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My Smaug Socks – A Beautiful, Fiery Dragon Inspired Stitch Pattern

I first saw the Smaug Socks by Claire Ellen knitted by one of my favorite bloggers, Claudia Bugh of The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog.

I was drawn to this pattern as it was inspired by Smaug the dragon in Lord of The Rings. My beloved Mum is going through chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer and I wanted a pair of socks to help her to fight.

Smaug Socks by Claire Ellen knitted by Jodie of Knit Like Granny

It may sound strange but the symbolism of a dragon when fighting a battle with cancer seemed apt. I imagined Mum wearing her Smaug socks in the Chemo ward and having the strength of a dragon to help her. 

Smaug Socks from the back.

Looking at the intricate stitches in the Smaug socks made me think “these socks are going to be a challenge.” 

Knit through the back loop ribbed cuff with beginning of the dragon scale stitch pattern. Yarn Trader Studio Skinny Sock Yarn in Coral colorway.
The leg of the Smaug Sock progressing with wound ball of burnt orange/coral colored yarn

I was determined to knit them and had enough of the coral Yarn Trader Studio skinny sock yarn left over from my Slip Love Knit Shawl project. 

The burnt orange color of the yarn suited the dragon theme and orange is one of my Mum’s favorite colors.

The back of my Smaug sock progressing showing the stitch pattern representing dragon scales

I bought Claire’s pattern and read the Skill Level section – Intermediate; includes basic top-down sock construction, cabling, textured stitches, and chart reading.

The heel and gusset complete with the foot of my Smaug sock starting. Cable pattern representing the dragon tail commencing.

I thought okay, I don’t identify with being an intermediate knitter but perhaps I am. I was fine with basic top down construction, cabling could be difficult.

Textured stitches would be okay and the chart was easy enough to understand. I was ready to have a red hot go!

The Smaug sock nearly up to the toe.

The pattern is written using Double Pointed Needles. My sock knitting experience so far has been using circular needles and the magic loop method.

When it came to the gusset it took me a while to translate how to do that using the magic loop method. 

Ready to do the Kitchener sttich to finish the sock and close the toe. How I love the Kitchener stitch. It creates such a neat finish.

Fortunately Claire included a diagram of how the stitches would be set up on three double pointed needles.

Using stitch markers, I worked out how to translate the stitches on three double pointed needles to 2 needles/magic loop.

I was proud of myself being able to work this out. It’s a satisfying experience when your brain cells work hard for your knitting projects!

One of my Smaug socks completed. The cable design representing the dragon's tail looks fabulous.

The cable section for the representation of the dragon’s tail threw me. The instructions in the chart were C3F and C3B.

Tutorials for this technique without a cable needle were hard to find. I eventually worked it out after much experimentation.

Two socks complete. So happy with my Smaug socks

There are separate instructions for the Left Foot and Right Foot. I worked through the pattern for both socks but noticed that they did look a little different in the end.

I probably made some mistakes along the way but they still looked gorgeous.

The best thing about these socks is my Mum loves them. She appreciates the intent behind the choice of pattern and she’s received lovely compliments when in the chemo ward.

Top view of the two Smaug socks showing the gorgeous cable stitches and dragon scale stitch pattern with ribbed cuff in coral colored yarn

My Mum is expected to fully recover from her breast cancer. I hope once her treatment has finished, she never has to have chemotherapy again. 

May her Smaug Socks continue to bring her strength and comfort.

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2 thoughts on “My Smaug Socks – A Beautiful, Fiery Dragon Inspired Stitch Pattern”

  1. Great job on the socks! An inspired choice for your Mom. My mother was told to visualize the chemo as an army doing battle with the cancer. Your Mom’s army had a dragon leading them!

    • Thanks so much Cheryl. So true re visualisation of an army doing battle with the cancer and the socks symbolising the dragon leading them.


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