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In this roundup, I’ve collected the best Shawl In A Ball knitting patterns. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced knitter, there’s a pattern here for you. I’ve featured light wraps, cardigans and scarf designs that use the self-striping Shawl In a Ball Yarn, which is acrylic, but has the look and feel of silk mohair.

My Roundup of Recommended Shawl In A Ball Knitting Patterns

The Best Shawl In A Ball Knitting Patterns

How To Knit An Easy Triangle Wrap

Create your own version of this beautiful pattern. Thanks to the help of Jessica from Mama In A Stitch.

Wool Glitter Shawl

This is such a lovely pattern. All made possible with the help of Frankie Brown.

Bias Triangle Shawl

Take a look at the knitted pattern here. Thanks to Joanna from Goddess Crochet.

Rio Rancho Cardigan

Rio Rancho Cardigan Knitting Pattern by Lion Brand

Lion Brand Yarn has some fabulous shawl pattern suggestions for this gorgeous pattern. Check out the complete guide.

Sedona Triangle Shawl

Lion Brand Yarn has all the instructions for this pattern idea. Make sure you check out the other knit shawl posts while you are there.

Right Triangle Shawl

To create this wonderful pattern project, check out the steps by Holli Yeoh.

Crescent Shawl

This post features some great ideas. Plenty of inspiration by Zabeth Loisel-Weiner.

Misty Haze Cowl

Misty Haze Cowl Knitting Pattern by Lion Brand

Bet you can’t wait to get start making your own version of this pattern idea. Follow the tutorial by Lion Brand Yarn.

Shawl From A Ball …and a bit

Stitchy Lass has this super fun pattern to make. The instructions are easy to follow and understand.

Easy Shaped Shawl

Easy Shaped Shawl Knitting Pattern by Lion Brand

You will be super excited to create this beautiful pattern.

All the details can be found on Lion Brand Yarn.


Brian Smith has created clear and easy to understand instructions for this pattern project.

If you try it, please let me know how it goes.

Lion Brand Easy Half Circle Shawl

Easy Half Circle Knitting Pattern by Lion Brand

Lion Brand Yarn shares their experience and tips for how to make this pattern project. Follow the clear and easy to understand instructions to make your own.

Lace Openwork Shawl

Doing this shawl project is a wonderful idea, and the results look fantastic! Thanks to the creativity of Emily Whitted.

Knitting Rainbow Shawl

Enjoy creating this pattern idea. Follow the instructions by Molly Pohlig.

Dragonfly Amber Shawlette

Miriam Katherine has a clear and easy to understand pattern. Another fun project that will pay off in the end!

Two Ball Poncho

2 Ball Poncho Knitting Pattern by Lion Brand

Lion Brand Yarn steps you through the techniques used in this brilliant project. Take a look at the pattern here. Let me know how it went in the comments.

Drop Stitch Shawl

A wonderful idea. Plus the shawls results look great! To make it yourself, take a look at the instructions by Lori A. Smith.

Licorice Cardigan

Licorice Cardigan Knitting Pattern by Lion Brand

Lion Brand Yarn gives great step by step instructions on how to make this gorgeous pattern. Follow the tutorial outlined in her post.

Laurie Lotus Scarf

Another shawl in a ball knitting pattern to try. What a fabulous idea! Thanks to the creative mind of Maria Keffler.

Milky Way Shawl

Milky Way Scarf Knitting Pattern by Lion Brand

Lion Brand Yarn makes this shawl knitting pattern look easy! Get the inspiration here. Another fun project idea for you.

Breath of Glitter Shawl

Breath of Glitter Shawl Knitting Pattern by Lion Brand

Some lovely ideas for you. You can find the pattern here. Follow the step by step instructions that are easy to understand by The Team at Lion Brand Yarn.

Spanish Peaks Shawl

Denise Balvanz steps you through the pattern idea. I want to do these skein shawl patterns when I have time.

Feather And Fan Shawl


Lion Brand Yarn provides all the details for this pattern project. Have you ever tried something like this?

The Narrow Path Patterns

This would make a wonderful handmade project. Find all the materials and instructions in the complete guide by Top Tier Knits.

Drop Stitch Shawl


Lion Brand Yarn has created a beautiful project for you to follow here. Check out the details on how to make it yourself.

Misty Shaded Tunic Pattern


Lion Brand Yarn has some excellent pattern ideas, which you should try out. Check out the loveliness. You will so excited to get started!


Hope this roundup inspired you to pick up your needles! Do you have any plans for your next Shawl In A Ball Knitting Patterns project? Leave a comment below, or via the contact page. I’d love to hear from you.

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