ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Knitting Needles – My Guide & Review

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ChiaoGoo has a great selection of interchangeable knitting needles. Their, twist, and red lace cables are all of high quality. But are they right for you? Let’s find out in my review!

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Chiaogoo Interchangeable Knitting Needles Review

Twist Mini Interchangeable Sets

4 Inch Twist Mini

5 inch Twist Mini

For when you knit something with superfine yarn, and need tiny needles that still feel nice in your hands. The needles have two holes for tightening.

How Does It Compare?

  • Made Of – Surgical stainless steel, with a steel cable coated in red nylon
  • Cable Length – 8″, 14″, 22″ (20, 35, 55cm)
  • Needle size – US 000, 00, 0, 1, 1.5 (1.5, 1.75, 2, 2.25, 2.5mm) These measure 3 3/4 inches in length.
  • Notions – 2 tightening wires, 6 stitch markers, a needle gauge, a heart-shaped rubber grippers and a black case with zippered pockets
  • Are They Comfortable? – Mostly, however, as they’re small and made of metal, I suggest taking regular breaks, especially if you have hand pain. Definitely more than single point versions.
  • Do The Stitches Stay On The Needle? – Usually, though the metal is slippery, so be careful
  • Durability – Super durable, as they’re made of the finest steel, so these ones last for years

Circular needle lengths created:

  • 4” tip + 8″” cable + 4” tip = 16” length
  • 4” tip + 14” cable + 4” tip = 22” length
  • 4” tip + 22” cable + 4” tip = 30” length
  • 5” tip + 14″” cable + 5” tip = 24-inch length
  • 5” tip + 22” cable + 5” tip = 32-inch length
  • 5” tip + 30” cable + 5” tip = 40” length

Product Design: Customers of Chiaogoo wanted smaller diameter needles and cables to make smaller circumference projects. Chiaogoo delivers with these needle sets!


  • Surfaces are smooth
  • Long needles with sharp points
  • Cables don’t kink, nor do they get twisted
  • Great extras
  • Reasonable shipping for your orders
  • This interchangeable knitting needle is perfect for fine lace knitting
  • Store the included notions and others in the zippered pocket


  • This system isn’t compatible with Chiaogoo’s other Small [S] or Large [L] interchangeable systems
  • Not suitable for beginners, as if you’re a loose knitter, your stitches in the wool slip off
  • If you have nickel allergies, stainless steel does contain a small amount of this metal. These needles are not for you.

Spin Interchangeable Sets

Spin Bamboo 4 inch complete set

Spin Bamboo Large 5 inch Tip Set

This seller is mostly known for their metal needles, but still offers moso bamboo needles at an affordable cost. These bamboo needles have well-defined tips, but are not so pointy as to irritate your finger.

If you’re working cables, the tip definition makes stitch manipulation easy. The nylon cables allow tips to swivel freely. Switchable tips, cables, and accessories for SPIN & TWIST! Red cables can be used on these knitting needles. If you are a fan of wooden needles, these are an excellent choice.

How Does It Compare?

  • Made Of – Bamboo knitting needle tips and clear nylon cords
  • Cable sizes – 8″, 14″, 22″ (20, 35, 55cm)
  • Needle Size – US 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10 1/2, 11, 13, 15 (2.75, 3.25, 3.55, 3.75, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 8, 9, 10mm) – for the 4 inch complete set and the large set has US 9, 10, 10.5, 11, 13, 15 (5.5, 6, 6.5, 8, 9, 10mm)
  • Notions Included – S and L end caps, an S and L cable connector for longer cords, two cord keys
  • Accessories – a ruler/needle sizer, and colored plastic ring stitch markers
  • Are They Comfortable? – The surface is smooth and feels lovely in your hands
  • Do The Stitches Stay On The Needle? – Yes, because there’s more grab on these than metallic surfaces. Excellent for slippery yarns.
  • Durability – Strong and varnished for protection against scratches. But because of the material, they’re more prone to wear and tear than metal

Product Evolution: The older version of Chiaogoo’s Bamboo Spin interchangeable set have a nickel-plated, copper join at the end of each tip and cable. Now the metal joins are stainless steel. This is a good sign that this brand cares about knitters with allergies.


