Knitting Needle Organizer: Keep Your Knitting Needles Tidy!

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A Knitting Needle Organizer is great for knitters who take their knitting out and about. Save time and hassle by having your favorite tools in one place.

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Knitting needles storage that fits in your bag or backpack.

My Quick Recommendations

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Teamoy Organizer – Best For Most People

Teamoy Organizer Click to Learn More / Buy from Amazon

If you have long needles up to 14″, this is great for storing your knitting needles and accessories. With 27 slots, you’ll never have to worry about losing anything again! 

The zipper pockets keep everything neat so you can find what you need. The top flap prevents your needles from falling out and offers excellent protection for their tips.

You can roll up or fold it into different sizes according to your needs – this lightweight design makes it easy to fit into even the smallest of bags! 

How Does It Compare?

  • Holding Capacity? – Lots of needles can fit in with the 27 slots available
  • Suitable For Using On The Go? – Yes
  • Materials? – Sturdy cotton fabric
  • Colors/Styles? – Comes in a range of five different prints – this sheep one, grey & white geometric, blue and white flowers, Trees and Roses
  • Extra Features? – The basket has a zipper pocket

Product Design – The pockets are perfect for storing long needles. It suits jumbo-sized needles, but you can’t fit many in.

Product Evolution – Teamoy provides quality storage solutions for crafters. They created this fabric roll-up organizer for people who preferred a softer option than a zippered firm case.


  • The cute sheep printed fabric is adorable
  • Plenty of space for lots of needles and wool/cotton thread
  • It’s a chic sorter and organization system
  • Excellent for organizing longer straight needles and other tools you need for your hobby
  • Professional stitching


  • The braided cotton cord around the outside may fray
  • The zippered pocket could be a little bigger
  • If you fill the lower deck, the upper deck might not fit anything

Rolled Fabric Knitting Needles Organizer – Best Budget Option

Teamoy Blue Flowers Fabric Knitting Needles Organizer Check Price On Amazon

The perfect solution for storing your knitting tools and crochet hooks. It has 16 slots of different lengths to fit most needles up to 8″ long. There’s a small zipper pocket for small accessories like stitch markers or measuring tapes.

It’ll last years without showing signs of wear and tear.

How Does It Compare?

  • Holding Capacity? – Depends on the needle’s size
  • Suitable For Using On The Go? – Yes
  • Materials? – Heavy-duty nylon

Product Design

All your tools have their own spot. When the organizer is unzipped, you can see each item for simple sorting.


  • If you are also a crocheter, ergonomic hooks fit
  • Holds everything in place and keeps them from falling out, so it’s easier to make your project


  • Bulky if you fill it to capacity

DPN & Circular Needle Organizer – Best Luxury Option

Double Pointed Needle Roll Up Case in turquoise and copper geometric shapes fabric. Epidrendron Designs Etsy Store

Do you have a lot of needle sets and knitting supplies and don’t know where to put them? This organizer is ideal. It has 11 pockets. Six for DPNs, 1 larger pocket for thicker DPNs or smaller circulars, and 4 for circulars.

Now you’ll always know exactly where to find the needle set you want! It’s made with high-quality materials – 55% cotton/45% linen on the outside, 100% cotton quilting lining inside. So it’ll last for years while looking great too!

How Does It Compare?

  • Holding Capacity? – An example is 8 sets of DPNs in US4 – US 10.5 in 8 pockets and 3 circular needles in the other available pockets.
  • Suitable For Using On The Go? – Yes
  • Materials? – Cotton and linen
  • Colors/Styles? – Copper-colored tiles on a turquoise background, and the lining has copper metallic shapes.
  • Extra Features? – An option to add a zippered pouch

Product Design – For those who love elegant accessories, this is lovely. The attention to detail is exceptional. Good for a beginner or advanced knitter alike.

Do You Need Any Extras? – You can add a lined zipper pouch to your case for a little over $10.


  • Exceptional quality
  • Professional seaming and stitching makes a stylish look
  • Options for either a holder for 7.5″ or shorter DPNs or 8″ DPNs


  • Not suitable for long needles greater than 8″

Handmade Roll Up Case – Best Circular Knitting Organizer

Handmade Roll Up Case by JesaBelleB on Etsy

The perfect knitting needle case to store circulars in! It’s made of strong fabric, so it’ll last for years.

The dark canvas of this knitting bag with the leather tab is stylish. You can fit all your favorite items inside this case – plus anything else you might need while crafting!

How Does It Compare?

  • Holding Capacity? – There are 12 spaces. On the top pocket, there are 5 larger spaces to accommodate cords
  • Suitable For Using On The Go? – Absolutely!
  • Materials? – Cotton canvas
  • Extra Features? – A lined pocket on the left side closed with velcro. It stores small notions like markers, a yarn needle, and scissors. 

Product Design – Use the varying pockets for interchangeable sets, DPNs, or circulars. Measures 15 “x13″ when open. When closed, it’s a compact 4″ X 9.5”.

Fold the case into three sections, don’t roll it.


  • Sturdy cotton canvas
  • Can hold a range of different ones under 8″
  • The case would also suit crochet hooks


  • Long straight needles greater than 8″ won’t fit
  • Spot clean only. Don’t soak it in water because of the leather.

Knitting Needles Holder by Paula Carol

A knitter of many years, Paula has worked tirelessly to design the perfect Knitting Needles Holder. Plenty of storage for all types of needles. Simply hang on a wall. These are available for Preorder right now.

Visit to preorder yours.

Knitting Needles Holder by Paula Carol

What Makes The Best Knit Needle Organizers

Here are some key decision-making factors to look for when choosing the best knitting needle organizer.

How Big Is It? – You want something to hold all your items! They vary in size. Dimensions are important to consider when deciding on the best needle organizer.

Is It Suitable For Travelling Or Using On The Go? – There are three main types. Compact, expandable, and the roll style. The compact styles often come in a hard shell for easy transport.

The rolls are easy to compress, so they take up less space but offer less protection than a hard case. Expandable styles are usually bigger and have more compartments for needles.

What Materials? -These cases can be made from fabric, wood, plastic, or metal. You want something to protect your knitting needles and keep them organized. Fabric is often cheaper, but it can wear out faster than other materials.

What Colors/Styles Are Available? – The fabric cases are usually more colorful than metal or wood ones.

Any Extra Features? – Some organizers have a small pocket or two for tools or notions. This is a great feature as you don’t want to just store your needles!

Which One Is Best For You?

  • Luxja Knitting Organizer – Great for crafters on a budget
  • DPN & Circular Needles Organizer – Will suit you if you use both DPNs and Circulars
  • Handmade Roll Up Case – Best for people who love stylish and want something compact

Comparable Products To Consider

Look at my Knitting Needle Case post if you want something more lile a pencil case. If you’re looking for more unique ways to store needles, check out my Knitting Needle Storage post.

Or if you need a rack or stand, see my yarn bag post.


How To Make Circular Knitting Needle Organizer

Here’s an excellent tutorial by The Blue Mouse Knits on YouTube.

Knitting Needle Organizer Pattern

DIY Knitting Needle Roll Up Case by Sustain My Craft Habit in taupe fabric with a cotton rope tie.

Check out the free pattern, detailed picture ,and information tutorial from Jayne and Sonja at Sustain My Craft Habit.


I hope you found an option to suit your storage needs. Do you have a favorite Knitting Needle Organizer I’ve not mentioned? Please let me know in the comments section.

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