Rolled Brim Hat Knitting Patterns: Find A Fabulous Hat Knit Pattern

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Looking for your next project? Why not try a rolled brim hat knitting pattern? The rolled brim is a lovely feature of the hat and doesn’t require any rib stitches. I’ve scoured the internet for the best patterns to knit. Read on!

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The Best Rolled Brim Hat Knitting Patterns


Knitwear designer; Dana Young, creates a wide range of knitting patterns for hats. Her verisons for the knit roll brim hat style are great for everybody.

Knit on a circular needle or double-pointed needles, whichever you prefer. Finish weaving your ends in with a yarn needle.

Revamped Easy Rolled Brim Hat

A simple stockinette design knitted in the round in solid color chunky yarn. It’ll be an easy winter project. Thanks to the creator Sophie from Sophie’s Knit Stuff.

In A Nutshell Hat

This plain hat knitted in garter stitch for a cozy, warm hat for the depths of winter. It would look lovely in any shade. Thanks to the maker DROPS Design.

Charity Pattern: Rolled Brim Hat Knits

This is a simple, no-nonsense design that’s quick and easy to knit up, so it’s perfect for charity knits or gifting to those in need. Thanks to the designer Craft Bits.

Colorful Striped Roll Brim Hat

Add color to the classic design by combining a self-striping yarn and matching solid. Thanks to the fiber artist Barbara Breiter from Knitting On The Net.

Rolled Brim Hat

The unique brim and knitted flower motif in the corner add a nice feminine touch to the classic design. Thanks to the creator Yelena Chen.

Eyelet Rolled Brim Hat Knit Patterns

The eyelets in this hat form the pattern of alternating upside-down triangles for an interesting effect. Thanks to the maker JoAnne Turcotte.

Double-Roll Storm Hat Knitting Pattern

Why have one when you can get two? The unique edging on this hat occurs naturally as you knit it. How clever! Thanks to the designer Annie’s Woolens.

Roll Brim Spiral Hat

I love how this simple spiral design stands out against the stockinette stitch background. Thanks to the fiber artist Barbara Breiter from Knitting On The Net.

Basic Roll-Brim Beanie

This is the perfect Easy Beanie Knitted Hat Design for a beginner who wants to make a hat. Great for gifting or charity knits. Thanks to the creator Ana from Ocean of Stitches.

Roly Poly Hatty

This mixes things up a bit in a fun way with the fringed tassels and tea-cozy-inspired crown. Thanks to the maker Jessie from Jessie At Home.

Baby I-Cord Beanie

This adorable hat for a little one uses the i-cord technique worked using the top-down method. Thanks to the designer Woolly from Woolly Wormhead.

Knit Striped Beanie

Add a simple stripe of your favorite bold color to make this stand out nicely! Makes a real difference. Thanks to the fiber artist Judy from beadedwire.

Pillbox With Roll Brim

Create a classic pillbox hat for a bit of class and elegance! Perfect for going to a special event on a cooler day. Thanks to the creator Dawn Brocco.

Rolled Brim Boyfriend Hat

Easy to knit up in a weekend and a perfect unisex gift for the festive season. It’ll keep the recipient warm too! Thanks to the designer ansleybleu.

Pin For Later

Rolled Brim Hat Knitting Patterns Pin

Boucle’ Cuff Roll Brim Hat

This design is unique because it adds some fluffy, colorful novelty yarn to the brim to add texture and interest. Thanks to the creator Suzetta from Suzie’s Stuff.

Farrow Hat

This unique creation uses the double knitting technique, multiple colors and a versatile, moveable brim. Thanks to the maker Knitting Board.

Diana’s Chemo Hat

This soft, cozy, simple to knit up hat is a great charity knit for people going through chemotherapy. Thanks to the designer Rebecca A. Conner.

Easy Stripes Rolled Brim Beanie

When knitted in a self-striping yarn, making this is simple, so it’d be a perfect way to try knitting in the round. Thanks to the fiber artist Sophie Le Cuiche.


A pork pie inspired design with a band of fair isle patterning in a contrasting color. Super stylish! Thanks to the creator Lynette Meek.

Easy Roll Brim Knit Hat

Use a self-striping yarn with chunky stiches and an interesting texture to elevate this lovely, simple design. Thanks to the maker of this easy beanie hat, Laurie Perry.

Beginner Roll Brim Hat

This is excellent for someone who hasn’t mastered circular knitting yet, as it’s knitted flat then sewn together. Thanks to the designer of this hat pattern, Louise Walker.

Easy Rolled Brim Baby Hat

This simple design for knit hats would be great for the little one in your life. Thanks to the fiber artist Cassie May from LittleRedWindow.

Adult Mountain Hat

This would be a perfect opportunity for a simple project to use up all the pesky scraps of yarn you have lying around. Thanks to the creator Peace Fleece.

Simple Stripe Roll Brim Topknot Slouch Hat

This has a unique crown with a little knot on the end. It would make a fun thing to wear in the festive season. Thanks to the maker Christine Grant.

Lemon and Lime Swirl Hat

This interesting design combines cables and openwork designs on a simple stockinette stitch background. Thanks to the knit patterns fiber artist Luise O’Neill.

Simple Garter Stitch Roll Brim Beanie

Super simple and easy to knit up, and the detailed instructions guide you through the process. Thanks to the designer Christine Grant from Mad Monkey Knits.


There you go! The best rolled brim hat knitting patterns to get you started on your next project. So what are you waiting for? Happy making!

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Frustrated Teacher Quits In Disgust, Sells The Farm, Moves The Family Halfway Across The World And… Starts Knitting

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