Summer Yarn – My Guide To The Best Yarn For Summer Knitting

Summer Yarn for knitting in the warmer months. There are gorgeous yarns perfect for summery lightweight garments. Don’t stop knitting during the summer months! Projects knitted with these yarns bring such joy! Plenty of yarn types keep you cool.

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I reviewed and updated this post on June 1, 2022.

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The Best Yarns For Summer

1 Cotton

Cotton is an easy yarn to knit with, comes in an array of colors, and there are many to choose from. For recommendations, see here. Simple open-air shawls and shrugs, and summer baby blankets are great summer knitted items.

Cotton is breathable, more so than synthetic yarn like acrylic. It’s the best yarn for beginner scarf in the warmer seasons. (All the above have international shipping options, including to the United Kingdom.)

I experience sweating on warmer days! If you’re anything like me, cotton yarn is a perfect choice for summer yarn projects. Knitted items made with this yarn are absorbent and dry quickly, a winning combination!

Other fiber yarns trap sweat against your body. This can irritate your skin. No-one enjoys being hot, sweaty, and irritated! If you like natural/synthetic fiber blends, try a cotton/viscose blend. Consider organic cotton yarn. It’s better for the environment.

It’s not treated with harsh chemicals. There is some lovely organic cotton available. Dishcloths/Scrubbies are great summer knitting projects. Using cotton yarn, try patterns with different stitches. This keeps the knitting fun and interesting.

These projects are quick to knit and make great gifts. I attest to this. I make dishcloths while traveling. They’re great! If you know people who love making summer knits, gift cards for their favorite yarn shop might be a perfect gift.

Looking for the best self striping sock yarn? Read more in my post.

2 Silk

Silk yarn is luxurious and has amazing properties.

Keeps you cool in warm weather and toasty in the colder weather. For recommendations, see here.

Silk is made by the caterpillar of the silk moth (the silkworm.)

Silk is also often blended with cotton and makes a gorgeous summer weight yarn. The downside is silk stretches.

Combat this by knitting summer garments with a drape rather than a figure-hugging top.

Complex or intricate stitch patterns show up very well in silk.

It’s more expensive. If the garment you’re knitting is something you’ll get a lot of wear out of, it’s worth it.

@trixieknits 100% Silk Laceweight Shawl in soft shades of blue, pink and cream
@trixieknits 100% Silk Laceweight Shawl. Follow @trixieknits for more lovely pics.

3 Bamboo/Cotton Blend

Bamboo/cotton fiber yarns blends are a popular choice. They feel soft and light against the skin.

Be particular with your gauge as bamboo/cotton blends have more drape.

For recommendations, see here.

After a few washes, some yarns become softer. Testing a knitted swatch comes in super handy.

To check how comfortable a yarn is, place it against your cheek or throat.

An excellent choice for socks. Lightweight sock yarn is made from this blend.

4 Linen Yarn

Another great option for lightweight yarn for summer is linen yarn. For recommendations, see here.

While linen yarns are more expensive, they are a beautiful choice for summer crochet and summer knit projects.

These yarns have a lovely sheen and drape, and can also be blended with silk. Linen is naturally moisture-resistant.

Best Summer Yarns

When you think of summer, one doesn’t think of knitting. That doesn’t mean you can’t knit in warmer weather.

Most of us relate to knitting in the fall and winter seasons.

Wearing warm knits made of wool, alpaca, mohair, and angora.

We tuck ourselves under snug blankets and wear warm shawls around our shoulders.

The colder months aren’t just for knitting. Spring and summer inspire and unleash knitting creativity!

Spring yarn is a great gift for a knitter.

Why not try something new? Have a look at the best yarns for arm knitting.

What Is The Best Yarn?

In Summer, you’ll want to use plant fiber yarns.

Plenty with lovely textures. Add a drape to your garments and be functional like dishcloths and scrubbies.

Here are some ideas for the best yarn for warm weather.

A Knitted Summer Sweater

YouTube video

In this video by Staci at Very Pink Knits, you will learn how to knit a simple woman’s Summer sweater.

(Enjoy knitting for summer? Sign up for her newsletter. It has many patterns and inspiration.)

Keep your yarns tidy and use a ball yarn winder.

Summer Yarns – What Is A Summer Yarn?

A yarn that’s soft, with rich, beautiful colors, cool breathability, and lovely drape.

They’re comfortable to work with when it’s hot. 🙂

People comment knitting with animal fibers during warmer months makes them feel heavy and sticky.

There’s a reason animal fibers aren’t popular in warmer climates!

The yarns mentioned below can be worn in Spring and Summer.

Now you’re ready for knitting in summer, keep your yarn tangle-free with a knitting yarn bowl.

Gorgeous Summer Yarns are cotton, linen, bamboo, silk, hemp, and blends of these yarns.

Expert knitters swear by knitting yarn like bamboo/silk or bamboo/cotton for breathability.

  • Other blended yarns are cotton and merino.
  • Crochet yarn for summer is made of the same materials.
  • Choose any type of summer knitting pattern with these yarns.
  • Another excellent yarn mix is cotton and linen yarn. Cool sweaters and loose vests are great picks for these yarns.
@BirdiesKnits Cotton Yarn Shawl
@BirdiesKnits Cotton Yarn Shawl. Follow @BirdiesKnits for more gorgeous pics.

Are you trying to find the best place to buy knitting yarn? Look no further.

What Is The Best Weight Of Summer Yarn?

Many knitters highly recommend worsted weight yarn. A versatile weight and great for knitting

  • Shawls
  • Sweaters
  • Summer Afghans
  • Summer shawls
  • Vestss
  • Others.

Given how many knit with this yarn, there are many colors to choose from. Other great choices for summer projects are

  • DK weight yarn
  • Sport weight yarn

What Is Summer Weight Yarn?

It’s often described as a light worsted-weight yarn, somewhere between worsted and sport yarn. Using medium-sized knitting needles, it knits up quickly and has many possibilities for knitted items.

Choosing The Perfect Yarn For Summer Clothing

  • Plant-based fibers are best
  • Go for thinner yarns. It’s more breathable
  • Avoid fuzzy yarns
  • Experiment with looser tension and patterns
  • Avoid acrylics. They’re uncomfortable in the heat
  • If you use animal fibers, make sure the yarn is superwash
  • Choose lace stitch or open patterns

Spring/Summer Patterns

There are spring/summer patterns available online (like on Etsy). You want light patterns and open-weave designs.

Hats, mittens, and sweaters are stitch patterns for the winter.

In warmer months in your country, find inspiration to make knit and crochet patterns like

  • Lacy shawls
  • Knit tank tops
  • Halter neck tops
  • Cute skirts
  • Lightweight hats.

If you’re game, attempt knitting bikinis!


Is Acrylic Yarn Ok For Summer?

It depends what you’re making. For large garments, it’s best to avoid it.

Plenty of fabulous Summer Yarn to consider. Yarns made from plant fiber are the best to use.

Hope you find something to inspire a gorgeous summery item.

Have questions? Tell me below in the comments. (Your email address is never published.)

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  1. I m from the Caribbean and l am just learning to crochet garments for myself and grand children. What is the best yarn for my kind of summer project? Summer dresses, tops and crop tops.

    • Hi Veronica. I recommend cotton. When I was in Mexico, I bought a lovely cotton yarn called Omega Fantasia. Knit Picks have lovely cotton yarns and cotton yarn blends and a pattern book for warmer weather garments. Cheers Jodie

    • Hi Janne. Groups who knit chemo caps/beanies suggest cotton yarn or a cotton blend with acrylic or bamboo. 100% bamboo yarn is also good. Cheers Jodie


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