Luxury Knitting Needles – My Guide To The Best & Most Beautiful

By Jodie Morgan

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Over your knitting journey, most of the money you spend on luxury items is yarn. But If you think about all the hours you spend knitting, buying a well-designed, comfortable luxury knitting needle set isn’t so extravagant.

Luxury Needles on knitted fabric in mustard and grey color

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Frustrated Teacher Quits In Disgust, Sells The Farm, Moves The Family Halfway Across The World And… Starts Knitting

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Receiving a gift of luxury knitting needles would be most appreciated. Make sure you give hints out to your nearest and dearest! The suggestions are chosen for their durability, comfort, ease of use, adaptability, and how appealing they look. We want the “Wow” factor and the best quality knitting needles!

I reviewed, fact checked and updated this post on May 28, 2023.

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Lantern Moon Needles

Many would’ve heard about Lantern Moon Needles, a luxury circular knitting needle. Although these materials are no longer made by the original company, they’re now manufactured by Knitter’s Pride.

Lantern Moon Needles are made from luxury hardwoods like ebony wood and rosewood, and more affordable woods like palm wood. Their mission was to create products from sustainable forests and support the families who made them by paying them good wages.

They come in straights and circulars. They’re beautiful and have a lovely feel. They offer Straights in 10”, 12”, 14” and circulars in 16”, 26”, 32”, 40” from US4-US13.


  • Smooth surface
  • Lightweight
  • Warm in the hand
  • Beautiful polished wood grain

Furls Knitting Needles

Furls Knitting Needles

Furls Crochet are known for their high end luxury crochet hooks and they decided to design luxury hardwood straight knitting pins and circular needles in 2019.

Each single point needle weighs 0.3oz (9g) for ultralight knitting. All bodies are made from dense hardwoods, nonporous aluminum and finished with a super smooth surface.

  • 5mm/US 8
  • 5.5mm/US 9
  • 6.0mm/US 10
  • 6.55mm/US 10.5

Teak (Teak body with Ebony and Aluminum styling), Rosewood (Rosewood body with Ebony and Aluminum Styling), and Ebony (Ebony tips & end with Padauk body and Aluminum trim).

Signature Arts Needles: Circular Needles Luxury Selection

Signature Arts Double Pointed Knitting Needles

Signature needles are a selection of luxury brand famous for their ultra-sharp “Stiletto” needle point. Produced by a family-owned machine company in Wisconsin, USA. Made from aircraft-quality anodized aluminum coated in a vibrant colors.

Collection of straight, double-point, and “convertible” circular styles. This Signature Convertible is a considerable investment. But as the old saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’.

The points on the straights come in three different styles – Stiletto, Middy or Blunt. Stiletto is the sharpest point, Middy is a midway sharp point shorter than the Stiletto. The Blunt is blunter and not as long as the Stiletto point. 

They’re available in 7”, 10”, and 14” lengths in a range of sizes. The decorative ends of the straight needles are available in three different options, Tear, Bell and Spiral. Each look very lovely.

Double pointed needles have the stiletto point with the exception of the 4″ needles, which have a Stiletto point on one and blunt on the other.

With the Signature circulars, there’s a choice of 2 points, the Stiletto or Middy. Stiletto tip features a sharp point with an elongated profile and a Middy tip has a shorter profile designed for tighter knitters. The assorted colors are lovely and bright in green, purple, gold, red and blue. 

For those who love a slick, metal needle, these are a wonderful luxury option. 

Knitter’s Pride Royale Circular Interchangeable Needle Set

Knitter's Pride Royale short tips interchangeable needles
Yuhsiutomas has very satisfied customers with their purchases in his Etsy Store.

If you like the look of “luxury” needles but don’t want the big price tag, these sets are good. Many love these Knitter Pride needles for their beauty and functionality. 

The Royale has radiant colors of birch wood with electroplated brass tips, giving the color and texture of a wood needle with a smooth, sharp metal tip.

There are 2 sets, one with short needle tips (great for hats, socks and sleeves and the other with longer needle tips and cables (for sweaters, shawls and afghans). It’s worth noting the sale price online is cheaper than other stores.

