What Is Super Bulky Weight Yarn? – Yarn Number 6 – An Easy Guide

Super bulky yarn is great for quick projects. It’s also easy to work with and forgiving of mistakes. This guide tells you everything you need to know.

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This post is part of my series of articles explaining everything about the topic of yarn weights and the yarn thickness chart.

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What Is Super Bulky Weight Yarn?

Super bulky yarn is a thick yarn. It’s often used for winter wear because it’s so cozy and warm.

  • AKA – Roving Yarn
  • Weight Category – Super Bulky
  • Number 6
  • Wraps Per Inch (WPI) – 5 – 6(2)
  • Knitting Gauge Range Equaling – 7 – 11 stitches over 4 inches
  • It’s much thicker than lace, fingering, sport, DK & worsted weight yarns. Slightly thicker than bulky weight yarns
  • It’s thinner than jumbo yarn

Super Bulky Weight Key Facts

Super Bulky Weight Facts

What Weight Number Is Super Bulky?

This cozy yarn is weight number 6.(1) 

Yarns In This Category

  • Super Bulky – Many yarns in this category are man made fibers such as Acrylic and Polyester
  • Roving Yarn – This is a ball of unspun yarn and can be difficult to work with. It’s best used for projects like felting or arm knitting

What’s It Made From?

It’s often made from wool or a wool blend, 100% Polyester, acrylic, or blends of the three. Others that aren’t as common include cotton and alpaca.

Why Use It?

Super bulky yarn is perfect for quick, soft projects. It’s also great for beginners because it’s so easy to work with. Talk about instant gratification. Here is a video tutorial by Jennifer from bromefields on tips for knitting with super bulky yarn.

This excellent breakdown of this subject is sure to help you!

What If It’s Held Double?

If you’re looking for an even quicker project, try holding two strands of super bulky yarn together. This gives you a super chunky fabric with a great result.

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Uses For This Yarn

Here are recommended items to create. Lots of potential project ideas like blankets, hats, scarves(3), cowls(4), accessories, ponchos, baskets, afghans, rugs, and pillows.

Super Bulky Yarn Patterns To Try

Here are great free patterns for knitters using super bulky yarn. They’re divided by skill level to make it easier for you. Hope you find a wonderful project to do next!




Looking for something else? Try this video tutorial by Ashley Lillis on how to knit a simple raglan sweater!

I love how the garment looks! It has a lovely classic design with the simple stitch pattern. It’s the perfect choice for a gift for a loved one or friends. (Not a last minute gift, though!)

What Knitting Needles To Use

  • US Needle Size – 11 – 17
  • For those of you in Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand – 8 – 12.75mm

Note: The above are guidelines only. Always swatch before starting a project.


If you’ve run out of this yarn or can’t find it, use two strands of bulky yarn held together instead.

My previous article is chunky weight yarn, and next up in this series is what is jumbo weight yarn.

FAQs About Super Bulky Weight Yarn

How Do You Spot Super Bulky Yarn At Craft Stores?

By its size! This yarn is thick and often sold in 100g (3.5 oz) skeins or balls. It’ll also have the weight on the yarn label. The yardage (yards) won’t be super generous, as there’s more bulk over length in the weight.

The yarn label with have a symbol with a little 6. (The ball band also includes care info – whether to machine wash it.)

Here are recommended super bulky yarns to try: Lion Brand Wool Ease, Bernat Blanket Yarn, Bernat Softee Chunky, Lion Brand Mandala, Bernat Blanket Stripes, and Malabrigo Rasta.

Lion Brand also sells knitting and crochet supplies, gifts for fiber lovers, tools and more. They also offer free shipping if your purchases tally over a certain amount. Check their site for details.

Lion Brand Yarn has shipping options to the United Kingdom and the United States. Are you from somewhere else? Their excellent customer service will help you.

Tahki Yarns, Premier Yarns, Lana Grossa, and KnitPicks also have special offers on good super soft yarns. They’re favorites of many knitters. Hand-dyed yarns and their stunning colors and textures are great too. Be aware the price is more expensive.

How Popular Is Super Bulky Weight Yarn?

Not particularly among most knitters who prefer thinner weights of yarn for garment creation. This weight of yarn is a very popular choice for quick knit blankets. If you love extreme knits, it’s one of the best yarn weights to work with.

How Much Super Bulky Weight Yarn For A Blanket?

This varies depending on the size of the blanket. A baby blanket might only use two skeins of soft yarn while an adult-sized one could take six or more.

How Much Super Bulky Weight Yarn For A Sweater?

Again, it depends on the size of the sweater. For an adult-sized sweater, at least four skeins of yarn.

How Much Super Bulky Yarn For A Scarf?

One skein is usually enough, but it depends on the pattern.

What Is Considered Super Bulky Yarn?

Super bulky yarn is a thick yarn with a weight category of 6.

Is Super Chunky Yarn The Same As Super Bulky?

Yes, it is.

What Is Super Bulky Yarn In UK?

It’s called super bulky or super chunky yarn.

Why Is Chunky Yarn So Expensive?

Chunky yarn is more expensive than other yarns because it’s thicker and takes longer to produce. It’s usually made with merino wool, which isn’t cheap in large quantities as it’s time intensive to process.

Have fun making quick, easy projects with super bulky weight yarn! It might take getting used to, but it’s worth it. There are many different ways of using it. Happy knitting. Have questions? Tell me below! (Your email address is never published.)


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