with his readers and makes no apologies for his forwardness.

QueerJoes Knitting Blog

What We Love: QueerJoe’s Knitting Blog is a very expressive and his knitting projects are vast and varied. He has built up a strong online community and is also passionate about attending events.

Better Than Yarn by Jasmin Knitmore

Jasmin Knitmore from Better Than Yarn

About: Better Than Yarn

Jasmin loves to share her journey of life and stories from her past. She loves to knit and spin and along with her Mom, they run Knitmore Girls Podcast. See link in our Knitting Podcasts section.

Better Than Yarn

What We Love: Jasmin shares her life stories, fabulous parenting tips and the knitting projects she has on the go.

Find Better Than Yarn on Twitter

Monty Knits by Claire Montgomerie

Claire Montgomerie from Monty Knits

About: Monty Knits

Claire is a textiles designer specializing in knitting and crochet, constructing fabrics, garments, creatures and accessories which are fun, quirky and modern. She loves to keep her hands busy so she is constantly working on different projects.

Monty Knits

What We Love: Monty Knits is no longer active on her blog. Don’t let that stop you from browsing all the goodness in her archives. There are some lovely patterns to explore.

Find Monty Knits on Facebook | Twitter

GOODKNITS // a knitting & crochet blog by Lisa Gutierrez

Lisa Gutierrez from Goodknits

About: Lisa loves to knit, crochet, sew, cross-stitch/embroider, and dabble in the paper crafts.


What We Love:
There are some great knitting and crochet patterns to be found on Lisa’s blog. She is not currently updating it.

Find GOODKNITS // a knitting & crochet blog on Facebook | Twitter

Mimi Codd Makes by Mimi Codd

Mimi Codd from Mimi Codd Makes

About: Mimi Codd Makes

Mimi’s work covers many different mediums. Her knitting techniques series and knitalongs feature interesting ideas and methods.

Mimi Codd Makes

What We Love: Mimi Codd Makes has lots to offer on her blog. Her posts about her own knitting progress are interesting and educational. The tutorials are worth a look for a number of techniques such as short row shaping and cast on methods.

Find Mimi Codd Makes on Facebook | Twitter

January one by Cara

Cara from January One

About: January one

Cara loves to knit and loves blogging to share her knitting projects.

January One

What We Love: January One is no longer being updated. There are some great patterns to browse.

Find January one on Twitter | Instagram

Knittingkonrad by Konrad Siebenhüter

Konrad Siebenhüter from Knittingkonrad

About: Knittingkonrad

Konrad loves to share his knitted designs. His passion for knitting and his designs are very adorable. He loves to knit, loves yarn and loves the people who loves both.


What We Love: Knittingkonrad does photography, crocheting, and knitting. He enjoys Knitalongs and sharing the work of his designer friends.

Stitch and Purl by Svenna Yildirim

Stitch and Purl Logo

About: Stitch and Purl

Svenna is a happy Mum of a two lovable boys. She shares her thoughts and ideas on her blog and loves to inspire any beginners to try knitting.

Stitch and Purl

What We Love: The Stitch and Purl is not just about knitting. They also do sewing, arts & crafts, cooking and baking. The blog is not being updated but there are some lovely ideas to check out.

The Unapologetic Knitter by Meaghan Schmaltz

Meaghan Schmaltz from The Unapologetic Knitter

About: The Unapologetic Knitter
Meaghan is by and large a self taught knitter who believes you should never apologise for sitting and knitting. She believes that everyone should learn to knit and due to her love of T.V and movies, many of her designs can be knitted whilst watching.

The Unapologetic Knitter

What We Love: The designs/patterns that Meghan creates are all beautifully well written and easy to follow. Her skills as a Tech Editor shine through. I particulary love her sock designs but she has a wide variety of patterns to explore.

Find The Unapologetic Knitter on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube

Katie Writes Stuff by Katie Gatward

Katie Gatward from Katie Writes Stuff

About: Katie Writes Stuff
This site was the original site where Katie shared about her life, knitting and sewing adventures. Since 2018 she has been vlogging/blogging on Sew Old Fashioned. A passionate sewist and knitter, her creations are inspired by Vintage.

Katie Writes Stuff

What We Love: Katie’s writing is delightfully entertaining and if you get a chance I highly recommend you head over to watch her Youtube videos. Although Katie is no longer uploading videos, there is a wealth of information on Vintage knits if that’s your passion too.

Find Katie Writes Stuff on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

woolythyme by Stephanie Young

Stephanie Young from woolythyme

About: woolythyme
Steph describes herself as not only a knitter but a gardener, antiquer, bookworm and cook. Her blog is about her knitting adventures and general day to day life.