  • An excellent interchangeable set for those who dislike metal
  • Use the clear cords for lightweight knitting projects where a heavy cord would kink
  • The light-colored body is polished to provide good smoothness
  • The join is smooth, and rarely comes undone
  • This interchangeable needle is easy to work with
  • Make things for yourself or friends
  • Of all the brands on the market, Chiaogoo’s extenders are not too big
  • The front compartment can hold accessories
  • The attention to detail is excellent


  • Flexibility of the clear cord is a drawback for heavier projects. Sometimes, the stitches slide off the needle when you slide the cable onto it
  • Don’t sit on the smaller sizes, as they might break or splinter
  • Not polished with resin, so it’s not as sharp as their other offering

Possible circular lengths when cords and needle tips are connected:

  • 4” tip + 8″” cable + 4” tip = 16” length
  • 4” tip + 14” cable + 4” tip = 22” length
  • 4” tip + 22” cable + 4” tip = 30” length
  • 5” tip + 14″” cable + 5” tip = 24” length
  • 5” tip + 22” cable + 5” tip = 32” length
  • 5” tip + 30” cable + 5” tip = 40” length

Twist Interchangeable Sets

Twist 4 inch Red Lace Interchangeable Complete Set

Chiaogoo Twist Red Lace Interchangeable 5 inch set

The twist cables are coated with red nylon, making them durable and pliable. A unique feature of the needles is the joins between the needle and cord are super smooth, so there’s no risk of snagging your yarn.

How Does It Compare?

  • Made Of – Stainless steel, and the red twist cables are made of multi-strand steel coated in nylon
  • Cable Lengths for 4 inch set – 8″, 14″, 22″ (20 cm, 35 cm, 55 cm) 2 of each so they fit the small and large knitting needles
    5 inch set includes three cable lengths – 14″ (35cm), 22″ (55cm), and 30″ (75cm)
  • Notions – Set includes additions of coded cable connectors, end stoppers, T-shaped tightening keys, stitch markers, a needle gauge and a compact, zipper-enclosed black, white and red fabric case with a red ribbon

Sizes – Red Lace Twist comes in three types at ChiaoGoo

  • Small – US 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (2.75, 3.25, 3.55, 3.75, 4, 4.5, 5mm)
  • Large – US 9, 10, 10.5, 11, 13, 15 (5.5, 6, 6.5, 8, 9, 10mm)
  • Complete – All 13 different sizes
  • Are They Comfortable? – Yes, this manufacturer has ensured the needles are comfortable, to make knitting more enjoyable
  • Do The Stitches Stay On The Needle? – They’re a little slippery, but if you’re careful, it shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Durability – Made of super strong steel and a durable nylon-coated wire

Product Design: The Spin & Twist needle sets all have switchable tips, cables, and accessories!

Product Evolution: Add a lifeline as easily as knitting across a row with the needle tips.

Possible circular lengths with the tips and cords connected. Even longer lengths can be created using the cable connectors.

  • 4” tip + 8″” cable + 4” tip = 16” length
  • 4” tip + 14” cable + 4” tip = 22” length
  • 4” tip + 22” cable + 4” tip = 30” length
  • 5” tip + 14″” cable + 5” tip = 24” length
  • 5” tip + 22” cable + 5” tip = 32” length
  • 5” tip + 30” cable + 5” tip = 40” length


  • The needles from these sellers have a slick surface
  • Smooth and fast tips (even sharper than compared to Addi)
  • They have a longer taper and are sharper than HiyaHiya tips
  • Nifty tools are included with every kit sold
  • Great reviews from happy knitters
  • Lifeline hole
  • The adapters are great for making longer cables
  • Lace knitters love this item
  • Excellent for the magic loop and knitting in the round
  • Cables are memory free
  • Needle size is laser etched on the needle tip
  • Enough room in the case for extra bits and pieces
  • The slots for the tips are clearly labelled. One side each for small and large
  • The case comes with a zipper part for storing notions for your project for added convenience and order (For example, scissors)


