Knitting Abbreviations – My Guide To 130+ Knitting Terms Demystified!

By Jodie Morgan

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I’ll explain 130+ knitting terms in a way that’s easy to understand. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate knitter, I’m sure you’ll find this information useful! Let’s start.

I reviewed, fact checked and updated this post on May 28, 2023.

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Knitting Abbreviations Table

AbbreviationWhat It Means
BOBind off.
byoBackward yarn over.
C4BSlip the next two stitches onto the cable needle and leave them at the back. Knit two, then knit two from the cable needle.
C4FSlip the next two stitches onto the cable needle and leave them at the front. Knit two, then knit two from the cable needle.
CAColor a.
CBColor b.
CCContrasting color.
cddCentered double decrease.
clCross left.
cnCable needed.
COCast on/cast off.
Cross 2 LCross two stitches to the left.
Cross 2 RCross two stitches to the right.
DPNsDouble-pointed knitting needles.
DKDouble knitting weight yarn.
DTRDouble treble.
EONEnd of the needle.
EOREnd of the row.
FCFront cross.
FLFront loop.
g stGarter stitch.
KKnit stitch.
k1BKnit into the stitch one row below.
K1tblKnit the next stitch through the back of the loop.
K2togKnit two together.
K2togtblKnit two together through back loops.
kfbKnit into the front and back of a stitch.
kllKnit through the left loop.
krlKnit through the right loop.
kspKnit one, then slip back to the left hand needle.
LCLeft cross.
LHLeft hand.
LTLeft twist.
M1Make one stitch.
M1AMake one stitch away.
M1KMake one stitch knitwise.
M1lMake one left stitch.
M1lpMake one left stitch purlwise.
M1PMake one stitch purlwise.
M1RMake one right stitch.
M1rpMake one right stitch purlwise.
M1TMake one stitch towards.
MaintainMaintain the center block of the pattern.
MBMake a bobble.
MCMain color.
pPurl stitch.
P1 tblPurl one through the back loop.
p2ssoPass two slipped stitches over.
p2togPurl two stitches together.
p2togtblPurl two stitches together through back loops.
pfbPurl one into the front and back of stitch.
pmPlace marker.
pnsoPass the next stitch over.
pssoPass slipped stitches over.
Rev st stReverse stockinette stitch.
RHRight hand.
RSRight side.
S2KP2Slip two stitches as if to knit them together, knit one, pass two slipped stitches over knit stitch
SkipSlip one, knit two together, pass slipped stitch over.
SKPSlip one knitwise, knit one, pass slip stitch over knit stitch.
sl stSlip stitch.
Sl1Slip next stitch knitwise.
Sl1kSlip one knitwise.
Sl1pSlip one purlwise.
smSlip marker.
sskSlip next two stitches knitwise one at a time, then knit them through back loops together.
sspSlip, slip, purl.
SSPP2Slip two stitches knitwise then slip them as if to purl two together through back loops. Purl one, pass two slipped stitches over purl stitch.
ssskSlip three stitches knitwise, knit these three stitches together through back loops.
ssspSlip three stitches knitwise, return these three stitches to left needle and purl these three stitches together through back loops.
st stStockinette stitch.
tblThrough the back loop.
tflThrough the front loop.
w&tWrap and turn.
Work EvenContinue with no increases or decreases.
WSWrong side.
wyibWith the yarn in the back.
wyifWith the yarn in the front.
ybYarn back.
yfYarn front.
yfwdYarn forward.
yoYarn over.
yo2Yarn over twice.
yonYarn over needle.
yrnYarn round needle.
*Repeat the instructions following the single asterisk as instructed.
*Repeat instructions between asterisks as many times as directed/repeat at specified locations.
{}/[]Work the instructions within the brackets as many times as instructed.
( )Work instructions as many times as instructed/work a stitch group in the same space.

FAQS About Knitting Abbreviations

What Are Knitting Abbreviations?

Knitting abbreviations are codes used in knitting patterns to save space and make the pattern easier to read. They stand for common knitting terms.

How Do You Read Knitting Abbreviations?

Reading knitting abbreviations is simple when you have a chart to guide you! For example, the abbreviation for ‘knit’ is ‘k’, so if you see ‘k2tog’ in a pattern, you knit two stitches together. Similarly, ‘purl’ is written as ‘p’, so if you see ‘p4’ in a pattern, you purl four stitches.

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The good news is that most knitting patterns have a glossary that tells you what the abbreviations are. Knitting abbreviations are confusing, but after some practice, you’ll get the hang of it. Now you know what they mean, start using them to try your next dream knitting project!

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    • Hi Beverly. It’s hard for me to know exactly what you need to do without seeing the pattern. If there are no further instructions I’d assume you continue with Row #5. Cheers Jodie


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