The high-end short interchangeable needle tip set includes:

  • US 4 (3.5mm) – Aquamarine
  • US 5 (3.75mm) – Orange Lily
  • US 6 (4.0mm) – Fuchsia Fan
  • US 7 (4.5mm) – Grey Onyx
  • US 8 (5.0mm) – Cherry Blossom
  • US 9 (5.5mm) – Misty Green
  • US 10 (6.0mm) – Candy Pink
  • in Paris theme embroidered case
  • 2 Cords (to make 16” (2Nos.))
  • 4 End caps
  • 2 Cord keys
Larger Royale Set Check Price On Amazon

The longer needle tip set of these luxury circular needles includes:

  • 5 Knitting Needle tips: US 2.5 (3.0 mm), US 3 (3.25 mm), US 4 (3.5 mm), US 5 (3.75 mm), US 6 (4.0 mm)
  • Paris theme embroidered case
  • 2 Cords: 24″ (60 cm) & 32″ (80 cm)
  • 4 End caps
  • 2 Cord keys

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Luxury Needles

Symfonie Rose Interchangeable Needle Circulars – Perfect for any project

Knitter's Pride Symfonie Rose Interchangeable Circular Needles

The Symfonie Rose Interchangeable circular needles have a birch wood needle tip in a red/brown color and the join connecting to the cable is metal in a brass color.

Set include 9 interchangeable knitting needle pairs & accessories, so it’s great for those who prefer adjustable knitting.

  • US 4 (3.5mm), US 5 (3.75mm), US 6 (4.0mm), US 7 (4.5mm), US 8 (5.0mm), US 9 (5.5mm), US 10 (6.0mm), US 10.5 (6.5mm), US 11 (8.0mm)
  • 4 Cords (to make 24″, 40″ & 2 of 32″)
  • 8 End caps
  • 4 Cord keys
  • 1 Set of cord connectors
  • 1 Needle gauge
  • 1 Symfonie rose shawl pin
  • A Leatherette box


  • Smooth knitting
  • Stylish, functional, hardwearing case
  • Many sizes


  • The unit price is a little pricey

Zen Interchangeable Knitting Rosewood Circular Needle Set Collection

Zen Interchangeable Rosewood Set Check Price On Amazon

Zen Needles are a brand offered by Fabulous Yarn that are luxe. 10 tips – US4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.5, 11, 13, 3 cables (1 each of 24, 32 & 40″). Polished wood endcaps and Rosewood handled tightener included.

These tips are special 4.5″ tip with a pointed tip. The cables swivel – just like lantern moons’ did, so no cable kinking or twisting when making a project. Beautifully grained, includes a fabulous faux leather case.

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My eldest said to me, “Some of these would make a great gift for you and it would make your knitting so much easier.” Indeed it would! I need to follow my own advice and alert my husband to this idea. 🙂

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Frustrated Teacher Quits In Disgust, Sells The Farm, Moves The Family Halfway Across The World And… Starts Knitting

See what I did next...


    • Hi Annette, not in this post but in my post about interchangeables I’ve reviewed ChiaoGoo. I’d love to hear about your experience using ChiaGoo needles. Cheers Jodie

      • I love Chiaogoo! They never come apart as long as you tighten them with the tool, tips are sharp enough. I have 3 different sets.

        • Thanks so much for sharing your favorite luxury needles Irene! Wonderful to hear that you love your sets of Chiaogoo. Would you please share with us what sort of projects you knit with each set? Cheers Jodie 🙂

  1. I bought an incredibly luxe set of rosewood interchangeable needles by Zen on Fabulous Yarn’s website. I think they might be an exclusive for them but I’m not certain. Gorgeous brass fittings and tightening tool in a silk wrapper for storage. They were a little sticky with cashmere but with wool and other fibers they were great. However the stickiness might have been due to me being a fairly new knitter (knitting too tightly), they were brand new and needed “seasoning” or the yarn I was using (Nordic Yarn eco cashmere) had a sticky quality itself. I’ve used them with other yarns and no issues. Worth the investment.
    I adore their triangular double point needles. Fell in love with them the first time I used them and they don’t roll away! Pure luxe and fantastic tools.

    • Hi Michele. Thanks so much for sharing your experience of your luxury Zen rosewood interchangeable needles. So wonderful to hear how much you love them. I’ll go now and take a look. Thanks again for taking the time to comment. Cheers Jodie

  2. Anticipating two wooden luxury interchangeable sets in the mail now. My first choice was the Addi nature olive wood, (I thought the lighter color would be best for 1st choice as I sometimes knit with dark colors) my second is the Zen Rosewood. I try to research any investments. There aren’t enough comments or reviews on the Zen! There are a lot of comments on rosewood. I’m glad that I should have both sets in my hands by the beginning of next week. I do own Chaio Goo Red Twists. Lovely, and a ‘go to’ needle. I’m excited about the premium wooden needles and expect them to be less grippy than other wooden needles! We shall soon see!

    • Hi Paulette. Thanks so much for sharing. That’s great to hear you love the Chiaogoo Red Twists. Once you receive your new sets and you have tried them out, I’d love to hear about your experience. Cheers Jodie


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