What We Love: It is always a pleasure to read about someone’s knitting journey and Steph’s is no exception. She blogs about her knitting, photography and life adventures. Making one realise how much we knitters have in common.

Find woolythyme on Facebook | Pinterest

The Feisty Redhead by Ashley Little

Ashley Little from The Feisty Redhead

About: The Feisty Redhead
Ashley’s self professed main passion is knitting, although she loves all crafts. She works as a Craft writer and Tech Editor. Her blog features her crafting adventures.

The Feisty Redhead

What We Love: There are some wonderful knitting stories on The Feisty Redhead. I am particularly interested in the stories of Tech Editing. Thanks to the wonderful Tech Editors like Ashley we all have access to well written patterns that work!

Find The Feisty Redhead on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Knitwear Designers

Knitting Up A Storm by Anna Maliszewski

Anna Maliszewski from Knitting Up A Storm

About: Knitting Up A Storm

Anna is an artistic and creative person. She decided to create a blog to write about her knitting endeavors. Until then it grew and she started sharing her patterns, tips, hand-dyed yarn and more.

Knitting Up A Storm

What We Love: Knitting Up A Storm are more into knitting socks and ombre hats. They love putting different shades of colors in knitted items. Anna’s patterns are gorgeous and worth having a look.

Find Knitting Up A Storm on Instagram

A Friend To Knit With by Leslie Friend

Leslie Friend from A Friend To Knit With

About: A Friend To Knit With

Leslie started to blog back in 2006. It is her way of sharing her passions and connecting with like minded people. She has knitted many sweaters and accessories and written patterns.

A Friend To Knit With

What We Love: A Friend to Knit shows her passion for knitting. All of her favorite moments of knitting and sometimes family life are shared on her blog. Leslie’s photography is inspiring.

Find A Friend To Knit With on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube

JimiKnits | Knitwear Design by Jimenez Joseph

Jimenez Joseph of JimiKnits Knitwear Design

About JimiKnits: Jimi loves to create designs that are individual and that she herself loves to wear. The knitwear patterns are fun and super cool.

Jimi Knits

What We Love: Jimi’s designs use different techniques she has explored and they are always interesting. Her blog features lots of knitting goodness and her posts about the yarn and knitting events make you want to go to them!

Find JimiKnits on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

West Knits by Stephen West

About West Knits: Stephen loves to designs wild and bold creations including shawls, sweaters and so much more.

Stephen West

What We Love: Stephen West’s designs are bold and exploding with texture and color. His patterns are amazing!

Find Westknits on Facebook | Instagram


Knitdraper Logo

About Knitdraper: Knit Draper learnt to knit as a young child, thanks to her grandmother. In her High School years she started designing. On her site she shares her beautiful patterns and designs.


What We Love: There are some gorgeous knitting patterns to explore on Knit Draper’s site. I love how she was inspired by designer; Joji Locatelli. I wonder how many others have also been inspired by Joji’s work?

Find Knitdraper on Instagram | Pinterest

Kate Davies Designs by Kate Davies

Kate Davies from Kate Davies Designs

About: Kate Davies Designs

Kate loves writing, designing knitting patterns, and walking in the wonderful landscapes that surrounds her. She endeavors to productively combine them all.

Kate Davies Designs

What We Love: Kate Davies Designs is inspirational and the posts she shares include amazing designs, photography, stories and the Scottish outdoors.

Find Kate Davies Designs on Twitter

GG Made It by Gaye Glasspie

Gaye Glasspie from GG Made It

About: GG Made It
Gaye came to knitting later in life and has found it therapeutic and creative. She is a self confessed yarn addict and blogs about all things fiber.

GG Made It

What We Love: Gaye is passionate about knitting and shares her beautiful patterns and home made designs. Her videos are helpful and fun.

Find GG Made It on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube

Jessica from Mama in a Stitch

Mama in a Stitch by Jessica

About: Mama in a Stitch

Jessica is a Mama, Colorado gal, lover of yarn and life. She likes sharing her easy & modern knit and crochet projects and patterns. You’ll also find some DIYs, random thoughts and a bit of nature. She likes to keep her blog lighthearted and full of happy.

Mama in a Stitch

What We Love: Mama in a Stitch shares gorgeous, simple patterns, DIY ideas and tutorials. Jessica’s designs are modern and very doable. Take a browse through all the knitting goodness.

Find Mama in a Stitch on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

A Stitch to Wear by Grace Farrow

Grace Farrow from A Stitch to Wear

About: A Stitch to Wear
Grace Anna Farrow loves to explore more advanced techniques in knitting and design. She is also a passionate sewist.

