Signature Knitting Needles – What You Need To Know

Wondering what knitting needles Signature Needle Arts has available?

Classed as luxury knitting needles, signature knitting needles are handmade with quality materials.

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This company invented the “stiletto” point, an ultra-sharp tip for fine and intricate work.

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What Are These Types Of Needles?

Created by the knitting needles and notions company Signature Needle Arts.

This family-owned company in Wisconsin, the USA, makes products with local, sustainably sourced materials.

While known for their knitting needles, they sell patterns, books, yarn, and other accessories.

They sell three needles.

  • Circulars
  • Double point needles (DPNs)
  • Single point knitting needles

The circulars have fixed and interchangeable versions.

Their products are precision engineered, aircraft quality anodized aluminum, which is treated to reduce wear.

They hold paint better too.

The needles, points and caps are hand polished, smoothed with a finish, and painted in vibrant colors.

This company offers lifetime warranty on their products.

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Signature Fixed Circular Needles

Fixed circulars don’t swivel at the join.

  • Material: Aluminum, and the cords are strong nylon
  • Needle Styles: Stiletto tip, Middle, and Blunt
  • Sizes: US 1/2.25mm, US 2/2.75mm.
  • Cord Lengths: 9″

A variety of cord lengths, and they’re flexible. Sometimes the yarn snags at the joins, but this is rare.

Signature Convertible Circulars

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These might look like average, interchangeable circulars, but they’re a hybrid.

They’re screw operated. The thickness of the cord sizes matches one needle size.

You can’t swap cord lengths between different tips with different needle sizes.

  • Needle Styles: Stiletto, Middy, Blunter
  • Needle Sizes: US 1/2.25mm, US 2/2.75mm, US 3/3.25mm, US 4/3.5mm, US 5/3.75mm, US 6/4mm, US 7/4.5mm, US 8/5mm, US 9/5mm, US 10/6mm.
  • Lengths Of Needle – 4″, 5″, 6″
  • Cord Lengths – 16″, 20″, 24″, 32″, 40″, 47″

The joins are smooth, and the cords are flexible. For all fibers.

Thin or lace-weight yarns might catch on the joins in interchangeable circulars. The joins may unscrew.

Some found they were difficult to put together. Others found they couldn’t do the magic loop as the cable was too stiff.

Signature Double Point Needles

Signature Needle Stiletto Double-Pointed Needles

Quality made double-pointed needles, in vibrant colors and sharp tips. Perfect for hats, socks, and other projects.

If you’re a sock knitter, there’s a set designed for sock knitting.

  • Needle Tip Styles: Stiletto, Blunt
  • Needle Sizes: US 1/2.25mm, 2.5mm, US 2/2.75mm, 3mm, US 3/3.25mm, US 4/3.5mm, US 5/3.75mm, US 6/4mm, US 7/4.5mm, U.S. 8/5mm.
  • Lengths: 5″, 6″, 8″

Great for knitters who prefer ultra-sharp points. A smooth surface prevents yarn snags and makes it easy to slide stitches.

Many knitters like the way the stitches stay on the needle. It’s lightweight to prevent strain on the hands.

Signature Single Point Straight Needles

Straight Size 7 10 inch length Signature Art Needles

They have many colors, but the end caps are silvery.

There are three decorative end caps

  • Spiral
  • Bell
  • Teardrop
  • Needle Tip Styles: Stiletto, Middy, Blunt
  • Sizes: US 1/2.25mm, 2.5mm, US 2/2.75mm, 3mm, US 3/3.25mm, US 4/3.5mm, US 5/3.75mm, US 6/4mm, US 7/4.5mm, US 8/5mm, 9/5.5mm, US 10/6mm
  • Lengths: 7″, 10″, 14″

A convenient size for traveling and small to large projects. They’re smooth but still have a good grip.

Some experienced drag on the aluminum length of the needle. The paint can wear off/chip, but this is rare.

Signature needles are luxurious knitting needles, a joy to work with, and guaranteed to last for years.

Do you have signature needles? Why do you like them?

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