Hobby Lobby Knitting Needles – Complete Guide

By Jodie Morgan

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Hobby Lobby stocks a range of knitting needles that are available to purchase from their online store.

They stock generic needles and also some brands. A great place to buy affordable knitting needles. In saying that, you get what you pay for and some needles are not the best quality. 

Hobby Lobby Knitting Needles Featured Image includes orange, pink and purple yarn

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Frustrated Teacher Quits In Disgust, Sells The Farm, Moves The Family Halfway Across The World And… Starts Knitting

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Hobby Lobby Circular Knitting Needles

Yarnology Circular Knitting Needles                    

These are lightweight aluminum needles with a flexible cable connecting them.

Available in sizes US 1 (2.5mm), 2 (2.75mm), 3 (3.25mm), 4 (3.5mm), 5 (3.75mm), 9, (5.5mm)

Reading the customer thoughts on this product, you’re better off spending your money on something better quality.

The users had cables come off the needle tips and found the yarn snagged on the join between the needle and the cable.

Birch Wood Circular Knitting Needle

Natural birch wood. Size 17 (12mm) Length: 40 Inches. They have tapered points. The ends of the tips have a metal cap where the cord is connected.       

Other sizes available – 19 (15mm), 36 (20mm) and 50 (25mm)

These larger needles would suit chunky/bulky yarn projects.

Comments are more favorable for these needles. Users found the yarn glides smoothly over the tips and the joins.

36″ Circular Knitting Needles

Brand: Yarnology. These are circular needles 36 inches in length, including the cord plus the needle tips.

Sizes available: US11 (8mm), 13 (9mm), and 15 (10mm) The needle tips are aluminum, and the cord is plastic. 

Users experienced the cables coming off the tips. The join where the tip and cable meet is not smooth. The yarn snags on the joints. 

Single Point Knitting Needles 

These needles have a tapered point on one end and a knob at the other, which prevents stitches from slipping off. 

  • Sizes available: US 6 (4mm), 8 (5mm), 9 (5.5mm) 11 (8mm) and 17 (12.5mm)
  • Length: 14″

Users reported the colored coating on these needles came off after several uses. Some people experienced yarn becoming discolored using these needles.

I wouldn’t recommend the needles mentioned above. There aren’t enough positive feedback to warrant purchasing them, even if they are cheap.

You’re better off spending a little more and getting good quality needles to last. For affordable quality needles, I recommend the Knit Picks range.

Many lovely needles to explore. For more information, visit my post here.

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Frustrated Teacher Quits In Disgust, Sells The Farm, Moves The Family Halfway Across The World And… Starts Knitting

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  1. I’m new to the yarn creator game but have been sewing and doing embroidery most of my 50 years old life. With that said, I am wanting to try, Again, to learn either knitting or crocheting. Do you do both or just knitting? If both, which do you suggest to begin with? Why? What makes 1 better than the other?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Kera. Thanks for getting in touch. That’s wonderful you are interested in learning knitting or crocheting. I do both. I have lots to learn in both knitting and crocheting but I enjoy creating with fiber and my hands. It’s a good question what to begin with? I’d give both a try and see which you prefer. Knitting and crochet are very different. The co-ordination of using two needles may prove a little easier than working with a hook. Then again if you try both crafts you will know which you are more comfortable with. I don’t believe knitting is better than crochet or crochet is better than knitting. The skills learnt in both are fabulous for extending the mind and creativity. The projects you can do are various and beautiful. Let me know how you get on. I’d love to hear about your progress. Cheers Jodie


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