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Prym is a German company dating back to 1530. Their innovative products make producing handicrafts easier. Prym offers top rated knitting needles.

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Prym regularly celebrates special events honoring the traditions of handicrafts and the joys of making.

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I reviewed and updated this post on August 22, 2022.

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Prym Single Pointed Needles

Ergonomic Needles

Prym Ergonomic Single Pointed Needles

Which knitting needles for beginners? These! High-performance synthetic material is light and flexible.

They make great children knitting needles for older kids.

The drop-shaped points make the single-pointed knitted needles ideal for beginners.

The yarn slides over the points and picking up the yarn is easy.

The shaft of the needle is rounded at the beginning and changes to a triangular cross-section.

The click heads keep two needles together and keeps stitches from falling off the ends when you are not knitting.

The needle sizes are printed on the needles.


Prym Aluminum Straights

The light single-pointed knitted needles in aluminum in a variety of lengths (25cm – 40cm) and sizes.

The non-porous, wear-resistant shaft allows the stitches to glide over the needles.

A further feature is the rounded point, which ensures stitches don’t split the yarn. The needle size is color-coded.


Prym Bamboo Ergonomic Needles

The lightweight, smooth surface and grip make the bamboo single-pointed knitted needles an ideal choice.

Bamboo is a quick-growing material so more sustainable.

The smooth surfaces prevent the stitches catching and splitting. The point is tapered, easy to insert into a stitch.

The head prevents the knitted stitches from sliding off the needle. These are 33cm.


The gray plastic single-pointed knitted needles are for knitting large stitches in chunky or bulky wools.

Available from 8mm upwards and in a choice of lengths from 35 to 40 cm.

As from size 12mm the single-pointed knitted needles have a white shaft with blue points and heads; the shaft is hollow to limit their weight.

These are sturdy.


The smooth polished wood surface allow the stitches to glide and let you knit fast without snagging.

The points are tapered so they’re easy to insert into a stitch, without splitting the yarn. They’re warm and lightweight.

Child’s Knitting Needles

The children’s knitting needles are 17cm long and have sizes 3-4.5mm. For children’s hands or smaller knitted items.

The knitting needle shaft is available in various colors to make knitting more fun. Light, sturdy plastic.

The points are rounded. The size of the needle is marked on the black head.

Prym Circular Needles

Cubics Natural

The Cubics Natural needle points are colored glazed wood with a smooth surface.

The square shape allows the wool to slide over the needle.

When combined with the cords there is a seamless connection.

The needle points are in the length 11.6 cm for circular knitting needles of 60 -150 cm in different sizes.

One pack contains 2 needle points.


Prym Ergonomic Circular Knitting Needles

These needles are high-performance synthetic material and are bendable. No clicking noises!

The drop-shaped points are for beginners, because making a stitch is easy.

The stable, fine steel cord has no memory, so it doesn’t kink.

The innovative circular knitting needles were awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2016.

Lilac Stripes Needle Set

This knitting needle set contains everything you need for knitting jackets, pullovers, scarves, decorative accessories.

The design makes your knitting experience attractive.

The set has eight needles from 4 – 10mm, four cords (60, 80, 100, 120cm) with stitch stoppers and an assembly pin.

Combine needle points and cords as needed.

The tips are pointed, and the join between the cord and needle is smooth. The wood is warm to the touch and lightweight.

Natural Needles Set

Prym Circular interchangeable Needles set Natural

The circular knitting needle set Natural set has 8 needle point pairs of durable wood with a smooth surface.

Sizes 4 – 10mm, 4 cords in 60, 80, 100, 120 cm with two stitch stoppers and an assembly pin. Has a pouch with a transparent front with instructions.

I have the Prym interchangeable natural circular needles in size 4mm with a 120cm cable. I knit my first pair of slipper socks on these needles. They’re easy to use and the wood is smooth.

Ergonomic Needles Set

Color-printed circular knitting needles exclusive in this set.

  • 3mm
  • 3.5mm
  • 4mm

These circular knitting needles are manufactured from high-quality synthetic material, which makes them flexible.

They bend with your knitting and are quiet.

The fine steel wire is coated with high-quality plastic to prevent the wire spiraling and tangling.

The needle sizes are color-coded to make them easy to find.

Birch Wood

The circular knitting needles are birch wood and is one size 12mm with an 80cm cord.


Circular Knitting Needles Lightweight Brass with chrome plated surface

Hollow, lightweight brass with a chrome plated surface.

They feel comfortable in the hand and are durable.

For a smooth knitting process the needles have trapezoid points.


Prym 32' Circular Brass, 7mm Knitting Needles, Silver

The knitting needles are high-quality aluminum or plastic with a smooth, abrasion-resistant surface.

The needle points are precise, the points enter the stitches.

  • 1.5 – 7mm – Aluminum
  • 8 – 10mm – Grey Plastic
  • 12 – 20mm – White/Blue Hollow Plastic


Prym 80 cm x 8 mm Circular Knitting Pins, Bamboo

Smooth bamboo has no friction or grabbing the yarn.

The needle gauge is marked on the needle. The bamboo circular knitting needles have different sizes and cord lengths.

YOGA Needles

Prym Cable-stitch needles YOGA

The innovative needle has a shaft which bends into any shape.

A sturdy wire core ensures the required shape – hook, U or corrugated shape – stays in place.

This needle offers many functions

  • Cable-stitch needle
  • Auxiliary needle
  • Stitch holder/marker

Dropped a stitch? The Yoga cable stitch needle makes it simple to knit dropped stitches back to the top of your work.

Double-Pointed Needles


Prym Ergonomic Double Pointed Needles

The prym.ergonomics double-pointed knitting needles are high-quality synthetic material.

They’re easy to bend and quiet to use. The drop-shaped points make it easier to pick up and guide the yarn.

The shaft, which goes from a round to a triangular form, allows the stitches to glide along.

The needle gauge is marked on the needle.

Natural Needles Set

This professional set of Natural double-pointed knitting needles allows you to knit fines yarns.

They are 20cm long and each set of needles contains the gauges 2.0mm / 2.5mm / 3.0mm / 3.5mm / 4.0mm and 4.5mm.

Varnished wood, with its smooth surface allows the stitches to glide from needle to needle.

The points make inserting the needle into small stitches effortless.

Ergonomic Set

Prym Ergonomic Double Pointed Needles Gift Set

This set of double-pointed knitting needles contains four color-printed sets of needles in gauges 2.5, 3, 3.5 and 4mm.

Featuring the tear drop points and triangular shape shaft.

Quick and easy to find the five matching needles.


Prym Double pointed Steel Knitting Needles

The double-pointed knitting needles in sturdy steel are thin and good for fine knitting.

Their light and non-slip surface allow the stitches to glide.

The knitting needles in this set of 5 needles are silver, 20 cm long and available in gauges 1.25 mm and 1.50 mm.

Pearl Gray

This wide range of Prym double-pointed knitting needles have many sizes and lengths.

Their smooth, non-slip surface allows the stitches to glide.

These double-pointed knitting needles are light and are available up to size 5.0 mm in pearl-gray aluminum.

From size 5.0 mm the needles are gray plastic.


Manufactured from Japanese bamboo and combine the advantages of this renewable material.

They feel pleasant and warm in your hand, are flexible, despite the hardness and have a smooth, non-slip surface.

The points are precision-shaped, allowing the needle to be inserted with ease into each stitch.

The needle size is marked on each needle. The set of 5 needles is available in many lengths and sizes.

Prym also supports handcrafters of all walks of life.

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You’ll find a Prym knitting needle to suit your preferences.

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