Birch Knitting Needles – Complete Buying Guide & Review

Have pain in your hands or wrists when knitting? Wooden needles like birch knitting needles are items worth trying.  

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I reviewed and updated this post on November 24, 2022.

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Brittany Needles 

brittany needles Check Price On Amazon

Brittany knitting needles are made with sustainably sourced birch wood. These tools are beautifully hand-finished and exactly sized, and comfortable to work with. A quality product made to last.

Brittany cares about their impact on the environment and ensures the packaging for their products is 100% recyclable. Brittany birch needles are made in California, United States.

So if you live in the US, shipping prices from this shop are inexpensive.

One advantage is they’re great for making a gauge swatch, they make lovely results, and they’re excellent for a beginner knitter.

However, they aren’t for sale in sets, only in one lot, and the business doesn’t have a circular knitting needle for knitting in the round.

Their range includes straight needles, double pointed needles and cable needles. Read more on these beautifully crafted needles in my guide. Many knitters rate these things five stars!

Knit Picks Wood Needles

Knit Picks Laminated Birch Needles

The Knit Picks Wood Needle range boasts gorgeous colors. Made from laminated birch wood, they’re available in Interchangeables, straights, double pointed needles and fixed circulars.

My guide on the options below gives you more info on each of the brands.

  • Radiant – Colorway is rich, warm arrays of red, yellow, orange, and purple. 
  • Caspian – Vibrant hues of blue, green, and aquamarine. 
  • Majestic – Luxurious hues of blue, green, and royal purple.
  • Sunstruck – Natural laminated birch wood color, polished to allow the individual colors of the different wood grains to shine through. Looks beautiful and has a rustic feel.
  • Rainbow – Lovely rainbow hues of a variety of gorgeous colors. (This style is one of favorites. They’re so pretty!)
  • Mosaic – is a combination of all the wood needles colorways.

This brand store is easy to navigate and add orders to your cart, has an affordable price guarantee, and has patterns, accessories, yarn in every weight, and materials for your next project.

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Lykke Driftwood Circular Knitting Needles

Lykke Driftwood Circular Knitting Needles 16 inch - Size 2 Check Price On Amazon

Lykke’s “Driftwood” needles are made of smooth, hard birch with a beautiful grayish finish. Great for any projects or pattern!

The tips/points on this thing are long and slender, but they’re still excellent for some beginners to hand knitting.

The black metal end caps have the sizes etched into them and the black cables are smooth and flexible. The fixed birch circular needles are available in a range of sizes and lengths.

The Lykke Driftwood Interchangeable Knitting Needles set are favored by many. Read more in my review linked above.

Knitter’s Pride Dreamz Knitting Needles

Knitters Pride Dreamz Deluxe Interchangeable Needle Set Check Price On Amazon

These needles are made from densely laminated birch wood.  The range includes interchangeable circulars, fixed circulars, single-pointed needles, double pointed needles and cable needles. 

Each needle size is all a different color, so it’s easy to find the needle type you need to work your knitted fabric! I have a detailed review of the range linked above. 

Knitter’s Pride Laminated Birch Wood Single Point Knitting Needles

Has the lightness of Birch and the strength of natural wood. Needle tips are sharp but not too sharp. The larger needle tips work well with rows of chunky yarns.

These birchwood needles are available in 10″ and 14″ lengths in sizes US 2.5 (3.0mm) to US 17 (12.0mm).


Is Birch Good For Knitting Needles?

Birch knitting needles are good because they’re lightweight, warm to the touch, smooth, and the yarn glides across easily. Wooden needles are gentle on sensitive fingers and great for arthritis. 

Wood is biodegradable and easier to recycle than plastic. These needles need to be treated gently and stored carefully to prevent damage. They’re more delicate than plastic or metal. 

Remember, wood knitting needles (like birchwood knitting needles) aren’t suitable for knitting with super fine wool, complicated stitches, or lace knit designs. Metal is better for that.


If you’re looking for needles to make knitting for longer periods more comfortable, consider birch needles.

They’re a pleasure to knit each stitch and row with, and you’ll be impressed with their smoothness. 

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Birch Knitting Needles

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