How To Make A Yarn Pom Pom: 3 Ways With Video Tutorials

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Looking for a fun way to spruce up your knitting? Why not try making a yarn pom pom? With the right materials, you’ll have no problem creating these whimsical decorations. Learn how to make a yarn pom pom now!

Yarn pom poms in pinks, reds and purples

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Table of Contents

Making A Yarn Pom Pom With Cardboard

Here are the steps to make your yarn pom poms. If you’d prefer to watch a video tutorial, scroll down further.

1 Gather Materials

To make this project, you’ll need scissors, a graylead pencil, cardboard, a small coin, a circular cup with a flat base, and yarn.

2 Preparing The Cardboard Circles

Using the graylead pencil, trace around the cup onto the cardboard two times.

3 Cut the Cardboard

Cut out the cardboard circles. Get one, and place the small coin roughly in the center. Trace around it, and snip the cardboard circle from the outer edge to the edge of the inner circle.

Cut around the inner circle, and back out slightly further away from where you first cut into the circle. Do this for both cardboard circles.

4 Wrap the Yarn Around the Cardboard

Take the pieces of cardboard and put them together so the holes match up. Grab your yarn, and begin winding the yarn around it, moving further along the circle as you go. (Don’t leave a gap between the individual wraps.)

Don’t wrap the yarn too tightly, and stop wrapping just before the other end. Cut off any excess length.

5 Cutting The Pom Pom

Seperate the two layers of cardboard slightly, and using your scissors, snip the wrapped yarn in half down the line of the cardboard. Don’t cut the cardboard, though! Continue from one end of the circle until the other.

Take care to keep the yarn from falling off the circle!

6 Tie The Yarn Together

Tie the yarn strand tightly together using the space in between the two pieces of cardboard. Triple knot it to secure it. Pull off the cardboard circle.

Finally, use the scissors to trim extra strands or loops from around the edges. And just like that – now you have an adorable hand made decoration!

Would you like a video to see how it’s done? Red Ted Art will show you.

These instructions are clear and easy to understand. I love Maggy’s friendly teaching style.

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Making A Yarn Pom Pom With A Pom Pom Maker

Here are the steps.

1 Gather Materials

You need one Pom Pom maker, scissors, and yarn.

2 Using The Maker

Here’s an excellent video tutorial to help you!

It’s always good to have a visual aid for a project like this.

To make a pom-pom, you need two pieces of a pom-pom maker or a cardboard template in the shape of a circle with a hole in the middle. Line up the two pieces so that they are at the same angle.

Start wrapping your yarn around the pom-pom maker tightly, making sure to go all the way to the end and work your way back. Keep wrapping until the inside of the pom-pom maker is almost filled up and the yarn is evenly distributed.

Once you’ve finished wrapping, use a sharp pair of scissors to cut along the groove between the two pieces of the pom-pom maker. Cut off a length of yarn and tie it around the middle of the pom-pom to secure it. Finally, remove the pom-pom from the pom-pom maker and fluff it up to give it a full, round shape.

Making a Yarn Pom Pom Garland

1 Gather Materials

To make a yarn pom pom garland, you will need yarn in various colors and textures, scissors, string oto hang the garland with, and a large-eye needle.

2 Make Multiple Poms Poms

Start by making several small pom poms. You can use the cardboard method from above, or use a pom pom maker.

3 Attach Poms Poms To The String

Once all of your individual pieces are complete, tie them to the string. Don’t overcrowd any area! Now comes the fun part – displaying your work! Hang it up anywhere you like.


Can You Make Poms Poms With Cotton Yarn?

The answer is yes! Cotton yarn is an ideal material for making these decorative accessories. It’s lightweight, durable, and easy to work with. Plus, the fibers are soft.

How Do You Make A Yarn Pom Pom By Hand?

  • Wrap the yarn around your fingers until you have a desired thickness
  • Slide the loops off of your fingers
  • Tie them together in the middle with another piece of yarn
  • Cut through both sides of the loops to create two ends of fluff
  • Trim each pile into a round shape to finish

Here’s a video tutorial by Jennifer Dickinson of Fiber Flux.

Jennifer makes it look easy but I think it’s a bit more fiddly than using a cardboard template or Pom Pom Maker


Whether you choose to make them with cardboard or use a pom pom maker, the possibilities are endless! With just a few simple supplies and techniques, you can easily make a pom pom in no time at all.

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