Susan Bates Knitting Needles – Your Complete Guide

Susan Bates Knitting Needles come in many styles.

Susan Bates now a brand owned by Yarn Inspirations for their versatility and affordability, they’re favored by beginner knitters.
They’re excellent knitting needles for beginners.

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Also, several excellent knitting needles for kids are available.

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Susan Bates Circular Knitting Needles

Silvalume Knitting Needles

Silvalume Knitting Needles

Circular needle made of Aluminum with a plastic cord.

Designed for comfort, they feature a gently rounded tip and a long taper to make knitting easier, reduce yarn splitting, and more comfortable for your fingertips.

The different colors make them easy to find. The lightweight needle tip is smooth.

They’re softer than stainless steel and occasionally prone to bending.

So, are you looking for machine washable yarn for baby blanket? Let my guide help you.

Velocity Needles

Velocity Needles

These are the Susan Bates answer to a speedier needle option. Slick nickel-plated brass circular needles available in US 1-US 10½ and lengths 16”, 32”, and 40”.

Quality sharp points have a long taper. Surface is smooth and stitches glide over easily

The plastic circular cables aren’t pliable and may kink or coil frequently. Boiling the line (not the needle) may help reduce some of the original twist from shipping.

But the cables are stiff in comparison to other brands.

Quicksilver Knitting Needles

Quicksilver Knitting Needles

Quicksilver is a premium label from Susan Bates.

These are grey in color; a result of a special anodization process which also makes Quicksilver slightly smoother and more durable than other aluminum needles.

Susan Bates Double Pointed Knitting Needles

Susan Bates Double Pointed Knitting Needles

Made of aluminum, comes in a set of 4. Each needle is heat-treated for strength and durability and polished for a velvety smooth finish. They are 7 inches in length.

Each different needle size is color coded for easy identification. Long, tapered sharp points that are smooth to touch.

Great for circular knitted items, hats, socks, sleeves and toy projects.

Some users have experienced color wearing off.

Susan Bates Straight Needles

Tipping Needles

Tipping Needles

Tipping points are packaged as two 10 inch straights with three sets of removable tips including blunt; medium and sharp. Some yarn demands a really blunt tip for knitting.

Some yarn knits best on a medium point, others need a super pointed tip.

Tipping point interchangeable tips give you every option for yarn weights and your knitting projects. Different knitting needle sizes come in different colors for easy identification.

Having 3 different very lightweight needle points is beneficial.

Need to be careful to put the needle points in a place where you can find them again.

Crystalites Needles

Crystalites Needles

Made of colored translucent acrylic. They’re lightweight with a smooth finish. Each size is color-coded so you find the size you need at a glance. US and metric sizes are printed on the knob.

They’re 10″ in length and are beginner friendly, great for bulky yarns.

Some people may find them too short. Plastic is a cheaper option but not the best quality.

Luxite Jiffy Needles

Luxite Jiffy Needles

Luxite needles offer a warm, lightweight and inexpensive alternative to aluminum. Luxite is a very durable specially formulated plastic material.

Each size is color coded so you can find the size you need at a glance.

Great when you want to double or triple strand your favorite yarn to create afghans, bulky sweaters and scarves in a snap.

These 14″ pairs are available in US sizes 17 (12.5mm) 19 (15mm); 35 (19mm) and 50 (25mm).

Perfect for beginners. Large diameters are great for bulky yarns and roving weight yarn.

If you’ve never knitted with size 50 then you might be surprised at just how big they are!

Susan Bates have a great range of options for beginner knitters in this selection of products.

If you try them out, please let me know what you thought.

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  1. I have a set of susan bates circular interchangeable needles. When I am using them they keep coming unscrewed. The come with a key and a little tube with a hole big enough to fit the key into. I have no idea how to use this it came with no instruction book. Help!!

    • Hi Mary. How frustrating! I’ve sent you an email to ask for you to send some pictures so I can see what you describe and be able to help you further. Cheers Jodie

  2. Sorry I cannot upload a picture here of the Susan Bates needles that I found. Perhaps you would email me so I can send you a photo and you can take a look? Thanks, Brenda


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