Handmade Knitting Needles – Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

Woodworkers and artisans are talented people. Handmade Knitting Needles would make a lovely addition to your fiber tools collection.

They’re made of wood or bamboo and sometimes glass, with lovely details.

Here’s a selection of some of the best.

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The Best Handcrafted Knitting Needles

Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set In Rosewood

Zeshane Handicrafts has 5 star reviews for customer service and dispatch

A set of interchangeable rosewood Handcrafted needles. Tips that end in a brass cap that secures securely into the detachable cords.

The cords swivel, and your tips won’t unscrew as you knit because your cable won’t be twisting and turning. 


  • Sizes Included – US4 (3.5mm), US5 (3.75mm), US6 (4.0mm), US7 (4.5mm), US8 (5mm), US9 (5.5.mm), US10 (6.0mm), US10.5 (6.5mm), US11 (8.0mm), US13 (9.0mm)
  • Cords/Accessories – 24″ (60cm), 32″ (80cm), 40″ (100cm), 40″ (120cm), a tightener, end caps and a travel case.
  • Needle Tips Are 5″ Long


  • 5 Years warranty against any manufacturing defects
  • Smooth surface


  • Some purchasers found manufacturing defects, but the good news was the seller replaced them at no extra charge.

Handmade Glass Knitting Needles

There are several different options of handmade glass needles available, made of pyrex. Either transparent or often in lovely colors.

For more information and reviews of the best, see my post on Glass Knitting Needles here.

Handcrafted Wood Knitting Needles

Rosewood & Mother Of Pearl 

Rosewood & Mother Of Pearl Knitting Needles by Artistic Woodwork in US
Artistic Woodwork In US have 5 star reviews for shipping

These Knitting Needles are made of the most beautiful Indian rosewood with a mother of pearl inlay. They are lovely and would make an excellent addition to your knitting needle collection. 


  • Needle Sizes Available – US8 (5mm), 9 (5.5mm), 10.5 (6.5mm), 11 (8mm) & 13 (9mm)
  • Total Needle Length – 10 inches

Handmade Bamboo Knitting Needles

Beaded Bamboo Straight Knitting Needles

Beaded Bamboo Straight Knitting Needles by Funky Needles UK
Funky Needles UK has 5 star reviews for quality and service

Straight Size 5mm (US size 8) bamboo knitting needles with a bead on the end. Available in lengths of 5″ (13cm), 9″ (23cm), 13″ (33cm).


  • Lovely choice of beads 
  • Smooth surface


  • Only one size is available, however check their shop for more sizing options of the same product in different listings.

Personalized Engraved Bamboo Knitting Needles

Personalized Engraved Bamboo Knitting Needles
Smart Parts Crafts receives 5 star reviews for their quality and shipping

Personalized Engraved Bamboo Knitting Needles, you choose wording and font. Single point, very smoothly sanded bamboo (which is an eco-friendly sustainable wood.)

Length (including ball head): 13.75″ long (about 34cm)

US size: 10 (6mm)

Metric Size and US Size are permanently marked by laser on every pair of needles.


  • Needles tips have a smooth surface,
  • They are warm and lightweight in your hand.

Large Bamboo Needles

Large Bamboo Knitting Needles and yarn in gray and cream
Craft Boutique NYC has excellent customer reviews

This listing is for a pair of knitting needles made of 100% abamboo wood. These knit wooden needles are perfect as a gift for knitters, are long-lasting and beautiful.

Available in sizes 15 mm – 13.75 inches (34 cm), 20 mm – 13.75 inches or (34 cm), and 25 mm – 13.75 inches (34 cm)

Ed Jenkins Handmade Fiber Tools

Ed Jenkins created beautiful wooden fiber tools – crochet hooks and knitting needles. He passed on his knowledge to woodworker Allison Geary, who took over that part of the Jenkins’ business.

Allison offers these products on her website. If you loved Ed’s hooks and needles, you’d love Allison’s work. She has a natural eye and hand for creating beautiful products is passionate about woodworking.

Your Questions Answered

How Do You Make Knitting Needles At Home?

To make knitting needles at home, you can buy wooden dowels and sharpen one end with a sharpener and make a stopper for the other end with a bead or polymer clay.

This would be a fun family activity, and there are tutorials online to help you. 

Can I Make My Own Circular Knitting Needles?

You certainly can make your own circular knitting needles. A warning, though, they are a labor of love. They require a workspace to make them (your garage).

The materials include wooden dowels, weed eater round trimmer line, a Power Drill, selection of drill bits, sandpaper, Xacto knives, plumber’s tape, and household cement.

There are some tutorials available online that will guide you through the steps.

I hope you’ve found something you like. Any of the above would make a lovely gift for a hand knitter.

If you have a favorite handmade knitting needle, please let me know in the comments below. Or get in touch with me here.

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About Jodie Morgan

Hi. I’m Jodie Morgan, creator of Knit Like Granny. I started this site to show 1,000,000 people the joys of knitting & highlight alternatives to fast fashion. Please say hello!

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