Loom Knitting For Beginners – Fast Technique For Knits!

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Learn what it is, how to loom knit, and patterns to try in my guide to loom knitting for beginners.

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I reviewed, fact checked and updated this post on Jan 1, 2024.

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What Is Loom Knitting?

It’s an advanced version of the spool knitting you might have done as a child. You use a loom to knit and a loom tool. A loom tool/pick is the same size as a crochet hook, but instead of a hook, there’s a pick.

This pick is for picking up stitches and knitting. A loom has pegs, and the yarn goes on them. Also called a knitting hook, they’re used when creating knitted fabric on a round loom or any type!

You can loom knit many things: hats, scarves, blankets, toys, and bags.

What Is A Knitting Loom? A knitting loom can be circles, rectangles, ovals, and straight rails, with pegs around the perimeter. The pegs hold the yarn, and knitting comes out the bottom.

What Are Looms Made Of? Usually plastic or wood.

Knitting Loom Types

  • Circular Looms – With these knitting looms, you knit in the round.
  • Rake/Rectangular/Long Looms- These looms are used to knit double, round, and flat knit
  • Afghan Looms – They look like an infinity symbol
  • Sock Looms – They’re a mini version of a circular loom. There’s another type, like a rectangular loom

Why Are There So Many? Because there are many projects! You need a circular loom to knit something round and a rectangular one to knit flat.

Why Are There So Many Shapes? You need different shapes for different fabrics.

How Do You Choose A Loom For Your Project?

It depends on what project you want to make. Going to make a scarf or dishcloth? Use a long loom. To make a sock, use a sock loom. For anything circular not seamed, use a circular loom, and anything flat, use a long loom.

Note: You can knit flat using a circular loom. 

How Looms For Knitting Work

When using circular looms, you put stitches on each of the pegs and go around and around. That creates a knitted tube.

Rectangular looms work in a couple of different ways:

  • Use them to knit flat
  • Use the pegs to knit with but stop and go back instead of going around
  • It creates a fabric double the size of the loom
  • Use them in the round knitting

Why Loom Knit?

It puts less strain on your hands as you work, it’s faster than normal knitting, you can do almost anything on a loom, and it holds the work for you.

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How To Use A Knitting Loom For Beginners

How to loom knit for beginners from The Crochet Crowd shows you tips and tricks for using these tools.

How Do You Know What Yarn To Use On Your Loom?

Here’s a guide on using a loom with yarns. Get the right one for the yarn weights you want to use.

  • Fine yarn – fine/extra fine loom
  • Chunky yarn – large or regular loom
  • Super bulky yarn – large loom

What Else Do You Need To Loom Knit?

You need a loom, some yarn, and a loom pick. A loom pick is a little tool about the same size as a crochet hook. Use it to pick up loops on the pegs. The first stitch to start with would be a knit stitch. After all, knit stitches are the easiest to learn!

How To Cast On

The Crochet Crowd shows you how.

How To Cast Off

How To Use A Rectangular Knitting Loom

Chad Gifford shows you how to knit on a rectangular loom.

Projects To Try

Here are some free loom knitting patterns to try.

How To Create A Scarf Pattern With Chunky Yarn

Here’s a great tutorial from The Sweetest Journey using a 12-peg loom and chunky yarn. The result is a soft, squishy scarf for those cold winter days!

How To Create A Blanket

Jocelyn Kokopaleo teaches you how to make a beautiful cabled blanket on an afghan loom!

A great idea is to experiment with single and double knitting. The possibilities are endless with this free loom knitting pattern!

Loom Knitting Techniques

Double Knitting

Lion Brand Yarn teaches you how to do double knitting on a loom.

  • Start by zigzagging across the loom
  • Doing it again on the way back.
  • You have two loops on each peg
  • Take the bottom loop
  • Take it up and over the first loop
  • Time for more zigzagging!

Sock Loom Knitting

In this video from KB Looms, you’ll be walked through the entire process of loom knitting a sock. Get your yarn ready!

How To Add Another Color In Loom Knitting

Wambui Made It shows you how to change colors in the round and on a long loom.

FAQS About Loom Knitting

Can You Buy Knitting Looms Online Or In-Store? 

Buy looms online and in-store!

What Is The Best Knitting Loom To Buy?

It’s best to get a kit of looms if you’re a beginner. Experiment with different shapes and sizes.

Round Vs Rectangular

  • Use round looms for circular knitting.
  • Rectangular looms are for flat knitting but also is used for circular knitting.

What Kind Should I Use For Particular Project?

Want to knit something circular? go for a circular loom. Going to make a blanket? Use an afghan loom. Going to knit a sock? Use a sock loom.

What Is A Knitting Loom Set?

A loom set is a kit with things like looms and tools.

Is Loom Knitting Easier?

Yes! It puts less strain on your hands.

Loom Knitting Vs Hand Knitting

Some people prefer loom knitting because your hands don’t get as sore. However, both are equally beautiful!

What Can You Make With A Knitting Loom?

All sorts! Blankets, hats, bags, socks, you name it!

Why Is My Loom Knitting So Loose?

If your loom knitting is too loose, try using a tighter tension.

Why Is My Loom Knitting So Tight?

If it’s too tight, try going easy on the yarn tension.

Why Is My Loom Knitting Curling?

Unfortunately, curling is the nature of knitting. If you knit a panel of stockinette, the top, and bottom curls. Same with purled fabric.

Loom Vs Knitting Machine

A knitting machine uses a crank handle to do knitting. A loom is manual. Knit every stitch on the loom using a pick. 

Is Loom Knitting Cheating?

No! It’s just an easier way to knit.

Is Loom Knitting Faster?

Yes! Loom knitting can be faster than hand knitting.

Is Loom Knitting Faster Than Crochet

Yes! Loom knitting is faster than crochet.

Does My Hold On The Loom Matter?

No. It doesn’t matter how you hold the loom.

What Is Peg Spacing Or Gauge?

Peg spacing/gauge is the distance between two pegs. This determines how loose or tight your knitting is.

What Size Knitting Loom For A Hat?

Sizes for hats on a knitting loom for adults, teens, and tweens us a Large Loom with 36 pegs


Knitting looms vary, allowing you to make blankets and headbands to socks and shawls. The loom knitting technique is a great for knitting fast without hand pain.

Want to dive deeper into the topic? I’ve selected great knitting books to further your learning in this post. Or if you’d like to learn about another type of knitting, see my post on the intarsia method, or the mosaic knitting technique.

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