  • Some many find the collection of metal circulars uncomfortable to use
  • Knitters dislike the ‘zing’ sound the knitting needles make
  • Be careful when you pop your project in your bag. Use the stoppers so you don’t have the issue of the stitches don’t slide off the ends.
  • As with Hiya Hiyas, you can’t use small needle tip cables with large needle tip cables.
  • If you do English knitting and push the needle with your finger, wear a thimble so you don’t prick yourself. If you do Continental (picking) this won’t be a problem
  • A complaint from knitters is that the cables are specific for either large or small tips

Twist Red Shorties Interchangeable Sets

Chiaogoo Twist Shorties are great for making small circumference knitted items. It makes circulars 9″ (23 cm) and 14″ (36 cm). The tips of the Twist set have a tightening hole for securing the connection.

How Does It Compare?

  • Made Of – Steel circular needle tip, and a nylon/steel memory-free mini cable
  • Red Cables – 5″, 6″, 8″ (13 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm)
  • 2″ Needle Sizes – US 0, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 (2, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75, 3, 3.25)
  • 3″ Needle Sizes – US 0, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 (2, 2.25, 2.5, 2.75, 3, 3.25)
  • Notions – Red nylon fabric pouch includes cable stoppers, tightening t pins, cable extenders, stitch markers, and a mini needle gauge
  • Are They Comfortable? – Yes, but the fact steel circular knitting needle tips can cause discomfort for some people as they are pointy
  • Do The Stitches Stay On The Needle? – Yes, the stitches stay on since it’s a smooth surface. You’ll be content to knit confidently with these.
  • Durability – These needles are made of strong steel

These create the 9-inch length that many knitters prefer for socks and sleeve knitting. Possible circular needle lengths when the 2 different sized tips and 3 different cables are connected:

  • 2” tip + 5” cable + 2” tip = 9” length / 3” tip + 5” cable + 3” tip = 11” length
  • 2” tip + 6” cable + 2” tip = 10” length / 3” tip + 6” cable + 3” tip = 12” length
  • 2” tip + 8” cable + 2” tip = 12” length / 3” tip + 8” cable + 3” tip = 14” length

You can create even longer lengths using the connectors.

Product Design: Chiaogoo shorties interchangeable needle set are great for socks, fingerless mitts, wristwarmers, sleeves, and baby items.


  • Small and compact
  • Comes in a handy pouch (see photo) which has a place for most small tools inside
  • Nylon-coated wire is durable
  • The transition from the needle to the cord doesn’t catch the yarn


  • Needle tips this short take some getting used to
  • The small cables might be a little difficult to use
  • The screws to connect a pair of tips and two cables are small, so try not to lose it
  • Not suitable for magic loop

Twist Blue Shorties Interchangeables

Chiaogoo’s Blue Shorties set makes short interchangeable circulars from 9″ (23 cm) to 14″ (36 cm). It includes 10 pairs of twist short needles. There is a tightening hole in the 2′′ (5cm) tips.

How Does It Compare?

  • Made Of – Stainless steel and grippy nylon/steel cables
  • Chiaogoo cord Lengths – Blue X-Flex cables (5′′/13cm, 6′′/15cm, 8′′/20cm) in a secure tip sleeve
  • 2″ tip set needle sizes – Stainless steel solid and hollow interchangeable tips from US4 to US8 (3.5 to 5mm).
  • 3″ Sizes – US 4 to 8 (3.5 – 5mm)
  • Notions – Blue nylon pouch with end stoppers, t pin tightening keys, connectors, stitch markers, and a mini needle gauge
  • Are They Comfortable? – Yes, although the small size means a knitter with tight tension might struggle to use them. It will depend on your knitting style
  • Do The Stitches Stay On? – Yes, though if you’re used to longer needles or wood, they might be a little difficult to use
  • Durability – Super sturdy, high-quality materials

Product Design: The Blue Shorties have a similar design as the Red Shorties, just in blue and larger sizes. They’re great for small hats and other items.

Product Evolution: These are the newest version of ChiaoGoo’s shorties, so they’re worth trying if you love making miniature projects.

