Learn How To Tie A Slip Knot for Total Beginners With Our Guide

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Learning how to do a slip knot in knitting is a fundamental skill for a knitter. It’s the first step in starting a knitting project. Ready? Set? Let’s get into it in the article.

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I reviewed, fact checked and updated this post on May 28, 2023.

What’s A Slip Knot?

A slip knot is a loop of yarn used to secure the yarn on the needle when beginning a knitting project. You need to learn how to make a slip knot to cast on knitting. Otherwise, you can’t begin your next creation!

It’s also called a sliding knot, a knot slip, or a slipknot.

A Closeup Of A Slip Knot In Dark Blue Cotton And Acrylic Yarn

How To Tie A Slip Knot For Right-Handed Knitters

Here’s how to make a slip knot for knitting for beginners if you’re right-handed.

  1. Unravel some yarn from the ball.
  2. Make a loop with the working yarn.
  3. Hold the loop in your left hand.
  4. Use your right hand to make a bend in the short end of the yarn.
  5. Tuck the bend through the loop and pull it tight.
  6. You’ve got your slip knot!

If you’re more of a visual learner, here’s my quick tutorial.

Alternatively, here’s an excellent how to make a slip knot knitting video tutorial by Davina from Sheep & Stitch on YouTube.

How To Tie A Slip Knot For Left-Handed Knitters

Here’s how to make a slip knot with yarn for left-handed people.

  1. Unravel a length of yarn from your yarn ball.
  2. Hold the working yarn in your left hand.
  3. Make a loop with it.
  4. Insert your index finger of your right hand into the loop.
  5. Grab the yarn from behind with your thumb and middle finger.
  6. Pull the yarn through the loop to create a second loop.
  7. Pull on both loops until you’ve created a knot.
  8. You’re done!

Using A Slip Knot In Knitting Patterns – What To Do Before You Get Out Your Knitting Needles

A slip knot is a versatile knot for knitting projects. It’s ideal for casting on, as you don’t have to worry about them becoming too tight or too loose. It’s also essential for the long tail cast on technique, my favorite. Once you have enough practice, it’s the fastest way to create your cast on row for knitting stitches.

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FAQs About Slip Knot Knitting

Do I Need A Slip Knot?

Yes, you need a slip knot to begin knitting.

Do You Knit Into The Slip Knot?

Yes, you knit into the slip knot. This is because it’s the first stitch of the cast on.

How Do You Make A Good Slip Knot?

To make a good slip knot, you need to practice! If you’re a beginner, I recommend practicing lots before attempting a first row of knitting, because if the slip knot isn’t done correctly, it can cause problems further down the line.

What Are The 3 Methods Of Slip Knot?

The 3 methods of creating a slip knot are:

  1. The Roll Over Method
  2. The Two Finger Method
  3. The Wrap Around Method

Though there are slight variations in the way each person holds the yarn while making a slip knot, it’s mostly the same. That being said, here’s an excellent tutorial by Knit With Hannah on YouTube.

How Do You Make A Slip Knot For A Knitted Blanket?

Here is how to make a slip knot for a knitted blanket.

  1. Take the shorter end of the yarn.
  2. Pinch it with your finger and thumb.
  3. Pull another loop through and hold onto both ends of the yarn.
  4. Transfer the knot onto your knitting needle and cinch it down.
  5. Your slip knot is ready to go!

Is The Slip Knot The First Stitch?

Yes, the slip knot is the first stitch when casting on in knitting.

Do You Count The Slip Knot As A Stitch In Knitting?

Yes, you should count the slip knot as a stitch in knitting. It’s the first stitch of your cast on row and you need to include it in the stitch count.

Is A Slip Stitch The Same As A Slip Knot?

No, a slip stitch and a slip knot aren’t the same thing. A slip stitch is a stitch used in knitting and crochet, while a slip knot is a knot used when casting on.

What Is A Slip Knot Good For?

A slip knot is good for creating adjustable loops and it’s simple to unpick.

Is A Slip Knot Strong?

No, a slip knot isn’t a strong knot as it’s easy to undo. That’s why it’s perfect for knitting or crochet!


Hope you found this guide on how to make a slip knot when knitting helpful! You now have the tools to confidently begin your project. Happy making slip knots. Have a question? Let me know below.

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