Indie Dyed Yarn – 140+ Wonderful Indie Yarn Dyers To Browse

Love yarn? You’re going to adore indie dyed yarn! There are so many wonderful indie dyers out there, and their yarn is just amazing. If you want something special, check out this list.

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Indie Yarn Dyers

They’re listed in alphabetical order, and divided by location. Some of the businesses have a brick and mortar store but all offer online shopping.

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What Is Indie Dyed Yarn?

Indie dyed yarn is yarn dyed by independent, “indie”, dyers. These dyers use unique color combinations and dyeing techniques to create special skeins of yarn.

The colors and textures of indie dyed yarn range from subtle and muted to bright and bold. Indie dyed yarn is a great way to add a unique touch to a knitting project and support small businesses.

What To Do With Indie Dyed Yarn?

Indie dyed yarn is a great way to add unique color and texture to your projects.

If you have a wool-based yarn, use it to create sweaters, hats, scarves, and other cozy items. If you have a cotton-based yarn, use it to create shawls, blankets, and other lightweight garments.

The possibilities are endless!

Where To List Indie Dyed Yarn?

You can list indie dyed yarn on online marketplaces like Etsy, Ravelry, and eBay. You can list it on your website or blog, or join an online community of other indie dyers.

You may be able to find local fiber festivals where you can set up a booth to display and sell your yarn directly to customers.

Where Do Indie Dyers Buy Yarn?

Indie dyers purchase yarn from various sources, including independent yarn stores, online shops, and directly from yarn mills. Depending on the fiber, dyers may shop for materials in person, or order from wholesalers. 

How Much Do Indie Yarn Dyers Make?

Indie yarn dyers make a range of incomes, depending on the size of their business, the types of yarns they use, and the customers they have. Some indie dyers may make only a few hundred dollars per year, while others may make thousands or tens of thousands.


Indie yarn dyers are a creative part of the fiber arts community. They’re a great way to support small businesses and to find unique yarns for all of your projects. Happy shopping!

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