Possible combinations for circular needle lengths when tips and cables are connected:

  • 2” tip + 5” cable + 2” tip = 9” length / 3” tip + 5” cable + 3” tip = 11” length
  • 2” tip + 6” cable + 2” tip = 10” length / 3” tip + 6” cable + 3” tip = 12” length
  • 2” tip + 8” cable + 2” tip = 12” length / 3” tip + 8” cable + 3” tip = 14” length


  • Great for small patterns or your tiny current project
  • Comes in a nice blue pouch which fits small items. Holds everything in place.
  • The join is even
  • Flexible cables
  • Handy stitch markers, a great way to mark pattern repeats
  • Get great results for small-circumference knits like hats, sleeves, and toys! Medium project patterns work well with these.
  • Reasonable shipping to Canada and other countries


  • The mini cable of this needle set might be difficult to maneuver
  • The labeled sizes aren’t easy-to-read
  • A small diameter knitting needle set takes some getting used to, as it might cause some stress on your fingers. You will adjust the more you knit.
  • Note: The included screw is tiny, so be careful not to lose it

What Makes The Best Chiaogoo Knitting Needles

Here are key decision-making factors to consider when choosing the best Chiaogoo interchangeable knitting needles.

What’s It Made Of?

All tips of chiaogoo knitting needles, including the lace tips, are made of surgical stainless steel. Most of their circular interchangeables have a steel cable coated with red nylon.

What Type Of Needles Are They?

They’re all interchangeable circular knitting needles with a long taper.

How Long Are They?

The longer needle pieces are 5″, and the shorter tips are 4″. The mini sets are 2″. The metal needles come with a range of big and mini cables to suit your projects. If you have larger hands, you may prefer the 5 inch length.

What Sizes Are Available?

Various sizes. Different needle sets have different choices, so you can choose the option that suits you best. Most sets have three versions: the small, the large, and the complete set.

Are They Comfortable To Use?

The tips are sharp but not too sharp, and the cable is flexible. The joins are smooth, so there’s no snag when knitting. If you have hand strain, metal may not be as comfortable. Perfect for intermediate to advanced knitters.

Do The Stitches Stay On The Needle?

Yes, the stitches stay on the needle, however because they’re made of surgical grade stainless steel, they’re a little slippery. Something to keep in mind!

Are They Durable?

The tips are strong. The cables are also tough and withstand a lot of wear and tear.

What’s Your Budget?

The price point for Chiaogoo is a little expensive, but if you’re a big fan of smooth, premium needles, these are worth it. Something cheap might save you money in the short term, but these last longer, making your knitting experience better for longer. They make working with yarn so much easier!

Review Summary – Which Is Best For You?

  • Twist Mini Interchangeable Knitting Needles – For projects with needles US 000-1.5 (1.5-2.5mm) – Fine yarns, lace patterns and socks.
  • Spin Interchangeable Sets – Excellent if you love bamboo. Sizes US 2-15 (2.75-10mm) for hats, scarves, shawls, sweaters and blankets.
  • Twist Interchangeable Sets – For speed knitters (sharp stainless steel), and the complete set provides a range of sizes. Knitters love the memory-free cables.
  • Twist Red Shorties Interchangeable Set – For hats, socks, sleeves and baby items. Needles US 0-3 (2-3.25mm) with 2 & 3″ tips
  • Twist Blue Shorties Interchangeable Set – For headbands, baby and children’s clothes, hats. Needle sizes US4 to US8 (3.5 to 5mm). with 2 & 3″ tips

Comparable Options To Consider

For more interchangeable needles, read my review of the best. This manufacturer also sells DPNS, fixed circulars, and straight needles. Plenty of other options to choose from!

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FAQS About Chiaogoo Interchangeable Needles

Here are some answers to common questions about these needles.

How To Tighten Chiaogoo Interchangeable Needles

Here is a great video tutorial on how to use the pin to tighten the connection.

YouTube video

You insert the t-pin included into a small hole, screwing both parts together to prevent them from becoming loose. Use the key/pin and insert into the hole and get a bit more leverage as you turn tight.

It might be a little difficult to understand at first. Once you practice, you’ll soon remember automatically.