A Stitch to Wear

What We Love: There are stunning patterns to look through on Anna’s site. Although not actively blogging anymore, there is plenty of knitting goodness on her site. She is very active on her Instagram account.

Find A Stitch to Wear on Twitter | Instagram

KnitDesigns by Tian Connaughton

Tian Connaughton from KnitDesigns

About: KnitDesigns
Tian is a Tech Editor and designer who shares her experience about her designs and knitting adventures. She specializes in helping newbie designers to craft their big design idea so that they can publish patterns.


What We Love: Tian’s posts on her blog covers a range of topics related to the Knit Crochet and Fiber community. Her designs are lovely and there is plenty of knitting goodness to enjoy.

Find KnitDesigns on Twitter | Instagram

Never Not Knitting by Alana Dakos

Alana Dakos from Never Not Knitting

About: Never Not Knitting

Alana is a knitwear designer, Knitting Boutique store owner and podcaster. She began designing knitwear since 2009 and has produced a unique line of patterns. She loves to share her ideas on knitting.

Never Not Knitting

What We Love: Alana from Never not Knitting writes about her knitting projects with gorgeous photography and also her life stories.

Find Never Not Knitting on Twitter | Instagram

Vanessa Smith Designs by Vanessa Smith

Vanessa Smith from Vanessa Smith Designs

About: Vanessa Smith Designs

Vanessa has been designing since 2010. Her passion is designing modern, chic sweater patterns.

Vanessa Smith Designs

What We Love: Vanessa’s designs are gorgeous and I have found her tutorials really helpful. Particularly the invisible provisional cast on.

Find Vanessa Smith Designs on Instagram | Youtube

Susan B. Anderson by Susan B. Anderson

Susan B. Anderson from Susan B. Anderson

About: Susan B. Anderson

Susan loves to knit every spare moment she can find. She loves to talk about all of the good things that she encounters and is always excited to talk about her new knitted creations.

Susan B. Anderson

What We Love: She has this kind of love for wool and shares wonderful ideas for knitting projects. Her designs for handknit toys are sensational and she now has her own yarn company that she runs with her son.

Find Susan B. Anderson on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Hazel Tindall by Hazel Tindall

Hazel Tindall from Hazel Tindall

About: Hazel Tindall

Hazel is from Shetland. She loves Fair Isle knitting. Her designs involve numerous colors and patterns. She enjoys knitting and through her teaching she aims to help knitters from all over the world. She believes Fair Isle is accesible to everyone and offers a selection of unique, easy to follow patterns.

Hazel Tindall

What We Love: Hazel Tindall has a book called The Fine Art of Fair Isle Knitting which is a step by step guide through the traditional craft of Shetland. Her designs are inspirational.

Find Hazel Tindall on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Knit Collage by Amy Small

Amy Small from Knit Collage

About: Knit Collage

Amy wants to help you get inspired with your own creativity. She loves fiber and texture and is always challenging herself to come up with new colors and spinning techniques.

Knit Collage

What We Love: Knit Collage has gorgeous patterns and yarn. The pattern designers truly bring the yarn to life and make it all wearable.

Find Knit Collage on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Ysolda by Ysolda Teague

Ysolda Teague from Ysolda

About: Ysolda

Ysolda loves sharing different designs and unique ideas. Her tenacity and perseverance lead her to trying to understand how things worked in construction and techniques in knitting.


What We Love: Ysolda loves bringing out new projects and her designs are unique. They also have great tutorials for the beginner knitter, or those who need a bit of help. There is much to explore on her site as well as her shop.

Find Ysolda on Twitter | Instagram

Fringe Association by Karen Templer

Karen Templer from Fringe Association

About: Fringe Association

Karen is always more than happy to hear that someone has been inspired to try a new skill, or that they saw a link to the perfect pattern for their work from her blog.

Fringe Association

What We Love: Karen shares stuff worth knowing about in the wonderful world of fiber arts. Her posts are an insight into her design process and the inspiration she finds from the world around her.

Find Fringe Association on Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Wendy Knits by Wendy Johnson

Wendy Johnson from Wendy Knits

About: Wendy Knits

Wendy Knits is a lifelong knitter obsessed with all sorts of knitting techniques and traditions. Her designs are inspired by a number of different methods including Fair Isle and Lace.

Wendy Knits

What We Love: Wendy Knits has some wonderful paid and free patterns and tips for new knitted creations.

Find Wendy Knits on Twitter

Knitter’s Review by Clara Parkes