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Light Up Knitting Needles – The Best Options Available

Now, surprising as it may seem, these aren’t just a cheap gimmick, there are good quality knitting needles that light up available. However, the options on the market are mostly straight knitting needles.

Great for knitting with dark-colored yarn, and for knitting in darker environments. Or, when you’re watching something with others, and don’t want to disturb them

Here are some of the best lighted knitting needles available.

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The Best Lighted Knitting Needles

Needlelite Lighted Knitting Needles

Needlelite lighted knitting needles

Made by the company Needlelite, their specialty is making both knitting needles and crochet hooks that light up. The batteries are easily replaceable and come included, and they last quite a long time, 50,000 hours.

With a soft blue LED light that lights up the whole needle, these look quite nice as well as being functional.

These are probably the most popular products on the market for lighted knitting needles.


  • 11″ Long
  • A single pair of straight needles
  • Instructions for replacing the batteries are included
  • Made In The US


  • The whole needle lights up, not just the tips
  • A gentle blue light, but still bright enough to see
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use


  • Shipping can take a little while
  • Some found they weren’t bright enough
  • A bit expensive

LED Straight Lighted Knitting Needles Set

LED Straight Lighted Knitting Needles Set

A set of different sizes of straight needles, the LED light design in this is simple and easy to use. The design is both slim, functional, and elegant and suitable for a wide range of yarns.

Made by Yarn Living, the batteries are included and replaceable.


  • Sizes Included – US 10, 10.5, 11, 13
  • Battery Operated
  • Made Of Plastic


  • Easy to use
  • Smooth, snageless surface
  • Longer needles to fit lots of stitches on them
  • Not too heavy
  • Tips are tapered but not too sharp


  • Limited range of sizes included
  • Only the needle tips light up
  • A bit too long for some people
  • Some found the tips broke off, but they’re easily replaceable
  • The battery didn’t last very long for some
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Lite Knitting Needles

Lite Knitting Needles

Battery operated, and you use a simple off-on switch to turn on the light, functional, and easy to use. Available in a wide variety of sizes, but they come in a packet of one pair of knitting needles.


  • A Single Set Of Straight Needles
  • Made In China
  • Each Knitting Needle Is 13″ Long


  • A good light, not too bright but not too dim
  • Comfortable to use
  • The right length for a variety of projects
  • Fast shipping
  • The battery is easily replaceable


  • Only the tips light up
  • A little pricey
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LED Straight Needles

LED Straight Needles

They are designed to be comfortable and lightweight despite having a battery in them, perfect for people who struggle with hand problems while making it easier to see the stitches on their needles.


  • Made with Plastic & Metal
  • A Single Set Of Straight Needles


  • Sizes etched on the end stopper of the needle
  • Smooth,
  • Good range of sizes
  • Battery is replaceable
  • Very comfortable
  • Light is a perfect brightness


  • Only the tips light up
  • Maybe a bit too long for some people
  • Has a bit of grip due to being made of plastic
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Lighted Circular Knitting Needles

I searched high and low for a product that would fit these criteria. Still, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem there’s light up circular needles available.

They only seem to be available as straight needles. I will update this section if I find any.

Your Questions Answered

Where To Buy Light Up Knitting Needles?

You should be able to find light up knitting needles on Eccomerce stores like Amazon, Etsy, and through brick and mortar craft stores and local yarn stores. Other online yarn companies may sell them too.

Though there aren’t many options available for this type of product, I hope what there is in the selection helped you decide which one is right.

At first, they may seem like a cheap gimmick. They’re well made, easy to use, and a beneficial tool.

No more struggling to see your stitches in low light or annoying others when you insist upon having a light on.

Have you used these before, if so, what are your thoughts? I’d be interested to hear your opinion.

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