Hiya Hiya Vs Chiaogoo Interchangeable

Here’s a quick breakdown.


  • Sizes are laser printed on the pairs of needles
  • Less sharp than HiyaHiya
  • Has a lifeline hole
  • Smooth cable ends made of steel
  • The Twist sets have memory free red nylon coated stainless steel cables

Hiya Hiya

  • No sizes printed on them
  • Sharper lace tips than Chiaogoo
  • No lifeline holes
  • Cords are made of plastic

For more details, see my comparison of HiyaHiya and Chiaogoo needles.

Where Are Chiaogoo Needles Made?

They’re made in Hangzhou, China, and the company ship their items from Troy, Michigan in the USA.

Where To Buy Interchangeable Chiaogoo Needles

Most craft shops stock them, and you can find them online from brands like Etsy and Amazon.

Chiaogoo Interchangeable Needles 4 Vs 5”

Here are some pointers to consider.

  • The shorter tips might tire your hands quicker
  • People with long fingers might prefer the 5″, and people with shorter fingers are better off with the 4″
  • The 5″ set doesn’t have cables for small projects. If you want to make socks, you’ll need to use the magic loop method

Here’s one of the helpful videos by Chantelle of Fiberific

YouTube video

Do The Chiaogoo Interchangeable Knitting Needles Contain Nickel?

Surgical stainless steel does contain a small amount of nickel. Chiaogoo states this in their FAQs “Our stainless steel products are made of surgical stainless steel that is hypoallergenic and, in most cases, not reactive to sensitive skin.”

Can You Interchange The Chiaogoo Tips On One Cord?

The Spin and Twist set cords are interchangeable with the tips. Be aware that the larger sizes and smaller sizes have specific cords. You can get adapters if required. The mini set cords can’t be interchanged.

Why Choose Chiaogoo Interchangeable Needles?

Here are some great reasons buying these things is worth it!

  • They’re versatile, and you can use them for a wide range of projects
  • The quality is excellent, and they’re made to last
  • They have a great selection of sets to choose from
  • Perfect for projects that require small needles
  • Great smoothness for speed knitters
  • Replacement of tips or cables is easy
  • Value for money
  • The fabric case holds extra things
  • The cables have zero memory so don’t get in your way

How To Connect Chiaogoo Interchangeable Circular Needles

Here is a tutorial on how to attach the handle to the cord.

YouTube video

Are Chiaogoo Red And Blue Cables Interchangeable?

Yes, they are. The only difference aside from the color style is the blue version is more flexible than the red.

What Is The Difference Between Chiaogoo Twist And Spin?

SPIN interchangeables have bamboo tips and a nylon cable that allows them to spin or swivel freely. TWIST interchangeables feature surgical stainless steel, lace tips, and a memory-free steel cable.

Why Are Chiaogoo Interchangeable Cables 14″ Not 16″?

The manufacturer doesn’t offer a specific answer for this, however, the 14″ cable makes a 24″ cable with 5″ tips attached and 2″ shorter with 4″ tips. For a 16″ circular needle, you need a 8″ cable and 4″ tips.

Chiaogoo denote their cable lengths without the needle tips attached. So when you see 14″ it is from the end of the cord to the other end.

What Does Chiaogoo Mean?

The ChiaoGoo company was founded by four brothers raised in Linan, China’s bamboo capital. ChiaoGoo was founded because of their mother’s knitting needs and father’s bamboo craftsmanship. Many knitters have interest in these tools. Anyone who appreciates high quality materials.

ChiaoGoo means “highly skilled and crafty lady” to honor their mother.

Read Next on my blog- Want a breakdown of the rest of the range? See more information and recommendations here.


If you’re looking for a better way to knit small and big projects faster, look no further than ChiaoGoo needles. In my opinion they’re a joy to knit with and a fantastic addition to a knitter’s tool kit. Lots of crafters love this brand too.

These are an excellent Christmas gift idea for a discerning knitter. Happy knitting! What’s your favorite Chiaogoo set, and do you prefer the small sizes or large? What are your impressions? Have a question? Let me know in the comments.

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