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What Is Fine Weight Yarn – Yarn Number 2 – An Easy Guide

Fine Weight Yarn is a category in the Standard Yarn Weight System. Labeled Number 2, it is a thin yarn for many projects.

Read on for why you’d want to knit with this yarn.

Fine Weight Yarn in multiple colors displayed on a shop rack.

This post is part of my series of articles explaining everything about the topic of yarn weights and the yarn weights chart.

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What Is Fine Weight Yarn?

Fine weight yarn is also known as sport weight yarn. It’s thinner than DK weight yarn and thicker than fingering.

  • AKA – Sport weight yarns, Baby
  • Weight Category – Fine
  • Number 2
  • Wraps Per Inch (WPI) – 12 – 18(2)
  • Knitting Gauge Range Equaling 4” – 23 – 26 sts
  • It’s thicker than super fine yarn
  • It’s thinner than worsted weight yarn, super bulky yarn

Fine Weight Key Facts

Fine Weight Facts

What Weight Number Is Fine Weight Yarn?

It’s weight number 2 on the yarn weight chart.(1)

What’s It Made From?

It’s usually made from natural fibers like wool, cotton, and linen or synthetic fibers like acrylic.

Why Use It?

Fine weight yarn is perfect for projects where you want more texture and drape than with worsted weight yarn.

But you don’t want to go as thin as a lace-weight yarn.

It’s also perfect for summer garments because it won’t be too hot to wear.

What If It’s Held Double?

If you hold two strands of fine weight yarn together, it knits up as a DK weight yarn.

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Uses For This Yarn

It’s most often used for baby items, summer tops, and other garments where a lighter weight yarn is desired.

Here are other projects to try using this fiber.

  • Thick socks
  • Accessories
  • Crochet or knit sweaters
  • Scarves
  • Shawls
  • Lightweight afghans or clothing
  • Warmer items for fall
  • Hats

I don’t recommended making blankets from these materials, as the thicknesses are super thin!

Fine Weight Patterns To Try

Here are great free patterns for knitters using fine weight yarn. They’re divided by skill level to make it easier for you.

Hope you find a wonderful project to do next!




What Knitting Needles To Use

  • US Needle Size -3 – 5
  • For those of you in Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand – 3.25 – 3.75 mm

Note: The above are guidelines only. Always do a gauge swatch before starting a project.


If you’ve run out of this yarn or can’t find it, here’s what to use instead.

For a finer gauge, use

  • Super fine weight yarn
  • Fingering weight yarn

For a thicker gauge that’s slightly heavier, use:

  • Light worsted weight yarn
  • DK weight yarn

My previous article is sock weight yarn and next up in the series is what is sport weight yarn.


How Do You Spot Fine Weight At Craft Stores?

You find it by looking for light weight yarn, sport weight or the number 2 on the yarn label.

Here is a video tutorial by Nancy Queen from NobleKnits on how to determine what fibers are which yarn weights. 

YouTube video

This excellent breakdown of this subject will help you!

Want recommendations on where to buy this certain weight?

Lion Brand has excellent suggested choices for your next project, plus all the other weight categories.

Shopping in their online store is easy! They have many price options.

How Popular Is Fine Weight?

The thickness of this yarn is a bit heavier than fingering, and not as popular as DK weight or worsted.

But, it’s perfect for making items where you don’t want the bulk of a thicker fiber.

How Much Fine Weight For A Blanket?

I don’t recommend it for a blanket, as it’ll be very thin.

You could try holding two strands together to make a DK weight yarn, but that uses twice as much yarn.

How Much Fine Weight For A Sweater?

It depends on the size you’re making. Get at least 1200 yards for an adult sweater.

For a baby sweater, you need around 600 – 800 yards.

How Much Fine Weight For A Scarf?

You’ll need around 200 yards for a scarf.

How Many Ply Is Fine Weight Yarn?

Fine weight yarn is usually 2-ply.

Ply is the number of strands twisted together to make the yarn. It can be 1-ply, 2-ply, 3-ply and so on.

What Is Fine Weight Yarn In The UK?

The UK calls it 4-ply yarn.

Is DK The Same As Fine?

No, DK is not the same as fine weight. DK is a little thicker and is classified as a light worsted weight yarn.

Is Fingering Yarn Fine Or Superfine?

Fingering weight yarn is classified as super fine.

I hope you enjoyed this guide on fine weight yarn. If you have questions, leave a comment below!


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Hi. I’m Jodie Morgan, creator of Knit Like Granny. I started this site to show 1,000,000 people the joys of knitting & highlight alternatives to fast fashion. Please say hello!

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