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Jodie Morgan (Founder Of Knit Like Granny)

jodie@knitlikegranny.com | Lives In: Regional Australia

Author: Jodie Morgan is a passionate knitter and blogger with 40+ years of experience currently living in regional Australia. Taught by her mother and wonderful grandmother “Mama”, she fell in love with crafting from a young age. When she’s not knitting, you’ll find her enjoying a cup of coffee with cream, or sharing helpful resources and tips with the online knitting community. Get to know Jodie and the team on our meet the team page.

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More About Jodie Morgan

I love knitting and meeting fabulous knitters, which is why I became a member of the Craft Industry Alliance too! My family and friends who loved knitting made such an impression on me, and my mum ("Granny" to my kids) is the inspiration for my knitting website. I have hilarious memories of knitting a jumper with my Mum, where we worked on the sleeves, with me on the right sleeve and Mum on the left. When we finished, Mum’s sleeve was 1 1/2 times as long - a lesson in knitting tension right there 🙂

After a lapse of a few years, I was keen to get back into knitting, and since then, I've knitted baby blankets, cowls, hats, and dishcloths that have made lovely gifts for wonderful people I've met on my travels.

I'm from Melbourne, Australia, where I studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, where I met the love of my life) and La Trobe University. After earning a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education, I taught Food Technology at a high school. I developed a passion for cooking, which inspired me to join the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. Now, I work on my knitting website full-time.

Q. What's Your Favorite Thing You've Knitted?

My favorite thing I've knitted so far is the Smaug Socks, which I made as a gift for my Mum, who was going through cancer treatment at the time. The good news is she's made a full recovery, and they're still a source of strength and comfort for her. A close second would be the Caramel Cardigan, my first top-down garment.

Q. What's Your Dream Knit Project?

I'd love to knit a beautiful Fair Isle sweater. I've been practicing colorwork techniques like mosaic and slip stitch knitting, but I'm yet to work up to something as complicated as Fair isle!

Q. What's Your #1 Knitting Tip?

Always buy a little more yarn than you think you need for a project! Otherwise, you might be almost finished knitting a project, like I was with my Chasing Light shawl, and run out of yarn! Then I had to wait two weeks for the rest of the yarns to arrive. It's worth the wait, but no fun in the moment.

🧶 Favorite Techniques: Textured stitches, mosaic and slip stitch knitting.

✔️ Fun Facts: I taught myself how to knit many stitches by making dishcloths as gifts.

🎨 Other Creative Pursuits: I love drawing, crochet, and listening to audiobooks.

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