Velvet Yarn – Guide To This Yarn Material & Best Uses

By Jodie Morgan

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Looking for a soft, textured yarn? Velvet fibers might be the perfect choice for you. I explore what velvet yarn is, and ways to use it for knitting.

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I reviewed, fact checked and updated this post on May 14, 2023.

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What Is Velvet Yarn?

Velvet yarn is a synthetic fiber sold at moderate prices. This fiber is popular because it’s soft, lightweight, and cuddly. They have a lovely texture and are great for home décor items. This eye-catching yarn available in all colors (colours) of the rainbow. Unlike T-shirt yarns they have a softer, smoother feel as you’d expect velvet to be.

Where It Comes From

Velvet is a type of fabric, and the yarn is made from polyester or nylon.

How It’s Made Into Yarn

Velvet yarn is made of two fibers, twisted together. The first layer is a filament wrapped around the second strand, which is a staple fiber. The fibers are spun into long strands. They’re dyed and twisted to make the final product.

How To Wash Velvet Yarn

Here are the care instructions for velvet fibers.

  • Hand wash velvet or machine wash it on gentle in cool water
  • Use a mild detergent
  • Don’t wring or twist the fibers
  • Gently squeeze out the excess water
  • Lay flat to dry
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight as it can fade the colors

Always check the yarn label for instructions specific to the yarn you’re using.

Does It Shrink When Washed?

Velvet yarn is made of polyester, which means it’s resistant to shrinking.

How To Soften Velvet Yarn

Washing it after you’ve finished knitting always helps!

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What Do You Use It For?

Wondering whether you should use it to make a project? Here’s why this fiber is used to make yarn. It’s often used for projects and things like home décor items like throw pillows, a blanket, and rugs, and clothing like shirts, skirts, and dresses.

Also baby clothes and toys, a cozy sweater, headbands, amigurumi, accessories like hats and a scarf, and a cardigan.

It’s excellent for super soft blanket and pillow projects, or a velvety knit winter sweater. Many have a beautiful shine and a bulky knitting gauge, so they’re perfect for beginner chunky knit or crochet projects. I recommend working with a large knitting needle or crochet hook to ensure ease of use.

Using a swift or winder isn’t recommended to create balls of velvet yarn. Best to do this by hand. Check out my article for more information about swifts and yarns they suit best.

Where To Find It

Here’s where to find this yarn: at a yarn store or craft stores in your area, at big box stores like Michaels, Walmart and Joann, and in o.nline brand shops. Often, one skein comes in a large yardage.

Here are brands or manufacturers of velvet yarns to try: Bernat Crushed Velvet, James C. Brett Baby Velvet, Bernat Baby Velvet, Schachenmayr Luxury Velvet, and Bernat Velvet Yarn. They have a classic shade range, with some fun bright and neon options too.

What’s The Price Like?

Velvet yarn is often more expensive than other synthetic yarns. The price depends on the quality and brand.

Interesting Facts

  • It has more luster than cotton(1)
  • Velvet fabric is often one sided, with the fuzzy texture on one, and a more abrasive on on the other. However, creating double-sided velvet is possible(2)

FAQS About Velvet Yarn

Is Velvet Yarn Safe For Babies?

Yes, it’s safe for babies because it’s hypoallergenic. However, always choose OEKO-TEX certified yarns.

Is Velvet Yarn Ethical & Eco-Friendly?

Velvet yarn is made of polyester, which is a petroleum-based product. It’s not biodegradable.

What Can I Make With Leftover Velvet Yarn?

You can make anything you want!

  • Baby clothes and toys
  • Toys
  • A small knit or crocheted pillow
  • Mini amigurumi
  • Accessories like hats and scarves
  • A headband

Is Velvet Yarn Itchy?

No, it’s not itchy because it’s a smooth fiber.

Is Velvet Yarn Good For Clothes?

Yes, it’s good for clothes because it’s wrinkle-resistant and doesn’t shrink.

Is Velvet Yarn Good For Winter? 

Yes, it’s good for winter because it’s warm and insulating.

Is Velvet Yarn Good For Summer?

No, it’s not good for summer because it’s a synthetic fiber and doesn’t breathe.

Do Velvet Yarns Pill?

No, they don’t pill.

Can You Dye Velvet Yarns?

No, you can’t.

Does Velvet Yarn Stretch?

Yes, it does.

Is Velvet Yarn Good For Amigurumi?

Yes, it’s good for amigurumi because it’s smooth and doesn’t pill.

Is Velvet Yarn The Same As Chenille?

No, they’re not the same. Chenille is also made with synthetic fibers, but it’s fluffier.

How To Keep Velvet Yarn From Worming?

To keep velvet yarn from worming, you need to knit without a lot of extra twist. Use smaller needles than recommended on the yarn label. Try to knit continental instead of throwing like in the English style. Worming happens when a loop of yarn pulls away from the knitted fabric and coils back on itself.


Happy crocheting or knitting! Hope you enjoyed this article. Do you have questions? Please leave them below!


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