Knitting Blocking Pins – Easy Guide – Tips & Review of the Best

Completing the often time consuming task of blocking your knitting is worth it when you see the stunning results.

They come in a couple of different forms. I’ve reviewed the best options available to knitters below.

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Blocking pins keep the knitted items in place while you ease it into shape and the right dimensions.

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Knitter’s Pride Knit Blockers & Pin Kit

Knitter's Pride Knit Blockers and Pin Kit

A helpful patented tool for blocking from Knitter’s Pride. They’re the best knitting accessories in this category.

Note: The actuate way to describe these would be pin combs, a rectangle with pins sticking out of them to help keep items secured. 

They’re a much less fiddly and easy to lose alternative to t-pins or similar items you might usually use. Make sure you use them in tandem with blocking mats or towels.

Use these in with the Knitter’s Pride blocking mats in my blocking mats post.


  • Includes – 12 Blockers with eight pins, and eight blockers with four pins
  • Made From – Tough Plastic & Stainless Steel


  • Pins are made from rust-proof stainless steel
  • An easy, convenient way to maintain the correct tension in your project, so they block correctly
  • Makes blocking quicker and easier
  • Covers more area than traditional t-pins.
  • Ability to define the shaping and angles and pull out points with ease.


  • For larger projects, you’ll probably need to buy two or three boxes, but it’s worth it
  • Can be a bit confusing to work out how to use at first
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Knit Picks Blocking Pins

Knit Picks Blocking Pins

These rust resistant double pins can quickly pierce and firmly hold knit items while blocking.

The grip of the double pin is bent for ease in handling. Packaged in a sturdy plastic case with slide out drawer.

35 pins per package.

Knit IQ Stainless Stainless Steel T-Pins

Knit IQ Stainless Stainless Steel T-Pins

T Pins are named this for a good reason. They look like the letter T. They are 1.5 inches long with a sharp point. Ideal for use with blocking mats.

Made from quality stainless steel. Designed for longevity and durability.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Contains 150 T pins, sufficient for intricate blocking of very large pieces
  • Rustproof
  • Reusable storage tin


  • These aren’t fine pins, so not suitable for really delicate items
  • Some users found they left a grey mark in their cream/white color knits. An easy fix for this is wiping them with a clean cloth before use.

Nickel Plated T-Pins

Nickel Plated T-Pins by Inspinknity on Etsy
In Spin Knity has excellent customer reviews for fast shipping

Pack of 60 Heavy Duty 1.5″ Pins made in the USA. Made from nickel plated stainless steel.


  • Good quality
  • Sturdy
  • Seller ships quickly
  • Keep them in your knitting bag with your knitting needles and knitting projects


  • They’re rust resistant, not rustproof
  • No good for anyone with nickel sensitivities

Jimmy Beans Wool Knocker Blockers Knit Blockers

Helps maintain even tension across the width of the blocking pins. Excellent for blocking straight edges on shawls, scarves and sweaters.

Each is made with durable plastic. Then fitted with sharp, sturdy, rust-resistant stainless steel pins.

You can attach string from the anchor holes along large sections which can be pulled and pinned to the desired tension.

The Knocker Blocket Knit Blockers kit contains 2 different sizes to accommodate different shapes. The colors are delightful, from pink to purple.


  • 12 Blockers with 8 pins
  • 8 Blockers with 4 pins


  • Less chance of pricking yourself
  • Strong and sturdy
  • $5 from every purchase goes directly to support the Knitted Knockers organisation, which provides knitted breast prosthetics to women who have undergone mastectomies or other procedures to the breast.


  • If you don’t like pretty colors, these aren’t for you.

I highly recommend blocking pins for your knitting when going through the blocking process.

They’re great used with blocking boards, and make excellent gift ideas for knitters.

The blockers are a great way to get beautiful edges and the T Pins help ease out the wonderful stitch design and points.

Do you too love blocking pins? I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a note below in the comments section or get in touch with me here.

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Hi. I’m Jodie Morgan, creator of Knit Like Granny. I started this site to show 1,000,000 people the joys of knitting & highlight alternatives to fast fashion. Please say hello!

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About Jodie Morgan

Hi. I’m Jodie Morgan, creator of Knit Like Granny. I started this site to show 1,000,000 people the joys of knitting & highlight alternatives to fast fashion. Please say hello!

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  1. Thanks for the great article Jodie. Just wanted to confirm if the knit blockers are really patented as I have seen other brands such as Red Suricata selling very similar blocking pins on Amazon.

    • Hi Denver, thanks for letting me know about this. When researching for this article I found information stating it was patented, but I double-checked and they aren’t patented. I’ve updated my post with the correct information.
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