Finger Knitting – How To Finger Knit & Projects To Try

Finger knitting: an easy way to knit without with knitting needles, a fun, novel way of crafting, and kid-friendly! This post has the information you need to try this!

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I reviewed and updated this post on August 19, 2022.

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What Is Finger Knitting?

It’s knitting without the knitting needles! Use your fingers to finger knit. Kids probably tried it at school.

It’s fun for beginners, adults to long time knitters. Like arm knitting. (For more, see my best arm knitting tutorial.)

How To Do Finger Knitting – A Finger Knitting Tutorial

Read on for finger knitting instructions.

What Do You Need For Finger Knitting?

  • Your fingers
  • Ball of yarn
  • Pair of scissors.

Use a thicker yarn for better results on your first try.

How To Start Finger Knitting

  • Grab your yarn
  • Put it over your palm, with the end facing down
  • Hold it in place with your thumb.

(Note: Create loops instead of stitches, and a chain instead of rows when knitting with fingers.)

Step 1

  • Take the working yarn
  • Put it behind your index finger
  • Over your middle finger
  • Under your ring finger
  • Over your pinky finger

Step 2

  • Take the working yarn behind your pinky finger
  • Wrap the yarn over the pointer finger
  • Under the middle finger
  • Over the index finger
  • Pull the working yarn to keep it tight
  • You have two loops on each finger.

Step 3

  • Take the bottom loop on your index finger over the second loop and off
  • Do that to the other three
  • There’s one loop on each finger
  • Repeat step 1, step 2
  • There are two loops on your fingers
  • Repeat step three
  • Repeat steps 1, 2, 3 until you reach a length you like

Here are video tutorials.

YouTube video
YouTube video

How To End Finger Knitting

Have one loop on each finger before finishing.

Step 1

  • Take the first loop
  • Put it on the second finger

Step 2

  • Take the bottom loop on the second finger
  • Take it over and off

Step 3

  • Take the remaining loop on finger two
  • Put it on finger three

Step 4

  • Take the bottom loop on finger three over the top loop and off.
  • Repeat for the final two loops
  • You have one loop left
  • Take the loop off of your finger
  • Cut the end of the yarn, leaving a tail end
  • Put the end through that loop
  • Pull it tight with your hand
  • Pull the other end, or tie a knot and pull the yarn
  • Weave the yarn ends in with a yarn needle

Finger Knitting For Kids

Do finger knitting with your kids as a fun family activity or craft. Supervise them with the scissors!

It’s easier if you use thicker yarn, like t-shirt yarn. Or rope!

Great Project Ideas

  • Garland
  • Bracelets
  • Headband
  • Necklace

Finger Knitting Projects

What Can You Make With Finger Knitting?

Here are great craft ideas. Make things with finger knitting, like scarves, blankets and headbands.

Finger Knitting Blanket

YouTube video

Finger Knitting Scarf

YouTube video


What Yarn Is Used For Finger Knitting?

The yarn you use for finger knitting depends on the project. The thicker the thread is, the easier it is to work.

How Do You Finger Knit With 2 Fingers?

Here’s a great tutorial on how to finger knit with two fingers.

YouTube video

How Do You Finger Knit With 4 Fingers?

Here’s an excellent tutorial.

YouTube video

Can You Finger Knit A Blanket?

Yes! It takes a while, but not if you use chunky yarn.

Here’s a tutorial.

YouTube video

How Much Yarn For A Finger Knit Blanket?

The tutorial above used 5-6 skeins of bulky yarn. The teacher has a size guide in her video.

How Do You Finger Knit A Heart?

YouTube video

What Is The Easiest Way To Knit A Scarf With Your Fingers?

YouTube video

Can I Use String To Finger Knit?

Use thin yarn to finger knit, but it’s more complicated than using chunky yarn. It also might be looser.

Can You Knit With Your Hands?


How Do You Teach Finger Knitting?

Here is how you teach finger knitting!

YouTube video

I hope this guide was helpful in starting finger knitting.

Tried finger knitting? How’d it go? Tell me in the comments.

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