Easy Spiral Hat Knitting Patterns: Knit A Beanie Or Cap!

By Jodie Morgan

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Looking for your next project? Why not try a spiral hat knitting pattern? I’ve searched the internet for the best patterns to knit. The effect of spirals makes for a unique hat. Read on!

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The Best Spiral Hat Knitting Patterns

Here are the best patterns to try for the next projects in your queue.

Little Flicker Hat Free Knitting Pattern

I like the lines of upside down triangles towards the front of the hat. Adds a nice touch to the free knitting pattern. Thanks to the creator Gretchen from Balls To The Walls Knits.

Spiral Hat In Two Colors Patterns

This one uses alternating row stripes with one bold color and one shade for a vibrant look. Simple to make, too! Thanks to the maker, Carolina from So Woolly.

Spiral Ribbed Hat

Why do a normal rib pattern when you can make it a continuous spiral? This pattern shows you how. Thanks to the designer Mollie from Tough Love Knitters.

Vortex Spiral Hats

Isn’t this unique! It’d be a fun talking point. Thanks to the fiber artist Lee Meredith for the online magazine Knitty.

Spiral Galaxy Brioche Hat

Use the brioche knitting technique to for an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind design. Thanks to the creator, ABC Knitting Patterns.

Plymouth Yarn Spiral Rainbow Hat

Despite what’s commonly used to knit hats, there’s no circular needles or DPNs involved in creating this! Thanks to the maker, Plymouth Yarn.

Flat Knit Swirl Hat Knitting Patterns

I love the color scheme of the yarn used in this pattern. It’d be perfect for the end of summer or in the fall. Thanks to the designer Gina Michele.

Bernat Spiral Hat

Make a simple spiral pattern using stockinette and a little ribbing as flourish with self-striping yarn. Thanks to the fiber artist Yarnspirations.

Pirouette Hat

This uses a repeating lace stitch pattern to achieve the slight spiral effect. Delicate and pretty. Thanks to the creator, littletheorem.

Head Twister Spiral Rib Hat Beanie Pattern

An excellent choice if you or the lucky recipient adore rainbow color palettes! Perfect to cheer you up on a cloudy day. Thanks to the maker, Heathermaid.

Super Easy Stitch Swirl Hat

I’m sure any kid who enjoys playing outdoors in the winter and bright colors would love this! Thanks to the fiber artist Gina Michele.

Super Chunky Spiral Knit Hat

Using a bulky yarn, this chunky beanie hat knits up thick and fast. Perfect for chilly days during the colder months. Thanks to the creator, The Knitting Times.

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Twisted Reversible Hat

As the name suggests, wear this spiral knit hat whichever way out you like, no one will notice. Thanks to the maker, littletheorem.

Clarendon Hat

This unisex design is knitted in a worsted weight yarn, and the jumbled, spiraling cables add visual interest to the knit hat. Thanks to the creator, Angela Hahn.

Spiral Galaxy Hats

There are two variations of this knit pattern design. Add a sunburst medallion to the top for an extra-special project. Thanks to the maker, Carol Hodgson.

Spiral Beanie Hat Knit Pattern

Once you’re finished knitting this easy fantastic project, add a faux fur pompom for a fun addition. Thanks to the designer Meg from the Northern Moose.

Iralai Toque

This knitting pattern is inspired by the Blackbuck’s horns, which is an antelope native to India. Thanks to the fiber artist Carolyn Lisle.

3-Color Spiral Cap

Practice changing colors and have a wonderful result by trying to make this pattern. Thanks to the creator, Deborah Swift from MountainMom Designs.

Spiral Tam

Make an elegant beret for a special day out! The miniature pompom is a thoughtful addition. Thanks to the creator, Lynette Meek.

Hurricane Hat

This excellent hat has a lovely texture on the crown, descending downwards throughout the design. Thanks to the maker, Andrea Guldin.

Iris Beanie Knitting Pattern

This beanie is a lovely, stylish choice that would make a great gift for someone who loves modern takes on knitwear. Thanks to the designer Darling Jadore.

Spiral Hat

Keep it simple with this hat’s no-nonsense design and ribbed border. Thanks to the fiber artist Yuliya Karyagina.


This ingenious yet surprisingly simple cap design uses a repeat of twisted rib stitches and a diagonal mesh pattern. Thanks to the creator, Kino Knits.

Knitted Swirl Hat

I love the colors in this swirl hat knitting pattern and the heathered effect in the yarn. It goes well with the texture. Thanks to the maker, Robin Edmundson.

Syrinx Hat & Infinity Cowl

Make a matching set of spiral hats and a cowl to stay stylish and warm in the winter months. What’s not to love? Thanks to the designer, Susanna IC.


There you go! The best spiral hat knitting patterns to get you started on your next knitted spiral beanie project. So what are you waiting for? Happy making!

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